Scrum Fundamentals for Scrum Master and Agile Projects- 2021

Master the Scrum concepts necessary for Scrum Master Certification & Agile Scrum Project Management

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Nov 2021
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What you will learn

Understand the Scrum Framework

Getting into the shoes of Scrum Team and understand what their role is

All about Scrum Events: Sprint, Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective

The three Scrum Artifacts: Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog & Increment

Advantages & Disadvantages of Scrum

Understanding & Creating Burndown Charts

Understanding what a Minimum Viable Product is all about

Calculating Team Velocity

Getting into Estimation

Understand various Estimation techniques like Fibonacci, T-Shirts Sizing, Planning Poker etc.


This course provides a comprehensive overview of the Scrum framework for agile project management. You’ll learn the basics of Scrum and the Scrum lifecycle, how to organize a Scrum team and set up a project, and how to implement a Scrum, from releases and sprints to enterprise transformation.

This course is for anyone involved in product delivery using the Scrum framework. It is particularly beneficial for those people within an organization accountable for getting the most out of Scrum, including Scrum Masters, managers, and Scrum Team members.

Course enrollment grants you lifetime access to all the the entire course content including quizzes, practice exercises etc. In addition, you’ll also receive 1-on-1 support for any questions or uncertainties that come up. And this all comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee! You have nothing to lose and so much knowledge to gain.

Over 19,000 students have enrolled into this course so far and have shared some great reviews about the course:

★★★★★ "Very clear explanation, I am really very grateful, I knew the existence of Scrum but not in detailed knowledge, the tutor is knowledgeable in her field. Please keep on doing".

-Daud Ali Ahmed

★★★★★ "Great Course. To the point explanation of the concepts. Highly recommended."

-Tristan Taylor

★★★★★"This course gives a good overview of the scrum and clearly explains the concepts."

-Sujith singh

★★★★★ "Extraordinary learning"

-Akhas Rahmadeyan

There are no prerequisites for starting this Scrum Fundamental course.

Here are some FAQs about Scrum before you get started:

What is Scrum?

Scrum is a framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.

Scrum itself is a simple framework for effective team collaboration on complex products. The definition of Scrum consists of roles, events, artifacts, and the rules that bind them together.

Scrum defines three roles, the Product Owner, Scrum Master and Development Team Member.

Scrum is:

  • Lightweight

  • Simple to understand

  • Difficult to master

What is the difference between Scrum and Agile Development?

Agile Development is a software methodology, whereas Scrum is one of process frameworks that follows Agile. Scrum is advised to teams with experienced team members as the Framework requires great collaboration and self-organization as well. If the Scrum rules are not followed strictly, a project can lead to failure. Hence, it is necessary to have a proper understanding of Scrum concepts among the entire team.

Why do we need Scrum?

You don’t “need” it, per se.

But to be successful at building products and services which generate value for your customers and your business in rapidly changing circumstances, you do need a way of managing risk, optimizing value and navigating complexity in both the work and the surrounding environment. Scrum provides a framework for doing that.

When should I choose Scrum?

Scrum best serves the projects with unclear details and specifications, ones with high risk of mid-project changes, where there is a need to monitor the value of completed tasks throughout and where teams need autonomy and creativity to produce the best results.

With Scrum your team will:

  • Deliver the main value quicker

  • Have a bigger chance of meeting the deadline

  • Create the product for less

  • Be more motivated

  • Collaborate better

  • Be more innovative and listen to client requirements more careful

When should I not choose Scrum?

Scrum application can be complicated in large teams or those very attached to the traditional process. It will also not be a good fit for those that expect a light and quick change into better results. Otherwise, it simply takes determination and will to take on the process and adapt it to your needs.

Is Scrum Master a job title or a role that someone with an existing job title fills?

Scrum Master is a role that someone with a job title fills. Normal practice is that the person playing the role of project manager plays the ScrumMaster’s role as well.

Can Product Owner and ScrumMaster’s roles be played by the same person?

No, since the ownership differs. The role of Product Owner and ScrumMaster are very much mutually exclusive. Product Owner takes care of the Product Backlog, Prioritization of User Stories, and Validation of the working product increment with the user stories allocated to the Sprint.

How might Scrum work for research projects?

Scrum can be applied to any project where the goal is to maximize the value of something (a “product”), and thus requires short feedback loops in order to govern what actually gets delivered and ends up being valuable. Research fits nicely in this category because, by definition, it is about learning something in order to achieve a broader purpose.

