SAP HANA Cloud Introduction - Learn with your trail instance

Complete introduction - Landscape, Use Cases, Tools, Features, Modelling, Security with curated data to build projects

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

What is SAP HANA Cloud and why now?

Get your own Trial SAP HANA Cloud Instance

How to Import data using HDB table data and CTL methods.

Get your initial project setup and curated data to get and running quickly

Overview of database, modelling, design functionalities and features of the SAP HANA Cloud solution

Understand how this is different from On premise HANA solution

SAP HANA Cloud use cases and scenarios

Build Inter connectivity between your main DB instance and your project HDI using user provided service

Basic security features - Create users, roles and granting access

Understand the new tools which will used with the Cloud solution like SAP Business Application studio, SAP Cloud central, SAP Cloud cockpit, SAP Cloud database explorer

Why this is a great time to enter the Cloud computing area (stay in demand and make premium salaries)

How to Create database artifacts, HDI, calculation views, various design and run time objects


Hello All,

I hope you are doing great and hope that you are upskilling regularly to stay in demand, make premium compensation and be job resilient.

Just like how SAP HANA was a game changer when it was released almost 10 years ago, now this time it is the SAP HANA Cloud solution. Positioned to power the entire SAP Product suite with the Cloud capability.

Businesses are heavily investing in cloud storage and computing because of its clear economical and technological benefits and SAP has designed SAP HANA Cloud to help its customers with their Multi Cloud strategy and this trend has only increased post COVID.

This is a great time to enter the cloud computing arena if you have not already, by upskilling yourself with SAP HANA Cloud skills can be in demand and command premium compensation.

SAP has serious plans for the SAP HANA cloud and it will play a major role in its entire digital transformation strategy. So please don't miss this chance and make sure you get in as early as possible.

To make this course more helpful we encourage you to ask questions. Of course we answer them as soon as we can BUT this time we will also choose the popular questions and make lectures on these topics !

For Business leaders and techno functional staff

Gives you the main business and technology reasons for the adoption of the SAP HANA Cloud solution. It is designed to answer many of your common questions and help you identify opportunities in cloud computing and digital transformation areas for your internal and external customers.

For folks already working on HANA/data warehouse/Reporting use cases

Along with a comprehensive introduction with main features, functionalities, design and technology concepts and live demonstrations. This course in designed to help you get up and running really quickly with your own instance and to help build POC's for your internal and external clients. We provide you with clear steps, curated data designed to run on the Cloud instance. We have also solutions for some common set up challenges you may face. We have also added a small security section to be able to demonstrate your POC's !

For folks new to this technology area

You have landed in the right spot. SAP HANA Cloud presents a great opportunity for you to enter the growing and in demand cloud computing field. This is quite early and you can take advantage of this wave for the next 5 years with proper upskilling. You can stay in demand, make premium compensation and be job resilient.

Key Learnings:

  1. 35+ Professionally authored Lectures.

  2. Immediately usable skills, put it to use in your current project or join a new project.

  3. Quizzes after each topic

Engaging Teaching:

  1. Expressive and immersive teaching with demonstrations and learning tools

  2. Small, purposeful videos, packed with information, designed specifically for a virtual self paced audience.


Credits: I have used SAP Public Manuals, Slides, SCN blogs and other resources as reference. Credits are due to the corresponding parties.

SAP HANA® is a Product of SAP®.

Explicitly mentioned or otherwise.

I am not associated with SAP.


SAP HANA Cloud Introduction - Learn with your trail instance
SAP HANA Cloud Introduction - Learn with your trail instance
SAP HANA Cloud Introduction - Learn with your trail instance
SAP HANA Cloud Introduction - Learn with your trail instance


SAP HANA Cloud Introduction

What to expect


Why SAP HANA Cloud ?

What is SAP HANA Cloud ?

How is it different from SAP HANA on premise

SAP HANA Key Features

HANA Cloud tools

SAP HANA Use cases and proof points


Get your Free SAP HANA Cloud Instance

Section Introduction

Hana cloud trail - How to access landing page and register

Provision the SAP HANA Cloud instance

check database health with HANA Cloud cockpit post installation


Setup Business Application Studio and your first project with data

Section Introduction

Make sure your Instance is up and running

Accessing Business application studio (BAS) and connecting to your cloud DB

Deploy project in BAS and study the HDI created

Create tables and load data from BAS project using hdbtable method

BAS Walkthrough


SAP HANA Cloud Connectivity between System DB Schema and Project HDI

The problem we are trying to solve and the process

Import data and Create user on the system cloud HANA DB

Create user provided service

Make entry in the MTA yaml file

Create HDB grant file

Create calculation view, synonym mapping and test

Create calculation view on the synonym, deploy and test


SAP HANA Cloud functionalities, features and Advanced capabilities

Section Introduction

General Modelling Idea

Fundamental DB Features

Create Schema, tables and insert values

Types of Calculation Views

Types of Nodes supported in Calculations views

Modelling Features

Demo variables, filters, calculated columns

Helpful Features

Advanced Capabilities


User and Roles - Giving Access to your models

Section Introduction

Security Scenario

Create HDB role

Create users, grant roles and test for data access

Security Fundamentals


Ivan30 July 2021

I want to know for example how to configure if was the situation one instance in productive system or the sentings diferents for this or where we can find this information


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