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Authentic Living: The Psychology of Authenticity

A comprehensive guide to an authentic life.

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Oct 2015

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What you will learn

understand what it means to be authentic (it's not as straight-forward as it seems!)

know your true self

live by your true self day by day

be with yourself openly and honestly without distorting your self-image

build close relationships where people see the 'real' you

live your own life, not the lives of others


“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” - Joseph Campbell

This course distills research from psychology into lessons and steps that you can take to live more authentically.

Start living your own life

·Get in touch with your true self

·See the world without distortions and biases

·Build authentic relationships with your partner, friends and family

·Discover what it takes to live authentically

·Become who you really are

Get a full-fledged authenticity course that covers every single factor that will contribute to a life that’s true to yourself.

Being ourselves is at the heart of a fulfilled life. Authenticity plays a major role in fulfilled relationships, a life of passion and honesty as well as self-confidence. People who are able to express themselves authentically, are among the happiest and also most successful people in the world. In this course, you’ll learn how to live your life authentically – based on the scientific research on authenticity.

At the beginning, we’ll briefly cover the What? and Why? of authenticity before we learn which factors contribute to an authentic life. Then we’ll set the basis for living authentically: getting in touch with our true selves. Next we will build on this understanding of our true selves and take all the necessary steps that will lead us to a more authentic life. Throughout the whole course, you’ll get activities, worksheets and more additional material that will lead you through the exact steps.

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Authentic Living: The Psychology of Authenticity
Authentic Living: The Psychology of Authenticity
Authentic Living: The Psychology of Authenticity
Authentic Living: The Psychology of Authenticity


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Course Overview

Why Authenticity?

What it means to be authentic

The Psychology of Authenticity

Self-Understanding - The First Step towards Authenticity

Self-Understanding: The First Step towards Authenticity

Personality: Your Big Five

The Big 5 Personality Traits - Visualized

Character Strengths

Link to VIA Character Strengths Survey

Activity: Sentence Stem Completion

Worksheet: Sentence Stem Completion

Activity: SWOT Analysis

Self-Awareness Reflections: Who Am I?

Who am I? - Triumphs and Aspirations

Who am I? - Injuries and Healings

Who am I? - Emotional World

Who am I? - Mission and Legacy

Worksheet: Who Am I?


Unbiased Perception - The Second Step towards Authenticity

Unbiased Perception: The Second Step towards Authenticity

Activity: See the World as It Really Is

Worksheet: Seeing the World as It Really Is

How We Distort Reality

Cognitive Biases I

Cognitive Biases II

Worksheet: Cognitive Distortions


Seeing the world as it really is

Unbiased Perception - Part II

Quick Intermezzo

Mindfulness to See The World as It Really Is

What Mindfulness Is

Activity: Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Resources to Help with Mindfulness Meditation


Activity: Exploring Self-Compassion Through Writing

Worksheet: Exploring Self-Compassion through Writing

Activity: Self-Compassion Question

Resources: Self-compassion meditations

Seeing the World as it really is

Authentic Behavior - The Third Step towards Authenticity

Authentic Behavior: The Third Step Towards Authenticity

The Courage to Follow Our Heart

How to Build Courage

Activity: Building Courage

FEAR - Obstacles to Authentic Behavior Change

DARE - Fostering Authentic Behavior Change

What Defusion Means

Activity: Acceptance of Discomfort

Authentic Behavior

Authentic Relationships - The Fourth Step towards Authenticity

Authentic Relationships: The Fourth Step towards Authenticity

Fear of Disconnection: The Enemy of Authentic Relationships

Be Seen Rather than Validated

Activity: Do You Dare to Open up?

Living with Vulnerability

Activity: Opening up

Worksheet: Opening Up

Showing Gratitude

Worksheet: Gratitude Letter

Authentic Relationships

Moving Forward

Stop and Reflect

Good Bye and Some Last Words



A.J.21 August 2016

Basic, obvious - he fumbles too much with words & his constant hand motion is very annoying. Not well presented at all.

Donatas26 August 2015

Covered topics and ideas are quite fascinating, but the way they are presented are a bit too monotonous.

Apeterren14 June 2015

One of many courses that are scientifically based. Easy to follow along, interact and look up information sources. Great course!


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