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Governance risk and compliance in SAP. by Jay Dhruv

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Apr 2013

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Get your first break in SAP

Get a recession proof skill which helps you earn six figure salary

Understand basic principles of risk, compliance and tools available


A certificate of completion is presented to all students who undertake this Sap GRC Online Training course.

Don't miss learning GRC - the most key technology governance skill in an organization. In this Sap course you will study GRC RAR which support SAP functionality for compliance, audit, risk, and governance.

There are very few skills in the organization where you work closely with the CEO / CFO's of the company on a regular basis. This is the one.

The module is also one of the easy entry points for beginner's to get into.

You will gain valuable insights into Risk, compliance, control management for an enterprise.

An OjayO.com course is always

  • easy to follow
  • Taught by an instructor who carries more than 15 years of SAP experience with numerous implementations.
  • Teaches more practical skills than any other courses available out there.
  • Continually growing which means over time you will receive numerous updates for a one time small payment.

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What is SAP ?

What Is SAP, History, What Is ERP, Success story, size

SAP processes and sub processes, advantages & disadvantages

Basic SAP Navigation

A brief on SAP landscape and client concept

What is GRC ?

What is SAP GRC ?

SAP GRC versions

What is Risk, Segregation of Duties concept, Internal controls, SoX act of 2002

What is risk, what is Sox and implications of SOX

What is segregation of duties ?

How to manage risk ?

GRC - SAP Security is complex

How is the risk matrix constructed in SAP GRC tool

Audit pain points addressed by GRC - An overview

SAP GRC Suite - Solution brief overview

GRC RAR introduction - Heart of GRC suite

SAP Access enforcer

SAP GRC Role expert

Audit expectations & better governance

I. GRC ARA - Access risk analysis / RAR - Risk analysis and remediation / CC - compliance calibrator

RAR - Create a role containing conflicts

RAR - Actual tool overview

RAR - Risk analysis - all levels and transaction level

RAR - How to simulate risk analysis

RAR Risk analysis attribute selection

RAR - Mitigation concept in GRC

SAP GRC RAR rule architect

SAP GRC RAR Management reports and alerts

GRC RAR Rules containing conflicting transactions and objects

GRC RAR - critical transactions maintain

GRC RAR - critical roles and profiles setup

RAR - Reporting views

SAP GRC RAR rule matrix

II. SAP GRC EAM - Emergency access management /SPM - Superuser privilege management / Firefighter / EAM - Emergency access management

SAP GRC SPM introduction

SAP GRC SPM Entities involved

SAP SPM demo

III. SAP GRC BRM - Business role management/ ERM - Enterprise role management / RE - Role expert

SAP GRC BRM introduction

BRM - overview

BRM - views

IV. SAP GRC ARM - Access request management / CUP - Compliant user provisioning / Access Manager

GRC Access Manager

CUP - Compliant user provisioning

GRC 10.0 highlights

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Madalina1 October 2020

The course could benefit from more structure, more informative print screens. I am not a GRC expert, hence that's why I took this course, but I think this one only talks about the AC sub-module. What about PC and RM? Th title of the course is SAP GRC training, not SAP GRC AC training. Just a couple of things I want to highlight that could be updated in the course going forward: - there's confusion between SoD and SOX; - slides show GRC ERM but we are talking GRC BRM....if the slides you are using are from older version, please change it....

Ryno27 April 2020

This course covers more of system application functionality teaching rather than governance and compliance specifically.

ifeanyi27 February 2020

I find it interesting and explanatory. I am pleased. the training is simplified and understanding. thanks the lecturer..

Norwis13 February 2020

Deberian de Chequear mas la pronunciacion del instructor, y que concuerde lo que dice con los subtitulos. por ejemplo yo entiendo ingles, pero hay palabras que pronuncia super raro. Y ejemplo el instructor dice SAP, y en el Subtitulo aparece SFP...:S

Claudio28 January 2020

Useful but this is a basic course (list of feature and some workflow). The material was not reviewed before the video registration. The teacher was probably cold and that caused some noise during the listening.

Nizamuddin6 January 2020

Good introduction to SAP GRC. However, could elaborate more on GRC and it's importance. Also, the material is way outdated. Needs rehaul.

Francisco4 December 2019

It´s just reading the slides, I have taken another courses in Udemy and the the teacher provides more explanation

Shreya15 November 2019

This course is very outdated. The GRC version used in 5.3 and not even 10.1. Please update the course or else give us the refund as the course is of no use in today's scenario. Also, the version is nowhere mentioned in the course overview.

Ayoub30 September 2019

Plus au moins oui sauf l'explication n'esp pas clair ainsi que j'ai passé presque la moitié sans avoir des cas reel .

Xin12 June 2019

This course was a good overview of the GRC components. It will be better absorbed if offered more hands on system demo outside the screenshots attached.

Gleb28 September 2017

The language is practically undecipherable. Apply real English speakers next time. Pleeeease. the slides are unreadable and some of them are not even named Awful

Solomon15 July 2017

That is a good overview of what SAP is about. It is important to give the bigger picture before dicing it into smaller pieces.

Emil10 January 2017

The content is good for people unfamiliar with SAP. Good intro. The flow is a bit slow. Some of the slides are incomplete / unfinished.

Mohammad17 April 2014

The course is very confusing and it's based on old version 5*, it should be based on 10 or higher version, honestly speaking I didn't learn much from this course.

Jim24 March 2014

The course was sufficiently detailed and presented in a thorough manner. Some of the topics could have been sequenced better rather than revisiting same content at different times. Another minor issue was some of the screen shots had poor screen resolution and details could not be seen, but otherwise all good.


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