SAP GRC BusinessObjects Access Control 10.0

SAP GRC Access Control 10 Implementation and Configuration

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May 2014

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What you will learn

Full understanding of SAP GRC

Complete configuration of SAP GRC AC10

Details of methodology and concept

Certification preparation


This course is designed to fulfill the knowledge required on all level of SAP Security & GRC Consultant. Either you are an business owner or business solution manger this course give you entire overview of SAP GRC Access Control 10. Consultants who are beginner or already known SAP GRC you wants full understanding of SAP GRC AC10? this is course you are looking for.

May be you already gone though some course or tutorial, but you wanting to know details. The course explains some of the topics like MSMP and BRF+ with simple steps and easy to understand. If you are preparing for SAP GRC Certification you can refresh your knowledge with this course and analyses your capacity with sample questions.


SAP GRC BusinessObjects Access Control 10.0
SAP GRC BusinessObjects Access Control 10.0
SAP GRC BusinessObjects Access Control 10.0
SAP GRC BusinessObjects Access Control 10.0



1.1 Introduction to GRC

1.2 Regulations & Standards

1.3 Organizational Approach

1.4 SAP GRC Overview

SAP GRC Components

2.1.1 Access Control

2.1.2 GRC and AC Harmonization

2.2 Process Control

2.3 Global Trade Services

2.4 Risk Management



3.1 Technical Architecure

3.2 User Interface

3.3 GRC Authoirzation


SoD Risk Management

4.1 Understanding Authorization Risks

4.2 Managing Risk by SoD

Risk Management

General Configuration Settings

5.1 GRC Settings

5.2 Access Control Settings


Synchronizing Repository

6.1 Synchronizing Repository

Repository Sync

MSMP Workflow

7.1 MSMP Workflow Introduction

7.2 Configuring MSMP - Part 1

7.3 Configuring MSMP - Part 2


Business Rules Framework Plus

8.1 Introduction to Business Rules Framework

8.2 Create BRF+ Rules - Part 1

8.2 Create BRF+ Rules - Part 2


Access Risk Analysis

9.1 Maintaining Rule Set - Part 1

9.1 Maintaining Rule Set - Part 2

9.2 Shared Master Data

9.3 Remediating and Mitigating Risk

Access Risk Analysis (ARA)

Emergency Access Management

10.1 Emergency Access Management (EAM) Overview

10.2 Emergency Access Management (EAM) Configuration

10.3 Emergency Access Management (EAM) Logs & Reports

Emergency Access Management (EAM)

Access Request Management

11.1 Provisioning Configuration

11.2 Create Access Request

11.3 Access Request Log and Workflow (MSMP)

Access Request Management (ARM)

Business Role Management

12.1 Configuring Business Role Management

12.2 Role Methodology & BRF+ Configuration

12.3 Role Definition & Creation

12.4 Managing Roles

Business Role Management (BRM)

Report & Review

13.1 Report & Review

Report & Review


Madalina4 October 2020

Good course. I recommend you do this course when you have a test system available so that you can test/ play with all the concepts delivered in this course.

Bany26 August 2020

The course is create, but there is no exercise in which we can see step by step how to maintain each level of Access Process.

Karim23 August 2020

no clear explanation, and detailed, I'm disappointed, how to give a grade to this course, it is better to use youtube

Sanchit26 March 2020

The couse is good & well designed. The trainer is also very knowledgable. What it lacks is real time example, without which understand the concept might not be as effective as it otherwise could have been.

Samarth16 September 2019

In my opinion , the course was fine. I was already familiar with most of the terms used in the course so it was easy for me to understand. The tutor here just read the words mentioned in the program and not much beyond it which was somehow disappointing. The material of the course was good enough but had the explanation been up to the mark , the course would have been really good.

Chris11 April 2019

The material is dated. The practical configuration is not covered in entirety. Lots of topic is missing.

Suraj23 November 2018

There is very less explanation of things. Practical exposure is there but first we should what is being done for what. GRC configuration section 5 is totally bouncer

Ayan14 November 2018

the content is nowhere near market standard extremely disappointing also the voice over is pathetic please update this course with better content

E-Spektrum26 September 2018

Good match, but the instructor simply reads the text. I do not have the feeling, that he understands the context or did this module in practice.

Sohail14 January 2018

It is poor slide presentation and very few use cases to learn the concept of GRC functionality. No doubt it is a dry subject, but it was made more dryer with very poor accent of the instructor.

Lucas31 August 2017

Apesar de ainda ter sido dois slides curtos, por enquanto a forma de apresentação está clara e interessante.

Mohammad29 August 2017

i am unable to repeat the sessions if i wanted to recap , also looks the instructor is in hurry to complete also need few more examples with screen shots too

Anitha14 August 2017

theoretical version of a technical course. The actual screens are just skipped, not even an overview, was expecting some more details with a demo.

Raul8 August 2017

there is a constant noise probably due to the lack of a quality microphone, some of the speach of the instructor looks like improvised, somethimes is hard to hear, not an issue that he have an indian accent it is more related to the quality of the sound recorded used

Adra24 April 2017

The lesson was very thorough and repetitive enough for me to understand the process. We went through the simulation which was good, but I missed seeing a complete flow of how the process would work in production.


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