SAP : Supply Chain Logistics & Transportation in S/4 HANA

Everything you need to know about SAP S/4 HANA Supply Chain Logistics and Transportation Management in one place

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Understand the core concepts of Supply Chain Management for Logistic & Transportation

The new S/4 HANA functionalities via system demonstration

Configure & design the process in SAP S/4 HANA for modules such as SD, GTS, TM, EWM and aATP

The integration points for S/4 HANA for the SAP Supply Chain

Execute the SAP Logistic & Transportation processes and transactions in SAP S/4 HANA

Apply the SAP Best Practices into the Logistic Processes & Transportation

Build a complete, end to end, integrated Supply Chain solution in SAP S/4 HANA

The skills requried to be a SAP SCM Solution Architect

Prepare for interviews related to SAP roles


From the author of Udemy's bestseller: "SAP : Supply Chain Logistics in R/3", now updated for S/4 HANA, and part of Udemy for Business

SAP S/4 is now here, and with its new modules and functionalities, offers the opportunity to learn new skills. As organization migrate to SAP S/4 HANA, it is a in demand, must-have skill for SAP professional both experienced and new professional.

Similar to my "SAP : Supply Chain Logistics in R/3" on Udemy, this course does not just cover a single module, or only presents you with a couple of slides on a given topic, but covers all aspects of the SAP Supply Chain in S/4 HANA, integrated.

In this course, you will learn about SAP new S/4 HANA solutions such as Sales (SD and aATP), Global Trade (GTS), Warehouse (EWM) and Transport (TM), both in-depth and in detail via solution demonstrations.

I am excited to introduce this new course to you! I am looking forward to working with you to enhance your skills and improve your earning power.

Together we will cover the business context and explain the functionality via system demonstrations and a deep-dive into the system configuration to explain how it all works in S/4 HANA.

No other course will explain all the integrations and how they function in the SAP Supply Chain.

This new course is based on my 25 years of experience as an SAP management consultant transforming businesses using SAP.

After completing this program, you will have learned material customarily within the role of an SAP SCM Solution Architect. It usually takes years of industrial experience to reach a level of competency that you will have attained.

After taking the course, you should be able to

  • Understand the end to end supply chain solution for logistic and transportation

  • Identify the different requirements and scenarios in different industries

  • Design, configure and execute these solutions in SAP S/4 HANA and ECC

  • In-depth guide of the new technical functionalities in SAP S/4 HANA

The course will cover Supply Chain Logistic Execution and Transportation topics such as :

  • ATP and reallocation using SAP Advance ATP (aATP) and Backorder Processing (BOP)

  • SAP Enhance Warehouse Management (EWM).

  • Inbound deliveries, how they are to be executed in SAP EWM

  • How & when (there is more than one place to create deliveries) to create and use Outbound deliveries effectively.

  • Using SAP Global Trade Services (GTS), and its integration point with Sales & Logistics

  • How to use SAP shipments (Basic Shipment) & Transport Management (SAP TM).

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

  • MM transactions such as Stock Transport Orders & SAP Subcontracting

  • Normal and Advance Returns.

The new course includes modules such as Sales and Distribution (SD), Material Management (MM), Purchasing, Enhance Warehouse Management (EWM) and Basic Shipping (LE-TRE), SAP Transport Management (TM) and SAP Global Trade Services (GTS). You will discover how SAP S/4 HANA brings each module into one coherent Supply Chain solution.

It is not just SAP details that this course will be covering, the business topics such as

  • The process from the perspective of the business and users.

  • The integration and context of Supply Chain Management.

  • How to run these processes in SAP and why do we execute them in a particular way.

  • SAP "Best Practice".

Future proof your career by expanding your knowledge into SAP Supply Chain, one of the most in-demand skills in today's SAP market. All you need to do right now is TAKE THIS COURSE!!


SAP : Supply Chain Logistics & Transportation in S/4 HANA
SAP : Supply Chain Logistics & Transportation in S/4 HANA
SAP : Supply Chain Logistics & Transportation in S/4 HANA
SAP : Supply Chain Logistics & Transportation in S/4 HANA


Introduction to the Course

Course Disclaimer

How to use the course

Course Structure

Course Agenda

Building your Supply Chain using S/4 HANA - Options and Functionalities

Getting access to SAP for Practice

Way of getting access to a SAP Client

Getting access to the SAP S/4 HANA Trial Client

Supply Chain - Core Concept

Introduction to Supply Chain - Core Principles

Introduction to Supply Chain - Terms

What is Supply Chain Management

SAP & Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Process - Additional Processes

SCM - Capacity Planning

SCM - Toll Manufacturing

SCM - Transfer Pricing

Introduction to SAP S/4 HANA

Introduction to SAP S/4 HANA Part 1

Introduction to SAP S/4 HANA Part 2

SAP S/4 HANA concept - Simplification List

SAP S/4 HANA Concept - ATP / MRP

SAP S/4 HANA Concept - Application Stack

SAP S/4 HANA Concept - Message output

HANA Core Data Service

Introduction to CDS

CDS - Demonstration in SAP

CDS - Using in Eclipse

ABAP-Managed Database Procedures (AMDP)

