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Filmmaking Secrets! Write a ZERO Budget Movie|Master Course

Screenwriting for micro-budget feature films that you can produce.

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Apr 2016

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What you will learn

This is the MASTER course

Screenwriting for micro-budget feature films that you can produce.

You will know how to write scripts for a movies budgeted at $1000 or less!

Knowledge of the FREE things to get started

Knowledge of how I Make Money Producing Movies

You will be able to finally do what you love to do

A comprehensive understanding of how to win with distributors

Overcome writer’s block and write more efficiently

Learn why most indie filmmakers never make another movie

Know the 10 points that enables you to write better and faster


Learn from a professional that has successfully produced 8 movies for under $1000 that were picked up by studios LionsGate, E One and Paramount.

This brand new Udemy course shows you the secrets to write screenplays for feature films that can be produced for under $1000. Stop waiting for funding for your script and write one that you can film NOW! Join the other successful filmmakers that have adapted to the new changes in the movie industry. 

A class that is a must for ALL filmmakers that are low on cash!

Tired of waiting for funding to produce your script? Then you need to take this class.   

You will know how to take full advantage of things in movies that are free

This class is MOBILE ready for ON-THE-GO.

Every minute you delay is costing your MOVIE’S FUTURE…

Enroll now!

Nothing is kept secret – I reveal everything I do to produce micro-budget movie that actually get distribution in the U.S. and overseas.

As well as the Udemy 30 day money back simple guarantee, you have my personal promise that you will be delighted in what I will show you. You will kicking yourself that you haven’t started doing these things!

You will have a lifetime access to the course and be updated on NEW lectures.


Filmmaking Secrets! Write a ZERO Budget Movie|Master Course
Filmmaking Secrets! Write a ZERO Budget Movie|Master Course
Filmmaking Secrets! Write a ZERO Budget Movie|Master Course
Filmmaking Secrets! Write a ZERO Budget Movie|Master Course


Screenplays of today are not the same as they use to be.

Introduction: Do you want your Movie Produced?

The New Hollywood

Machined Story


Killing Babies


Script Format & 3 Act Basics

10 Point System

10 Points Doc


This will change the way you write


Writing for Production

Important things to know about Actors

The Phone

Props Inspire

Never assume that is easy to get

Most use of a Location

Making Friends

Take it to another level

Money Shot

One Shot

One Location

Small Cast

It all happened one night

Want to go Extreme?

Writing for Post

Writing an easy Edit

Cheap Aerial Shots

Producer stuff that helps

Camera Kit



Write a movie that can be produced for a ZERO budget.

Get started writing

Craig's Closing statement


Vernon9 September 2020

It was good on the account that he explained everything about writing a screenplay that can be produce for 1000 dollars or less base on the things you have it was a new hunch experience for me thanks I’m glad I took the course I would recommend anyone for the course thanks again

Geoff8 June 2020

This has been an excellent match for me. I enjoy the user friendly classes and the and the information that's being shared. I have officially finished the course and it was time and money WELL-SPENT. Thanks Craig; thanks UDEMY. Geoffrey M. Smith

Mick11 April 2020

There's definitely good advice here, but there is a tendency to repetition and it could do with some visual examples to break the monotony.

Nakiya27 March 2020

Was decent. The reverse methodology of writing was quite interesting, however some information was extremely surface level and it is assumed here that the person is already familiar with a few things before taking this course. Apart from that, great job!

Fardin18 February 2020

He just shares the essence rather than making the content unnecessarily large..saves time....Loved this course and his advices.

Michael6 January 2020

It was a very good match because I intend to make my own low budget film and now I really understand how little money you need to make a movie. Great class good information.

James4 July 2019

This course was worth the price of admission. It is good advice, given directly and in an organized manner. He stays on topic and provides just enough examples to make his intent clear. I recommend this course to anyone considering screenwriting with a low budget in mind.

Brent22 May 2019

So far, the information is exactly what ˆneed and what the title of the course implied. This is one of the best instructional / training / inspiring videos on making micro budget features.

Kent27 December 2018

This guy does a great job presenting an inspiringly down-to-earth attitude and approach to making movies fast and cheap, that in no way interferes with or hinders individual styles or preferences regarding art and entertainment. You could do both a low budget Amadeus or the next Texas Chainsaw Massacre (both masterpieces in my book) with this guy as your guide.

Romeo8 November 2018

I have produced, written and directed a short film this passed summer and don't know if I want to make another one but this video giving me motivation and hope to do it again.

Arcino27 January 2018

I recently finished the second draft of my first script. I learned things in this course that I haven't learned before. The lecture was straight to the point. Overall, great course. Thank you, Craig.

Greg28 September 2017

The best part of this is the insights provided by the instructor, Craig, and his references to actual film situations that he has experienced. He tended to be a bit repetitive on some points. We got the idea about the assets early on as well as the benefit of finding locations to use and then writing the script with the location and available assets in mind. But he came back to those points over and over again and dwelled on them a little more than was necessary. He is an engaging speaker and enunciates clearly. His audio was good and clean and the lighting for his presentation was great. He kept the right side of the screen darker so that he could throw up some titles there to emphasize the main points. His ten points for scriptwriting are also a great, practical guide to get started writing. But what this course cries out for are video clips that illustrate what is being discussed. He has made a bunch of films, perhaps he could use scenes from some of them or at least some stills to show what he is talking about. He must also have some photos of himself at work on a production-- those would also be helpful. If you are doing a course about filmmaking it is a shame to mainly have a guy talking to you about it without any visual elements to view. For a few topics we didn't even see him, just a digital star cluster video of the type used for backgrounds in films; only there was nothing else. Still, this is a worthwhile course, especially for beginners, and Craig is very convincing when he tells you that it is possible to make a feature film for practically nothing.

Barry24 September 2017

Fantastic guide on how to begin a filmmaking career with limited resources. I was impressed and will be looking into Craig's other courses.

Lobos12 August 2017

a to the point inspirational course, its great to have an insight to the bussines of producing low budget movies and making it your dream job. im hoping for more chapters that dive deep in more areas of this always changing form of art

Alan22 May 2017

He had some good advice. I just feel that the style of the video wasn't quite up to scratch. It would make for a great podcast or audio book. If the course had a few breakdowns of some of his work like expense sheets or gear breakdowns, I feel that I would happily have given it 4 stars.


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