SAP WM Warehouse Management (beginner to advanced)

Learn SAP WM module with practical scenarios in this course. Become SAP WM Consultant and prepare for SAP Certification.

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Nov 2019

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What you will learn

Understand the concepts of SAP Warehouse Management system

Understand Organizational structure and master data

You will be able to perform end to end transaction on SAP WM

You will understand in detail regarding picking and put-away strategies

Clear your concepts on good receipts, good issue, stock transfer, stock removal, transfer orders

Understand customisation in WM

Understand movement types

Understand storage bins in SAP WM

You will be able to perform configuration and transactions as taught in the course

Difference in managing stocks in Inventory Management & Warehouse Management

Will be able to carry out blue printing for your warehouse

This course will help you in achieving an SAP Warehouse Management functional consultant role


SAP Warehouse Management (WM) is an important SAP module that provides warehouse management functionality. This module provides tools & processes to maintain inventory at optimum level.

SAP WM course covers all aspects of warehouse management and will provide you skills to become a successful warehouse manager with complete command over SAP WM module.

SAP WM is warehousing management application tool of SAP ERP, which provides critical informational analytical reporting data of warehousing operations like Goods receiving and issuing, batch and quality management in the warehouse, types of movement in warehouse, etc. which helps in the controlling and management of movement and storage of goods and raw materials within a warehouse with great traceability.

SAP WM course content

01. Introduction to Warehouse Management

· Warehouse management overview in SAP R/3

· Organization Data

· Warehouse Structure

· Warehouse Master Data

· WM Material master view

02. Organization Data

02.01. Define Warehouse structure

· Warehouse number

· Storage type

· Storage section

· Storage Bin

· Picking Area

· Storage unit

· Quant etc..

02.02. Master Data

· Material Master

· Storage bin

02.03. Transfer Requirement

· Create Transfer requirement automatically

· Create Transfer requirement manually

· Create Transfer requirement for storage type

· Create Transfer requirement for material

03. Transfer Order

· Number Range for TO

· Create TO w.r.t Transfer Requirement

· Create TO w.r.t Posting change notice no

· Create TO w.r.t Storage unit

· Create TO w.r.t Material document

· Create TO w.r.t Inbound delivery

· T.O. Creation In Background

· Confirm the Transfer Order

· Cancel the Transfer Order

· Print Transfer Order

04. Put away Strategies

· Next to empty bin

· Fixed Bin

· Open Storage

· Addition to existing bin

· Pallets

· Fixed bin strategy

05. Picking Strategies

· Shelf life expired


· Stringent FIFO


06. Warehouse Management Business Scenarios

· Goods Receipt processing with inbound delivery (with ASN)

· Goods receipt processing without inbound delivery

· Goods issue for internal consumption

· Replenishment Control for Storage Type

07. Warehouse movement types

· Define reference movement types for WM

· Assign reference movement types to WM movement types

08. Search Strategies

· Storage type search strategies

· Storage section search strategies

· Storage bin type search strategies

09. Batch Management in WM

· Condition Tables

· Access Sequence

· Strategy Types

· WM Batch Search Procedure

· Batch Status in WM

· Characteristics and class

· SLED In Batch in WM

· Manual And Automatic Batch Display In WM


SAP WM Warehouse Management (beginner to advanced)
SAP WM Warehouse Management (beginner to advanced)
SAP WM Warehouse Management (beginner to advanced)
SAP WM Warehouse Management (beginner to advanced)