Introduction to AMDP

AMDP - Demonstration in SAP

SAP Fiori

Introduction to SAP Fiori

Using Fiori - Roles

Using Fiori - Demonstration

Using SE16H - New transaction for HANA

Using SE16H - Aggregate and sum function

Using SE16H - Table join

SAP Business Partner

Business Partners - Introduction

Business Partner - Concept

Business Partner - Demonstration

Business Partner - Customer Master

Business Partner - Conclusion

SAP Enterprise Structure

SAP Enterprise Structure - Concept

SAP Enterprise Structure - Configuration

SAP Material Master

SAP Material Master - Introduction & Demonstration

SAP Material Master - Key SCM data in Master Data

Concept - Sales Order

Concept Sales Order - Introduction

Concept Sales Order / Purchase Order - Model

Concept Sales Order - Dates and milestone

Concept Sales Order - Incoterms

SAP Sales Order

SAP Sales Order - Introduction

SAP Sales Order - Demonstration

SAP Sales Order - Delivery Block

Configuration - SAP Sales Order

Configuration - SAP Sales Order - Shipping Point & Plant P1

Configuration - SAP Sales Order - Shipping Point & Plant P2

Configuration - SAP Sales Order

Configuration - SAP Sales Order - Item Category

Configuration - SAP Sales Order - Incompletion Procedure

Business Case - Sales Order

Business Case - Sales Order - Question

Business Case - Sales Order - Answer

Available to Promise (ATP)

ATP - Core Concept

ATP Allocation - Concept

ATP reallocation - Concept

SAP Available to Promise (ATP)

SAP ATP Allocation - Introduction

SAP - Route Part 1

SAP - Route Part 2

SAP - Route Part 3

SAP - Schedule Line & Milestone P1 (deepdive)

SAP - Schedule Line & Milestone P2 (deepdive)

SAP - Replenishment

SAP - Rescheduling

SAP Available to Promise (ATP) - Config

SAP Available to Promise (ATP) - Configuration

SAP Available to Promise (ATP) - ATP Rule

S/4 HANA Available to Promise (ATP)

Implication of S/4 HANA Solution

SAP Plant Change - ATP

SAP Alternative Available to Promise (aATP)

SAP aATP - Plant Change (Config & Demo)

SAP aATP - BOP - Concept

SAP aATP - BOP - Configuration

SAP aATP - BOP - Demonstration

Business Case - ATP

Business Case - ATP - Question

Business Case - ATP - Answer

SAP International Trade & Global Trade Services

Global Trade Services (GTS) - Core Concept

Trade - Concept

Trade - Letter of Credit - Concept

SAP - International Trade - Demonstration

SAP Global Trade Services (GTS)

