The Complete SAP Analytics Cloud Course 2021

Learn to create stories, plans, digital boardroom, analytic apps, and make predictions in SAC. Data source included.

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Create your own story to build not only pleasing but informative data visualizations

Develop and execute the planning and budgeting using SAP Analytics Cloud

Build big data predictive models using machine learning technologies embedded in SAC

Master advanced tips to help you get the most out of the SAC, including BI, planning, smart predicts, and more

Learn key concepts within SAP Analytics Cloud and valuable tips to help you use this app most effectively

Most everything you need or want to know to deploy and use SAP Analytics Cloud

You’ll use the skills you’ve developed to better understand and pass the SAC certificate exam in confidence

Understand SAP analytics cloud offerings and the level of subscription that each entail


Become an SAP Analytics Cloud master by setting up BI, planning, and making prediction through real-world projects

SAP analytics cloud consultant is one of the hottest careers in tech. Have you ever wondered what's the best path for me or what's my first step in building a technical career in SAP business analysis?

I'm going to take you through the process of understanding how to use SAP analytics cloud. Whether you're looking to discover the core BI features or use planning module at work, this course will get you ready to plan and start to use SAP analytics cloud quickly.

In this course, we will dive into the SAP analytics cloud offerings and the level of subscription that each entail. Then we will look at how to use this app to explore and visualize your data from scratch, as well as which smart assist features will work best for your situation.

We will explore the various system admin tools that can be used to manage files and deploy content.

You will learn how to develop custom app in SAP analytics hub and understand the steps to create a new digital boardroom, as well as how to store your reporting and create a solution to ensure that your company’s on premises data is protected in the cloud.

Finally, we’ll focus on planning model including budgets allocation, forecast, what if analysis and a lot more.

My name is Michael Todd, and I'm excited to show you the power and ease of setting up and managing BI and planning modules on SAP analytics cloud. So in invite you to join me on my course as we explore the essentials of SAP analytics cloud.


The Complete SAP Analytics Cloud Course 2021
The Complete SAP Analytics Cloud Course 2021
The Complete SAP Analytics Cloud Course 2021
The Complete SAP Analytics Cloud Course 2021




What you should know before watching this course

Using excises

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Explore SAP Analytics Cloud

Overview of SAP Analytics Cloud


Business Intelligence

BI module overview

Upload the data

Set up coordinates for geo map

Import and export a job

Create a story

Choose the right chart type

Format a chart

Apply filters

Using in-story calculations

Add a measure input control

Add a dimension input control

Conditional formatting

Create a geo map

Linked analysis

Share a story

Leave comments

Scheduling publications

Use bookmarks

Smart Assist

Smart Assist overview

Search to Insights

Smart Discovery

Using Smart Discovery

Smart Insights

Using Smart Insights

Time Series Forecast

Integrating R visualization

Smart Grouping

Using Smart Grouping

Smart Predict

Using Smart Predict

Files and Content Management

Files and folder structure

Content network

Content Deployment

Business content

Usage tracking content

Application Development

Analytics designer

SAC mobile app

SAC Excel add-in


SAC quarterly release

Digital Boardroom

Digital Boardroom overview

Create a Digital Boardroom

Create an Agenda

SAP Analytics Hub

SAP Analytics Hub overview

Create an asset

Business Catalog


Overview of connections

Deployment Kit





Planning module overview

Create a currency conversion table

Public and private dimensions

Create a public dimension

Create a planning model

Create story

Unbooked data

Create private version

Mass data entry

Lock cell

Copy and paste cell values

Publish version

Create multicurrency reporting




Structured allocations

Execute allocation

Variance analysis

Member formulas

Advanced formulas and variables

Add calculations

Calendar overview

Creating tasks

Creating process

Copy action

Value driver tree


Next steps

Course keynotes


Kenneth19 March 2021

I am still just starting to learn and I believe that by the end I would have gained a lot of knowledge in using SAC. The instructions are delivered in the simplest form possible. I have no regrets at all enrolling in the course.

Kiran16 March 2021

The course looks promising. I have been working in SAP Platform since 13 years and in last 7 years i have been working in SAP HANA Platform for various business solutions. This SAC course helps to elevate professional career.

Vinay13 March 2021

It is very informative, organized, well demonstrated and detailed. I am enjoying every bit of it and will plan for my certification as well.

Suhail9 March 2021

Course was comprehensive and covered a good amount of SAC. I would like to see Analytics Designer and the Java capabilities

Keith27 February 2021

Excellent for the new user, simple and easy to understand format without the jargon 5*+ Great foundation in SAP AC

Paulo22 February 2021

I was expecting it to be more like a training material, but it looks a lot more like a presentation of the available tools. Having in mind that I'm still on the beginning, things may still change. So far, it is an amazing material

Dorcas22 February 2021

I have no idea of what the SAP cloud server is about but I am more than delighted to take this course

Bharadwaz21 February 2021

The way Michael teaching was awesome. I am Fresh men of IT Graduate was very interested in learning new tech. I enrolled for this course i don't know at all even 1% but this guys teaches each and every part in elaborated manner. He responds to our each and every doubt. Thank you so much :)

Ashish20 February 2021

I was wanting to learn about SAP cloud and then when I found this course, I was really happy to see the content which would be taught. Once I started the course I was amazed to see the level of teaching in this course, our instructor Michael Todd is an amazing instructor

Farrukh20 February 2021

After taking this course I was able to pass the certification exam with 85% score. Topics are covered in deep details along with business use case scenarios

Alexa20 February 2021

Modules are understandable and straightforward that even a beginner like myself can grasp what SAP Analytics is all about.

Juan19 February 2021

El curso esta explicado de manera clara y simple. Permite aprender por cuenta propia con las herramientas dadas.

Ayokunle19 February 2021

I have scanned through the content of this course and I am only starting the consume the content after signing up for the paid version. I will confess that this is a worthwhile experience.

Amine18 February 2021

this course was full of ideas which helped me a lot , i really recommended it to anyone want to learn SAP analytics

Sergio18 February 2021

Empecé con 0 conocimientos sobre SAP y me estoy enterando absolutamente de todo. ¡Por encima de mis expectativas!


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