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Scrum & Agile Masterclass: Become a Scrum Master; PSM1 Test

Practical approach to Scrum, based on the Scrum Guide, including deep dives agile templates, exercises and experiences!

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9 hours


Jan 2021

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What you will learn

Deep Dive into Scrum and Agile

Everything you need to know to pass your Scrum Master certification, including a "cheat sheet" for PSM 1

Advanced insights into lessons learned from real Scrum projects

Includes exercises that you can use to introduce Scrum and agile principles in your company

Advanced concepts: relative estimation, prioritization of User-Stories & scaling of Scrum and more

Deep Dive how to succesfully execute Sprint Retrospectives

Detailed presentation for download

Suited for all business fields, not just software development

Includes templates for User-Stories, Capacity planning and calculation and Weekly Planning

Suited for Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Development Teams


-- One of the best selling german courses now finally available in english! --

In a fast moving business world modern Project Management approaches like Scrum become more and more important.

Countless organizations have recently transitioned from traditional Project Management approaches towards Scrum, or are in this very process right now, creating many exciting job opportunities for trained Scrum Masters, Product Owners, or Developers.

Unfortunately, we experience way too often that project teams, Scrum Master and entire organizations struggle with the implementation and execution of Scrum projects, as most trainings rely on simplified textbook education, that can´t match the challenges of today´s projects.


The "Scrum & Agile Masterclass: All you need to know about Scrum" is the perfect addition to the official Scrum Guide and goes way beyond just explaining the roles, events and artifacts of Scrum and provides examples, lessons learned and even templates from and for real life projects to help you succeed in your agile project.


This course is suited for beginners and intermediate Project Managers, Agile Enthusiasts,  Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Development Team members, that want a more pragmatic and real-life oriented approach to Scrum


At the end of this course you will be able to:

+ understand Scrum, way beyond what you would learn from the Scrum Guide or Scrum Primer

+ know exercises, techniques and templates that you can directly apply to your project and team

+ be more successful in an agile Transformation or Scrum project

+ start immediately as a Scrum Master in any given project and not step into common pitfalls

+ have more successful Sprint Retrospectives

+ pass your Scrum Master certification


This Course includes a final exam similar to the PSM 1 certification (professional scrum master) and a "cheat sheet" that helps to prepare and pass the official exam


Pledge to my students:

1. Quality over quantity: Proven Content and real life experience

The content i´m sharing is based on real-life experience from several years as project manager, Scrum Master and agile coach. This is not a repetition of the official Scrum Guide, but an extensive explanation of how to make Scrum work in real projects.

I´m only talking about what i have learned from my projects and where i can truly consider myself an expert in, to give you the best possible advice to make you succeed in your project.


2. Continuous Improvement of this course

This course will be continously improved and enhanced. Feedback from participants will regularly be reviewed and added to the course in new lessons if feasible


3. Answering your questions

I offer my support in regards to any questions in regards to this course, or real-life Scrum challenges of your current project. Don´t hesitate to contact me


I sincerely hope you´ll enjoy this course!

See you in the course!


Scrum & Agile Masterclass: Become a Scrum Master; PSM1 Test
Scrum & Agile Masterclass: Become a Scrum Master; PSM1 Test
Scrum & Agile Masterclass: Become a Scrum Master; PSM1 Test
Scrum & Agile Masterclass: Become a Scrum Master; PSM1 Test


Welcome to this course!

Welcome to this course!

Little disclaimer

Scrum at a glance (download)

Powerpoint presentation (download)

Additional templates (download)

Additional links to great sources, incl.: Scrum Guide and Scrum Primer

Scrum Master certification

Agile basics

What is "agile" and why is it so important to really understand it?

Advantages of agile approaches

Incrementell vs iterative: How does Scrum actually work?

The "Agile Manifesto" & what does a project need to be successful?

Team exercise: Agile Manifesto

12 Agile Principles

Minimal viable product: Keep it simple!

Foundation for awesome teams: Scrum values and its influence

Why are some teams successful?

Hierarchy, or anarchy? How are tasks distributed in agile projects?

Quiz for chapter 2: Agile basics

Scrum vs Waterfall: A comparison of two worlds

The "magic triangle" for agile and traditional projects

Process model in direct comparison

Business Value and "speed": Are agile projects really "faster"?

When to use Scrum: One size fits all, or should i consider some criteria?

Myths and prejudices: Let´s talk about some rumours

Quiz for chapter 3: Scrum vs Waterfall

Scrum: Process and Requirements

A well structured overview on the overall process

Managing requirements in Scrum: From Theme to Task

Epics and User-Stories: Differences and characteristics

User-Stories and template for creating User-Stories

Lessons Learned on creating User-Stories

Are we ready now? Using the Definition of Ready?