Global Trade Services - GTS - Concept

SAP GTS - Master Data Material - Demonstration

SAP GTS - Master Data - Customer Demonstration

SAP GTS - Demonstration

SAP GTS Declaration - Demonstration

SAP GTS - Configuration

Business Case - GTS

Business Case - GTS - Question

Business Case - GTS - Answers

Core Concept - Picking

Concept - Warehouse

Concept - Warehouse Capacity P1

Concept - Warehouse Capacity P2

Concept - Warehouse Capacity P3

Concept - Warehouse Activities

Concept - Warehouse Pick Face

Concept - Warehouse Picking Strategy P1

Concept - Warehouse Picking Strategy P2

Concept - Warehouse 3rd Party Picking

Core Concept - Packing

Core Concept - Packing

Core Concept - Packing Introduction

Core Concept - Packing Determination

Core Concept - Packing Types

Core Concept - Handling Unit

Core Concept - Delivery and Logistic

Core Concept - Logistic and Shipments

Core Concept - Logistic Drop

SAP Delivery

SAP Outbound Delivery - Introduction

S/4 HANA Delivery - Implication

SAP Delivery & Transportation

SAP Delivery - Cutover Time

SAP Outbound Delivery - Introduction

SAP Outbound Delivery - Creation - Demonstration

SAP Outbound Delivery - Mass Creation - Demonstration

SAP Outbound Delivery - Background Creation - Demonstration

Deepdive SAP Outbound Delivery - Creation

Configuration SAP Outbound Delivery P1

Configuration SAP Outbound Delivery P2

Business Case - Delivery

Business Case - Delivery - Questions

Business Case - Delivery - Answers

SAP Picking in Inventory Management

SAP Picking - Core Concept

Introduction to SAP Inventory Management

SAP IM & EWM concept

SAP Storage Location Determination

SAP Picking - Single Delivery Demonstration

SAP Picking Demonstration & Config

SAP Packing

SAP Packing - Core Concept

SAP Packing - Packing & Handling Unit

SAP Packing in IM- Demonstration & Config

SAP Post Goods Issue

SAP - Enhance Warehouse Management

SAP EWM - Introduction

SAP EWM - Technical Overview

SAP EWM - Core Configuration

SAP EWM - Demonstration

SAP EWM - Material Master

SAP EWM - Picking Demonstration P1

SAP EWM - Picking Demonstration P2

SAP EWM - Transport Unit

SAP EWM - Transport Unit Theory

SAP EWM - Transport Unit - Demonstration

Purchase to Pay - Inbound Logistics

Purchase to Pay - Introduction

Purchase to Pay - Demonstration

Purchase to Pay - Concept

Inbound Logistics - EWM Putaway

SAP EWM - Putaway Demonstration P1

SAP EWM - Putaway Demonstration P2

Core Concept - Transportation

Core Concept - Transportation - Introduction

Core Concept - Shipment Planner

Core Concept - Transportation p1

Core Concept - Transportation P2

Core Concept - Route Optimisation

Core Concept - Space Optimisation

Core Concept - Multileg

Core Concept - Transportation Cost - FLT

Core Concept - Transportation Cost - Tender

Core Concept - Transportation Cost - Tender P2


SAP Basic Shipment

Implication SAP Basic Shipment & Transportation Management (TM)

SAP Basic Shipment - Introduction P1

SAP Basic Shipment - Introduction P2

SAP Basic Shipment - Tender Basic

SAP Basic Shipment - Demonstration VT01N

SAP Basic Shipment - Demonstration - VT04

SAP Basic Shipment - Multimodel Solution

SAP Basic Shipment - Configuration

SAP Basic Shipment - Config Header

SAP Basic Shipment - Config Status

SAP Transportation Management (TM)

SAP Transportation Management (TM) - Introduction

SAP Transportation Management (TM) - Technical Overview

SAP Transportation Management (TM) - Functionality

SAP Transportation Management (TM) - Transport Organisation

SAP Transportation Management (TM) - Senario

SAP Transportation Management (TM) - Single Route

SAP Transportation Management (TM) - Demo - P1

SAP Transportation Management (TM) - Demo - P2

SAP Transportation Management (TM) - Part 2

SAP Transportation Management (TM) - Lane Theory

SAP Transportation Management (TM) - Lane - Demo

SAP Transportation Management (TM) - Multimodel

SAP Transportation Management (TM) - Multimodel Demo

SAP Transportation Management (TM) - Config

SAP Transportation Management (TM) - Integration Config

SAP Transportation Management (TM) - Config

Business Case - Transportation Management

Business Case - Transportation Management - Questions

Business Case - Transportation Management - Answers

SAP Returns and Advance Returns

SAP Advance Return - Introduction

SAP Return - Concept

SAP Normal Return - Demonstration

SAP Advance Return - Demonstration

SAP Advance Return - Configuration

Stock Transport Order

Stock Transport Order - Introduciton

Stock Transport Order - Concept

Stock Transport Order - Demonstration

Stock Transport Order - Configuration


Subcontracting - Concept

Subcontracting - Demonstration

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) - P1

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) - P2

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) - P3


Arunkumar29 May 2021

need to improve on way of speaking concepts covered ....but actions in the video is too faster once you use the screen please make it as a full screen

Satish10 May 2021

Was actually looking specifically for S4 HANA Embedded TM, but took this course as it covers other important topics too.

Mehdi10 March 2021

I like the way the instructor, Abdul Maulud is teaching in calm but he has offered a lot of explanatory training in supply chain management which can be very useful to the beginners in this field and those who are taking lessons in SAP MM but this is not helpful for those who are eager to learn SAP S4 Hana as such people already are familiar with the MM module and have a background in supply chain. It would have been much more helpful if the emphasis was more on SAP S4 Hana and using it in practice. Also, the version used is in the traditional way rather than the cloud format which might be more used nowadays. Another issue is that the emphasis has been more on SD module rather than the other ones such as Procurement (Purchasing) and it has looked into S4 Hana from the perspective of a Sales Agent and Warehouse staff. There has been near to minimum an emphasis on a Buyer's view when using S4 Hana (a Procurement User). This issue needs to be addressed in much more details rather than offering explanatory notes about the Logistics & Procurement. Mehdi

Hasminia27 February 2021

Thank you Sir, I am getting to know more about SAP and this course has the most explanatory layout and lessons. Will do more courses. More power to you Mr Abdul Maulud

Andi19 February 2021

Easy to follow. Abdul made it easy to access the resources and provide alternatives for people who don't have SAP.

Mohamad14 January 2021

Just finished until lecture 11.Good explanation from the instructor about the supply chain in S/4 HANA. And also the instructor is responsive to the questions I have.

Amaral11 January 2021

Ce cours m'a permis d'avoir une première approche de la supply chain logistics & Transportation in S4HANA

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