What about Professional Scrum Certification?

There are various Professional Scrum Certifications available including Professional Scrum Master™, Professional Scrum Product Owner™, Professional Scrum Developer™, Scaled Professional Scrum™, Professional Scrum™ with Kanban, Professional Agile Leadership™ and Professional Scrum™ with User Experience.

These assessments cover a range of areas related to the knowledge and real world usage of Scrum. Passing these credible and consistent assessments is highly regarded as true industry certification by individuals, organizations and industry associations.

You can visit the official Scrum website for more details.


Let's get started. I'll see you inside the course :)


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Welcome to the Course!

Welcome to the Course!

Introduction to Scrum

Three Pillars of Scrum

Scrum Team

Scum Product Owner
Scrum Development Team
Scrum Master
Time to check your understanding of Scrum Team!

Scrum Events

Introduction to Scrum Events
Scrum Event 1: Sprint
Scrum Event 2: Sprint Planning
Scrum Event 3: Daily Scrum
Scrum Event 4: Sprint Review
Scrum Event 5: Sprint Restrospective
Time to check your understanding of Scrum Events!

Scrum Artifacts

Scrum Artifact 1: Product Backlog
Scrum Artifact 2: Sprint Backlog
Scrum Artifact 3: Increment
Time to check your understanding of Scrum Artifacts!

Advantages & Disadvantages of Scrum

Advantages & Disadvantages of Scrum

Key Agile Concept: Burndown Chart

Burndown Chart
Burdown Chart Creation
Burndown Chart Activity

Key Agile Concept: Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Key Agile Concept: Velocity

Team Velocity
Practice Exercise: Calculate Team Velocity

Estimation in Agile

Introduction to Agile Estimation
Relative Estimation
Estimation: T-Shirt & Fibonacci
Planning Poker, a technique for estimation


November 15, 2021
There are too many basic grammar errors throughout the written English script.. Example: The words 'Burn down chart' is misspelled too many times.There are multiple errors with basic words in the English script. The Instructor speaks clearly, thank you. Someone really should poof read the written English script.
October 22, 2021
The course is well made. The only downside is the english which is no fluent and sometimes hard to understand. Thanks.
October 1, 2021
Thank you. Topics was short and clear . Small videos was helpful to kept me engage. You have explain every topic very well.
September 23, 2021
I think that it's a more basic scrum course to start to learn the methodology, but it's ok. I would like to watch a format for the scrum documents.
September 7, 2021
Amazing course! Learned new concepts from it. Instructor was clear in voice and explanation. Looking more such courses. Slight improvement on giving real examples and use cases of such software development frameworks and lifecycles is needed. At lastly, I liked the line "Hello, Namaste, and Welcome Back!" :)
September 7, 2021
The course itself is very good, it covers practically all the concepts, including teaching about estimation methods, Velocity and MVP. At first I didn't like the course due to the teacher's accent, including the software that generates the subtitles does not correctly translate some words.
August 24, 2021
The course covered good basis for a complete beginner (no exposure to agile). There were some things I would like to have a bit more information on (1 slide perhaps), for example, user stories, what the product owner and scrum master do while the development team works (seemed like most work for them was at the beginning of a sprint and at the end) and at what points would and how would team get together to reestimate stories. And if I want to be nit picky, I was bothered that "Burndown chart" and "Burn down chart" were both used in the slides. It's a quick google to find out the right one, but still. Overall quite happy, got a good basis and can explore more SCRUM more in depth now.
August 24, 2021
Very well explained. Just, there was a glitch in one of the last videos otherwise it was a good introductory session. Thank you.
August 12, 2021
Good content, short videos explaining important aspects. Language and communication skills are very good.
July 27, 2021
Very great course. Lots of new knowledge. Very good lecturer. Everything is explained in detail. All recommendations.
July 25, 2021
Well the content is straight to the point. Making it clear for the user who listens to understand. But i feel there should be more animated presentation to make it interesting Most especially when the pillars are being explained. Second section is good. Have a confident understanding of this.
July 21, 2021
It was a hard topic for me before. Monika made a cake walk for me. I so happy, I got a grip over Scrum after completing this course. Thanks a lot:)
July 19, 2021
So far, the course has been well structured and easy to understand. It is showing signs of a well made course
July 17, 2021
Good short course covering the key points. can relate if you are in the same atmosphere of Agile and Scrum
June 15, 2021
The course was excellent and the instructor broke down the concepts very well. I enjoyed it and highly recommend it.



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