Are we done now? Using the Definition of Done

Team exercise for creating User-Stories

Quiz for chapter 4: Scrum process and requirements

The 3 Scrum Roles

Short retrospect on the process: Focus on roles

The Product Owner: "The Voice of the customer"

The Scrum Master: "Team servant"

The Development Team: "self-organized team of experts"

Excursion: Team organization incl. external vendors

Exercise: Roles

Exercise: Roles (Solution)

Quiz for chapter 5: The 3 Scrum Roles

-- Short break: Please take a minute and rate this course! Thank you --

The 3 Scrum Artifacts

Short retrospect on the process: Focus on Artifacts

The Product Backlog

The Sprint Backlog

The Product Increment

Quiz for chapter 6: The 3 Scrum Artifacts

The 5 Events

Short retrospect on the process: Focus on Events

The Product Backlog Refinement

Event 1: The Sprint

Event 2: Sprint Planning

Event 3: Daily Standup / Daily Scrum

Event 4: Sprint Review

Event 5: Sprint Retrospective

Weekly plan and scheduling of events

Exercise: Build your own Scrum incl. all Roles, Artifacts and Events

Quiz for chapter 7: Scrum Events

(Relative) Estimations in Scrum

Relative estimations and how they work

Examples for relative estimations

Swimlane Planning: How to quickly estimate a lot of User-Stories

Planning Poker: How to properly estimate individual User-Stories

Team Exercise Planning Poker

Quiz for chapter 8: (relative) Estimations in Scrum

Capacity planning and monitoring

Overview on Velocity and Capacity

Capacity and its use for Sprint Planning´s

Capacity Planning and Story Point Forecast Excel Template

Kanban Boards for Sprints

Progress reporting with Burndown Charts

Exercise: Understanding Burndown Charts

Quiz for chapter 9: Velocity and Capacity

Scaling of Scrum

A short introduction and comparison of Scrum of Scrums, LeSS and SAFe

Scrum of Scrums: An overview

Large Scaled Scrum (LeSS): An overview

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe): An overview

Quiz for chapter 10: Scaling Scrum

Prioritization of User-Stories

MoSCoW Prioritization

Cost-Benefit Matrix

Risk-Benefit Matrix

Watch out Scrum is coming! Lessons Learned from implementing Scrum

Lessons Learned from implementing Scrum

Deep Dive on Scrum Retrospectives

The 5 phases of successful Retrospectives

Phase 1: Set the stage

Phase 2: Gather information

Phase 3: Generate insights

Phase 4: Decide what to do!

Phase 5: Close the Retrospective

Quiz for chapter 12: Deep Dive on Scrum Retrospectives

-- Short break: Please take a minute and rate this course! Thank you --

Agile Lego - experience Scrum in a fun way!

Introduction to the Agile Lego Game

WaterScrum, Scrumbut, or Hybrid Agile

Can you combine Scrum and Waterfall project management approaches properly?

Congratulations and thank you very much!

Congratulations and thank you very much!


Pamela1 June 2021

Thank you for all the great templates! The course was excellent! It improved my knowldge and understanding of the subject. Provided activities, real world experience. Inspect and adapt for future improvement, missing resources at point 4.

Adeline28 May 2021

At the beginning, I was a little lost in the configuration of this course. It is more verbal than other courses I followed. After some time, I get used to the format and it was a very learning experience. Niels gives us his own experience and tips/exercices. So you have the theory and the real life in one course. Let's see now to pass the certification

Michael27 February 2021

The slides have too much content to read during the video presentation. Please add them to the handouts. Just show the bullets. the instructor's image takes too much space of the screen. also his audio is hard to hear, too much echo. he needs a good microphone.

Mirko7 January 2021

Well this is a comprehensive course and I have learned a lot. My knowledge about Scrum and how to implement it is enormous. Thank you for your effort you put in preparation of this course, all resources you provide. Can you put some links into resources when you mentioning website like you do it in video 75? Non the less, one of best courses I have taken on Udemy.

Andrew11 December 2020

This course is very informative but there are some aspects that could be improved such as the sometimes halting speaking style of the instructor makes it hard to get into the flow of the content. Also I think the relative estimations chapter needs to be reworked. Didn't feel like I got a clear picture of swimlanes and scrum poker. Finally I think that the Retrospectives chapter should go before the large scale implementation of scrum chapter.

Elizabeth30 November 2020

Took me a bit to get used to the format, but I am enjoying the class! Will try to post another review once I have completed it!

Łukasz2 November 2020

I have gone through a couple of different Scrum courses on Udemy and also one live course and this is by far the BEST one I have seen. Perfect for people who already have some experience in Scrum. Not only the theory is presented well but the author provides tons of valuable real-life examples, templates and techniques to use in practise. Wish all the courses in Udemy be like this one. Great job!

Amit9 August 2020

Great course overall. some of the example screens seemed to be in German (mainly in the Retrospective deep dive)which will be helpful to be converted into English. sometimes the sound seemed to be coming from a hollow pipe which took some time to get used to. But overall a great experience. thankyou.

Ketut21 May 2020

The course is great and provide me clear picture on how the Agile and Scrum methodology are take place. I will recommend it to my friend as well. Just for the improvement, I found missing of resources at point 4. I think it would be better if you can show us the several examples of User Story, Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog for us to have some insight. Bravo and keep creating the other course.


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