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Salesforce Lightning Flows

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Salesforce Lightning Flows


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Jun 2021

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Salesforce Flows

Salesforce Automation

Summer 21 Release

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Have you ever wondered how you can automate business processes using flow?

My name is Andy Engin Utkan. I have been working on Salesforce for more than ten years. I am a Platform Champion and a Senior Salesforce Consultant with nine certifications.

In this course, I'll show you how flow enables you to automate business processes effectively.

Flows are powerful Low-code automation tools. Everybody can apply custom business logic to automate tasks on Salesforce using flows.

By the end of this course, you'll master all the popular flow types and know how to build real-life use cases.

Why is it essential to learn flows now? Salesforce announced during their Release Readiness webcasts in 2020 that they will stop all development of Workflow Rules and Process Builders. Salesforce accelerated the development of Flow features and recommended this tool as the single low-code automation tool for the future.

Flow skills are vital for administrators to extend their skills into the development world. The administrator job posts often ask for varying grades of development skills. Just knowing where the switches and dials are in the settings is no longer sufficient to qualify for a Salesforce job.

No worries. This course will teach you the skills you need to put flow low code development skills on your resume.

If you want to continue building your development skills to code on the Salesforce platform, the logic-building skills you acquire by finishing this course will be beneficial.



Introduction to the Course

Navigating this Course

Signing up for a Free Salesforce Account

Introduction to Flows

Finding Flows in Salesforce

Tour of Popular Flow Types

Creating, Saving and Activating a Flow

Flow Testing and Debug

Flow Elements and Components




Record-Triggered Flows

When do you use Record-Triggered Flows?

Build a Before-Save Record-Triggered Flow

Build an After-Save Record-Triggered Flow

Autolaunched Flows

When Do You Use Auto-Launched Flows?

Build an Auto-Launched Flow

Screen Flows

When Do You Use Screen Flows?

Build a Screen Flow


What Are Variables?

What Are Collection Variables?

What Are Record Variables?

What are Collection Record Variables?


When do you use Loops in Flows?

Loop Use Case and Outcome

Build a Flow with a Loop

Execution Governors and Limits

Intro to Formulas and Validations

Build a Formula in a Flow

Build a Validation in a Flow

Decision Elements and Start Conditions

When Do You Use Decision Elements in Flows?

Build a Flow with Decision Elements

When Do You Use Start Conditions in a Flow?

Build a Flow With Start Conditions

Scheduled Path

When Do You Use a Scheduled Path in a Flow?

Set Up the Default Workflow User in Process Automation Settings

Build a Flow with a Scheduled Path

Schedule-Triggered Flows

When Do You Use a Schedule-Triggered Flow

Build a Schedule Triggered Flow

Build a Flow Combining Multiple Concepts You Learned

Use Case and Outcome

Build Your Flow

Build Your Own Use Case

How Do You Build Your Own Use Case?

Bonus Lecture: Your Free Gift - Flow Picker


Brian31 August 2021

Andy is easy to listen to and explains thoroughly. He uses an out of the box dev org which makes it easier to follow than some of the other flow courses.

Gokulnath23 August 2021

If you would like to explore and learn the Salesforce lightning flows in a crash course format (or in JUST 2 hours) then this is the best course.

Ron7 August 2021

Good starter to catch up on all the changes Salesforce put into developing new Flow Builder features. Makes learning it much easier than when it first came about.

Y29 July 2021

Everything is detailed even for beginners. Felt nice while visualizing examples for Record Collection

Mounika28 July 2021

Course is great !! with the help of this course I built my own flow for a customer but I think you should give a demo on How to Launch Screen flows from Org

Koray16 July 2021

This course helped me a lot to understand the logic of flows and to seize all the possibilities flows offer. After finishing the course, I have built my first flow for a customer right away. Thank you for these precious insights, Engin (abi)! :)

Christian4 July 2021

Für mich persönlich stellt der Kurs die genau richtigen Erweiterungen zu Salesforce Trailhead zur Verfügung. Fragen meinerseits die durch Trailhead nicht abgedeckt werden konnten, wurden in diesem Kurs bearbeitet.

Steven3 July 2021

Andy did great job going over everything! I really feel much more confident that I can now navigate Flows. Highly recommended.

Akash3 July 2021

Andy is a #rockstar in the Salesforce ecosystem and a platform champion, when he said that salesforce is highly focussing on the Lightning Flows as a single most powerful automation tool, he is 200% correct and by saying that I mean, this is one of the highly recommended and valuable course for all Salesforce enthusiasts, admins, devs, consultants and even architects.

Farah2 July 2021

I would recommend this course for anyone trying to learn about flows. It has demos, simple explanation and you can follow along in your own org. I hope you can create a part2 of this course Andy!

Karen26 June 2021

I've been working in flow fairly heavily for a year now and I have learned a few new things and better understand items that have been unclear up until now! Great job, Andy!

Rick26 June 2021

Andy gets right into a live demo which I can follow along in my own Org. This is a great way to learn Flows or any new skill. His explanations are very clear and he communicates well. Andy has obviously put a lot of effort into making this course a great learning experience and I look forward to the rest of the journey.

Patrick18 June 2021

So far so good. I agree with the instructor that seeing and working on the flow is much better than reading about flows. Thank you sir.

Adrian17 June 2021

I have been searching for a resource like this for over a year. This resource breaks down each step for a Flow beginner, and explains why the steps are necessary. I was able to build a Flow for a current use case after watching these videos.

Samsudeen8 June 2021

Very thorough and nicely paced for beginner to advanced. The instructor really put in efforts to explain the concept in an easy to follow and understand manner.


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