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New SAT Reading 800: Guaranteed Results

A proven way to ace the SAT Reading section.

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Mar 2020

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What you will learn

Understand the components of the reading test.

Know where to look for an answer in the passage.

Pick the correct answer from given choices.


This is a comprehensive course that will teach you how to score perfectly on the reading section.

You will learn how to connect the passage, questions, and answers in order to pick the right answer every time. I have helped students who have tried expensive prep courses but been unable to improve on their reading - even some of my 9th grade students have scored perfectly on the SAT.

All you need to complete this course is a determination to succeed and a copy of the official practice tests from the College Board website.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than helping my students achieve their goals. Let me help you achieve yours!


New SAT Reading 800: Guaranteed Results
New SAT Reading 800: Guaranteed Results
New SAT Reading 800: Guaranteed Results
New SAT Reading 800: Guaranteed Results



Course Overview

Answer selection

Direct Details

Implied Ideas

Vague Viewpoints

Analogies & Assumptions

Reading skills

Expository passages

Narrative passages

2 Passage analysis

Key vocabulary

Macro questions

Main ideas

Logical structure

Micro questions

Detail search

Support your answer


2 Passage connection

Data questions

Interpreting data

Connecting data

Language questions

Vocabulary in context


Next steps

Next steps


Rubens1 August 2020

Describes and help you understand and select the right answer on each part of the reading part of the test.

Venu30 July 2020

Super helpful I didn’t know what I was missing till I watch this course other media such as khan academy don’t have the same teaching type as these guys do

LIGHT15 July 2020

It was more of an advertisement for his website rather than an actual course. If he provided more questions and explanations for the $35 expended on his lessons from one of his guides online instead of SAT version 1, I would be happy to give something higher: doesn't guarantee an 800 based on quality.

Margot7 July 2020

The content is ok right now, but the audio is not optimal. The Overview was very difficult to follow due to the audio.

Chetan4 July 2020

This class is an amazing class as it teaches the basics and the foundations that people need to get started with learning the sat.

Unubold2 December 2019

I had such small amount of time to practice for the SAT and Philip's strategies and tips really helped me to understand the reading section better and more efficient than ever before. I have no worries now for the test. And lastly I would strongly recommend this course to students who are struggling on the reading section. Great job !

Hanson2 December 2019

I feel engaged and easily learned throughout the course, great professionalism and demonstrations shown.

Aditi7 November 2019

this was so helpful. i have so much more clarity now thanks to this. i've been practicing and i have become much more confident while reading and answering questions. thank you for helping me. :)

Lakshmi25 August 2019

The methods definitely help to consolidate information into smaller main ideas, but I'm a bit concerned about the time limit when using them. I'm sure it'll get better with practice, though.

Zachary11 August 2019

I watched this series and I feel much more confident in my ability not only to actively read but to speed up the process of actually answering the questions and answering them correctly.

Joy20 April 2019

Very clear, and helped a lot in establishing methods to tackle specific types of questions. Easy to revisit and review for further detail.

Nagaraju29 March 2019

This course is clear to understand and it shows detail and this course gives you ideas if you are struggling with like let’s say you read a text and you forget what it said then he gives you a really good advice of how you can improve your memory

Everett20 March 2019

So I'm kinda yelling at my friend cause she doesn't understand how citizenship works, yep. The course has been easy to understand though, thanks, it helped a lot.

Hina9 February 2019

It took me a lot do download the course. I tried to get it on my laptop but it didn't work! Amazing work by Philip. For me SAT Reading was unconquerable. Now I think I can do it.

Chandra30 January 2019

Great course...I am a freshman and I still understand what is being taught, so it’s definitely something for a beginner. I always used to think that reading comprehension problems can never have a definite answer but this course helped me overcome that feeling. Thank you so much sir!


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