Overview of SAP WM

Deep Dive into SAP WM

WM Structural Element

WM Structural Element - Part 1

WM Structural Element - Part 2

WM Structural Element - Part 3

Interface between IM - WM

Interface between IM - WM

Material Master Influence in WM

Material Master Influence in WM

Warehouse Process

Warehouse Process

Put-away & Picking Strategies

Put-away & Picking Strategies

Inbound & Outbound Process in WM

Inbound & Outbound Process in WM - Part 1

Inbound & Outbound Process in WM - Part 2

Inbound & Outbound Process in WM - Part 3

Warehouse Management Views

Warehouse Management Views

Transfer Request & Transfer Order

Transfer Request & Transfer Order

WM Customisation

WM Customisation - Part 1

WM Customisation - Part 2

Fixed Bin Strategy

Fixed Bin Strategy for Picking

Fixed Bin Strategy for Put-Away

Put-Away for Inbound Delivery

Put-Away for Inbound Delivery

Bin to Bin Movement

Bin to Bin Movement

Inventory Management & Warehouse Management Linkage

Inventory Management & Warehouse Management Linkage

Stock Placement Control in SAP WM

Stock Placement Control in SAP WM

Stock Removal Control in SAP WM

Stock Removal Control in SAP WM

Batch Determinations

Batch Determinations

Warehouse Management Driven Operations

Warehouse Management Driven Operations

WM Movement Types

WM Movement Types

Physical Inventory Difference

Physical Inventory Difference

Posting Change Process in SAP WM

Posting Change Process in SAP WM

Capacity Check Control

Capacity Check Control

Warehouse Implementation Blueprinting

Warehouse Implementation Blueprinting


Lang7 October 2020

The course presenter did a very good job by the step by step approach and in-depth explanation to aid a beginner's understanding. It's Amazing!!!!!

Vikas1 September 2020

Course content-topics was very good but Mentor's speaking fluency was very slow, I was listening using speed 1.25X always. and similar topics discussed again and again. Thanks

Alvaro2 August 2020

The course has a lot, and I mean, A LOT of very good content. It really is from beginner to advanced. The one (and only so far) thing I find difficult is with the instructor's way of speaking, which is hard to follow because of the pauses. But I'm happy with the course, so this is a minor issue.

Muhammad30 July 2020

The content is very good, the only problem I am facing with the accent of the trainer, it would be good if there will be transcription/subtitles add to video

Devendar4 July 2020

First of all trainer has good knowledge but below are issues and my findings. 1. 60% sessions are repeated 2. I had to change the speed of the video to 2X. Very slow speaking like he is reading book 3. Even many thing he is repeated, its good that some logic is explained very well and due to repetition, it fixed in the mind. I recommend only if you want to get a overview the SAP WM.

Randy26 June 2020

It was good knowledge that taught me new concepts while reviewing those I already know; however, there were extended pauses in the recording I wasn't sure why.

Kristine4 February 2020

A lot of repetition that made it difficult to follow at times. The flow of material could have been a little smoother.

Ashish17 January 2020

yes its good so far..but bit slow and more of repetitive nature. We cud have cover more in this period .Also the sequence of course content is not proper and repetitive many a times.

Eranna11 December 2019

Trainer is repeating same topics in all the videos. Instead of repeating, he could have included some business scenarios on each topic

Klaudia30 November 2019

This.Is. Really. Hard.To.Listem. What is mean. Is.Really. Hard. To. Learn. What is mean. I. Recomend. Look. At. Tutorials Point (India) Pvt. Ltd. Teacher schould think about : 1.description 2.pictures If you can see something is much easier to learn. Specially with unintelligible speech More than that a lot of info, thank you for that but i have still a lot of question type "why you did..."

Pawan2 November 2019

The trainer is repeating the same sentence multiple times without really elaborating. The speaking/explaining skills are not great. In the IM-WM portion the things were really left very unclear.

Sean31 October 2019

Good, in-depth course. Covers the concepts of Warehouse Management, then shows how to implement in SAP.

Cassandra20 September 2019

The instructors speech cadence (abrupt truncation, start/stop of speech) impacted the quality of the course.

John6 August 2019

For now - there are many negatives . . . 1. The teacher's english is not well-spoken. 2. The 'overview' information is neither 'catchy' - easy to learn, nor well introduced. The information is just very 'matter-of-fact' which is OK, but not 'good' or 'great'. We were promised good examples to illustrate the teaching. 3. The material was not 'edited' at all to aid the student's time invested in this training. The teacher's system 'drops' SAP often and we have silence while he logs back on and tries again. This is not a 'sin' or a 'crime', but it does cause MUCH 'dead' time that is basically a waste. There are positives: 1. The video is clear - neat - relevant. 2. While the english is not 'great' - it is understandable. 3. The class is giving us a chance to look at an overview and THEN it also goes more in depth later . . . I think the overview could be condensed a LOT - but it is nice to have that broken out.

Michael23 May 2019

Some sections are repetitive in nature. The title is different, but the topic inside is the same. Presenter keeps on repeating the same topic all over again numerous times just in a different way. Finished the course and still the same comments.


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