Salesforce System Admin & App Builder Dual Certification

Get Ready for a Job on the Salesforce Platform. All the essentials you would like to know about Salesforce Technology.

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Introduction to Cloud Computing and what is Salesforce?


Who is this Course meant for?

Every Salesforce Enthusiastic can take this Course to build a career on this platform.

Why should  I Opt for this Course?

This is the only training that has covered What, How, Why and When of every feature in Salesforce.

The Course trains you from Basics to In depth of the SalesforceTechnology to win a job and dual certification. This Course is a Must for very Cloud Computing Beginner and also Salesforce Beginner. This Course covers from the basics to Building real world applications on the platform of Salesforce. The Course also covers the responsibilities of a System Administrator. The best part of the course is we have delivered all the essentials that you need to know to build a successful career on this Platform. We have covered all the Cloud computing basics which are essentially needed and the most unique features of Salesforce which you do not find it on other Salesforce Course. A very unique approach to understand the concepts of Salesforce. The Course covers 6 Projects and can be converted into 25 projects or even more. The Only Course on Salesforce that deals with all the essentials to make you a job fit. Care has been taken to cover every topic thats required for certification and Job. All the topics from CRM, Configuration and Administration have been covered.


Salesforce System Admin & App Builder Dual Certification
Salesforce System Admin & App Builder Dual Certification
Salesforce System Admin & App Builder Dual Certification
Salesforce System Admin & App Builder Dual Certification


Introduction to Cloud Computing

A Warm Welcome

Various Industries related to IT

Various Departments in an Industries.

The 3 Players in IT world - First Player - Clients Second Player - Dev Companies

The Third and Visionary Player - Vendors.

Drawbacks of the Traditional Approach

The Pay Per Use Model

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing Vendors and Career

Advantages of Cloud Computing and Recap

Introduction to Salesforce.com

Salesforce as a Coud Computing Vendor

Clouds in Salesforce

Introduction to the Salesforce PaaS

Briefing about Enterprise Applications

Unifications of 10 Technologies

15 Step Approach to Build a Salesforce Project

Versions & Editions in Salesforce

Environments in Salesforce

Jobs Profiles in Salesforce.com

Cloud Computing and Salesforce Architecture

Basic vocabulary in Salesforce

Registering for a Salesforce Account

Basic Nagivations and Operations in Salesforce

Basic Navigations

Creating Apps

Creating sObject

Creating Tabs

Creating Fields

Creating Data and Records

Sequence and Interdependency between the above Elements

Interdependency between components

Sequence of Creation

Working in the Lighting Interface

Creating Apps in Lightning

Creating sObjects in Lightning

Creating Tabs in Lightning

Working Data and Records

Working with Realtime Projects -Principles for Designing the Model in Salesforce

Design Principles in Salesforce

Cont...Design Principles

Working with Banking Management System

Designing Banking Management System

Working with Rental Management System

Designing the Rental Management System

Working with Reservation Management System

Designing the Reservation Management System

Working with Delivery Management System

Designing Delivery Management System Project

Working with Training Management System Application

Design Principles for Training Management System

Working with Relationships in Salesforce - Storing Data Efficiently

Drawbacks in the Above Approach

Working with Relationships in Salesforce

Self Relationship

Look Up Relationship

Master Detail Relationship

Working with Training Management System Application

Identifying the Basic Components

Identifying Transactions an Fields

Implementing the App

Using Schema Builder to Create the rest

Working with Relationships in Training Management System

More features on Training Management System

More features on Training Management System_2

More features on Training Management System

More features on Training Management System

Working with Many to Many Relationship

Mapping Everything in to the MVC pattern

MVC Pattern Alignment

Working With Validations Rules - Filtering Business Data from unwanted Data

Understanding Validation Rules

PickList Dependency

Creating different Views for Users

Working with Record Types and MVC

Extra Content

Search Layouts and other Layouts

Working in Lightning

Implementing Training Management System

What is a CRM?

Getting Started

Understanding a CRM -1

Understanding a CRM -2

Types of CRM

Salesforce as a CRM Vendor and Its Clouds

Working with Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM in Classic Interface - Navigating and Working

Navigating in Salesforce Lighting Environment

Lightning Navigation

Implementing a Case study with the Primary sObjects

Working with Products and Price Book

Working with Quote and CRM Products on Appexchange

Recap and Working with Orders, Contracts and Assets.

Extending the Mind Map working with Forecast

Few more sObjects common to all Processes

CRM Use Case Classic Interface

Understand and Implement CRM across all sObjects

CRM Use Case in Lightning

Feeding the real world Data through Lightning Interface

PaaS features of CRM

Classic PaaS of CRM

Lightning PaaS of CRM

System Adminitration

Recap and Projection

The Course and Certifications

Data Management

Introduction to Data Migration

Preparing the CSV File

Introduction Import Wizard

Import Wizard. - Insert Operation

Import Wizard - Update Operation

Import Wizard. - Upsert Operation

Import Wizard Export Operation

Continue working with Import Wizard Export All

Data Migration with Data Loader

Insert Data with Data Loader

Exporting Data with Data Loader.

Updating Data with Data Loader

Upsert Data with Data Loader and Assignment

Security Management

Various Security Components in Salesforce

Working with Profile Part I

Working with Profile Part II

Working with Profile Part III

User Management

Profiles and Users

Working with Roles

Working with Public Groups

Working with Queues

Working with OWD

Working with Sharing Rules

Working with Permission Sets

Use Case to Work with Security Components

Business Process Management

Introduction to BPM

Workflows Introduction

Configuring a Workflow to Send Email

Configuring a Workflow Event - Edit to meet Criteria

Configuring a Workflow to Field update

Configuring a Workflow to Assign Task

Configuring Workflow for Time Based Actions

Working with Process Builder

Understanding the components of Process Builder

Invoking Apex Code through Process Builder

Process Builder to Create Record

Email Alert Action in Process Builder

Posting feeds into Chatter

Invoking another Process

Send Custom notifications

Updating Records

Working Approval Processes

Understanding components of Approval Process

Configuring an Apprroval Process

Working with Reports and Dashboards

The Fourth Pillar of System Administration

Introduction to Business Intelligence

What are Reports

Types of Reports in Salesforce

Preparing Data for Reports

Tabular Report

Summarised Report

Matrix Report

Working with Dashboard

Additional Topics

Password Policy and Session Settings

Domain Management

Communication Templates


Bezuayehu31 August 2021

The best training with real time examples. Helpful for beginners. Thank you for your effort Harish!

Shrikant27 August 2021

The way of explanation the concepts are awesome. It is easy to get understand. Thank You to Harish Nath sir

Prasad19 July 2021

Detailed and clear. Easily one the the better courses available on the platform. The trainer gives us real time examples from day to day life to explain and make the course simple and easy to understand. A no brainer for anyone who wants anything to do with learning Sales force.

Param24 April 2021

Very easy to follow and yet most powerful training for a job seeker like me. I have tried multiple courses online. But, this is a holy grail of Salesforce and a great gift during this pandemic. It starts with basics like IT Industry concepts and cloud computing concepts and drills down to deeper concepts in an intuitive and user-friendly manner. Especially, I liked the smartboard system. It has re-created my classroom environment. I was just looking for app building training but this gave me system admin concepts additionally. The icing on the cake was real-time projects which broadened my IT perspective. Harish is really an awesome IT trainer with loads of training experience. Thank you, Harish!!!


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