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Salesforce Certification - Sales Cloud Consultant

Learn and get Salesforce sales cloud certified. Covers entire exam guide for Salesforce Sales cloud certification exam.

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Salesforce Certification - Sales Cloud Consultant


5 hours


Sep 2021

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What you will learn

Sales cloud consultant best practices

Sales process in Salesforce

Leads and marketing in salesforce

Salesforce Automation

Salesforce Lightning pages

Salesforce Opportunity/Leads/Case Management

Sales cloud certification exam guide

Sales Cloud Reports & Dashboards


The Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Course is for students who are interested in acquiring Salesforce SalesCloud Certification and to Learn about various industry practices which are followed globally by consultants.

The course will take you through various customization's possible in salesforce lightning. The course also covers how to implement some of the commonly used business scenarios in lightning so that students can have a hands-on experience of some real business use cases.

About the Certification :  A Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant designs and deploys solutions that support customer business processes and requirements using Salesforce applications. Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultants are interested in demonstrating their expertise as cloud computing implementation consultants with a specialty in Salesforce automation. The consultant has experience working with sales and marketing organizations and has expertise in Salesforce applications, including the knowledge needed to implement multiple applications in common customer scenarios.

The course is made very concise keeping in mind that all the relevant information mentioned in the exam guide is covered. The Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification course will help the existing admins to successfully design and implement maintainable and scalable Sales Cloud solutions that contribute to long-term customer success.

At the end of course you will have knowledge and hands-on experience on various customization's that can be done in the lightning platform which is needed to take up the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification. I am updating and will keep adding new content in this course regularly.

Happy Learning!!


About the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Credential

Sales Cloud Consultant Exam Guide

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Industry Knowledge

Factors that influence sales metrics, KPIs, and business challenges.

KPI's to Use

How To Create Lead Process

How to Create Sales Process

Industry Knowledge

Implementation Strategies

Best Salesforce Implementation Practices

Planning Phase

Requirement Gathering Phase

Design Phase

Build Phase

Testing Phase

Deployment Phase

Application Lifecycle and Development Models

Sales Cloud Solution Design

Lead Management

Lead Record type & Stages

Lead Conversion Field Mapping


Sales Process and Stage Probability

Validate Data in Sales Process

Enterprise Territory Management

Account Teams

Opportunity teams

Salesforce Mobile app

Order Management

Marketing And Leads

Managing Leads and Campaigns

Lead Scoring

Maintaining Lead Data Quality

Quiz - Lead & Marketing

Account and Contact Management

Set Up Contacts to Multiple Accounts

Set Up Social Accounts, Contacts, and Leads

Understanding Account Hierarchy

Account & Contact Visibility


Duplicate Rule

Data sharing and visibility


Opportunity Management

Quotes & Quote Templates

Set Up Assets

Creating Sales Process

Campaign Influence

Products & Pricebooks

Product Scheduling

Collaborative Forecasting

Multiple Currency

Opportunity Management Quiz

Sales Productivity

Path and Lightning Page

Email Tools



Salesforce Quip

Salesforce New Mobile App

Sales Cloud Analytics

Creating Reports

Sales Report

Report Filter Logic

Creating Summary Fromula


Define a Reporting Snapshot

Integration and Data Management

Sales Cloud Data Integrations

Data Migration

Defer Sharing Calculations

Data Management Module

Sales Cloud Consultant Quiz


Benik27 January 2021

The course was a good match for me. It contained all the material which i needed for the consultant exam. Quizzes and resources are added bonus.

Stephane9 January 2021

This course seems to be complete in term of scope. Nevertheless, I have noticed some issues such as : some part of videos are redundant, there is a gap in between the screen shown and the comment provided, some time (it is very confusing), the author just iterate with the cursor on one part of the screen just while providing comments. Sometimes, the videos ends (or is cut) while the author is still speaking ... Last but not least, the author use different formats of PPT with different colors and feature, that is quite disturbing. It seems, he picked those PPT up from several projects ...

Mozaffar6 January 2021

Fantastic course. Needed something which helped to understand the role of a consultant. Since the credential is heavily relying on your admin knowledge , the instructor spends accurate amount of time in relaying the most important topics only. KUDOS..

Derajo5 January 2021

As expected from the topic , the consultant certification is very theoretical and needs to have a general knowledge of sfdc (admin ) and industry best practices for salesforce implementation. The course does just that. Very nicely made..Thanks

Alessandra4 January 2021

the course teaches on the industry practices related to salesforce consultant. Admin knowledge is a must

Mylene14 July 2020

Courses is designed in well organised way. Admin knowledge helps before this course. Also, quizes keeps person on right track of learning.

Sorabh13 July 2020

Such a great course. But word of warning. As the description says Admin knowledge is a must before enrolling as many concepts are from admin certification.

Yahia9 July 2020

This course was excellent. I feel confident that I have a good understanding of what it takes to be a sales cloud consultant.

Prachee7 July 2020

JUST TOO BAD TUTORIAL, Not helpful at all. Not even basics are covered in good way. Wasn't expecting this from Udemy. the person is just speaking continiously without any pause as if he is reading something . Explaination is worst

Lucilla3 July 2020

The right pace and design of the course. Loved the way of the course as introducing the concept and terms clearly first, and then have the following one with example.

Kylie19 June 2020

Course is good. The benefit is that It helped me to give required information on sales cloud implementation. Instructor gave me that quick information.

Sushrit14 June 2020

The content is good. The delivery could have been better. Just monotonous reading of the concepts are not helping. Not engaging.

Kevin8 June 2020

Very good, Thanks for this Tutorial. There are plenty of resources shared by instructor which helps a lot when preparing for the exam.

Neera31 May 2020

This course exceeded my expectations because everything is very well explained and I have learned a lot of complicated things in a simple way.

Sarthak29 May 2020

In this course, i had really an opportunity to explore the critical sales cloud consultant experiences which i was thinking to do for long time.


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