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Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator - Part 3

Final course of a 3-Course Certification Series for the Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification - In Lightning

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Sep 2020

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What you will learn

Gain an in-depth understanding of the following knowledge areas of the Advanced Admin Exam Guide - Content Management, Change Management, Analytics and Process Automation

Learn Advanced Administrative techniques on the Salesforce Platform in Lightning Experience


If you have attained the Salesforce Administrator Certification, you are ready to start the journey to becoming an Advanced Administrator. Become a Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator by enrolling in this final course of a three-course certification course series.

This is the third and final course in my three-course Advanced Admin series!

I have taught over 110,000 students on the Salesforce platform and I want you to join me in my latest course. I have structured this course to go in-depth on these Knowledge Areas of the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Exam Guide:

  • Content Management

  • Change Management

  • Analytics, Reports and Dashboards

  • Process Automation

    The Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Certification has a pre-requisite that you have an active Administrator Certification on file - if you have not attained your Administrator Certification, I recommend that you first complete that certification and locate my relevant training courses for that certification via my instructor profile.

We will go in-depth on all of the core concepts and topics of the Salesforce Security Model in this course. It's a deep dive on user accounts, licenses, profiles, permission sets, profiles, roles, groups, teams, territories and more.

This course is recorded in Salesforce Lightning Experience.

And tens of  thousands of Udemy Survey ratings for my courses, the students have spoken:

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Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator - Part 3
Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator - Part 3
Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator - Part 3
Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator - Part 3


Content Management

Course and Content Management Introduction

Salesforce CRM Content Settings and Enablement

Creating Content Packs

Disabling Content Pack Creation

Setting Library Permissions - Granting Users Access to a Library

Working with Libraries in Lightning Experience (via Files)

Documents vs. Files vs. Attachments, etc.

Change Management

Change Management Introduction

Sandboxes and Change Sets

Unmanaged Packages

Force.com IDE

Ant Migration Tool


Salesforce DX and CLI

Analytics, Reports and Dashboards

Analytics, Reports and Dashboards Introduction

Custom Report Types

Salesforce Report Formats

Reporting Snapshots Demo

Historical Trend Reporting Demo


Custom Summary Formulas

Joined Reports

Cross Filters

Creating a Dynamic Dashboard

Dashboard Filters

Retired Exam Guide Sample Question #4

Process Automation

Process Automation Introduction

Automation Home

Process Automation Cheat Sheet

Workflow Rules and Available Actions

Field Updates via Workflow Actions

Cross-Object Field Updates and Making Fields Required

Email Templates, Email Alerts and Process Automation Settings

Troubleshooting Email Alerts

Creating New Object Records via Workflow Rules - Tasks Only

Outbound Messages

Time-Based Actions

Time-Based Workflow Queue

Approval Processes

Troubleshooting an Approval Process

Adding Items to Approve Component to Home Page Layout

Process Builder Intro

Actions Available from the Process Builder

Converting Workflow Rules into a Process

Process Versioning

Viewing Scheduled Actions from Processes - Paused Flow Interviews

Adding Multiple If/Then Statements in Processes and Post to Chatter

Example Processes

Troubleshooting Processes

Flow Builder Introduction

Using Flow Templates

Setting Flow User on Your User Account

Flow Types and Building Flows

Screen Flows and Autolaunched Flows

Other Types of Flows

When to Use Visualforce and Apex Triggers

Monitoring Flows and Processes

Order of Execution

Retired Exam Guide - Sample Question #5

Trailmix for the Advanced Admin Exam


Matthew5 March 2021

Exactly the kind of course I was looking for. Not just a step by step of the exam guide, but a real hands on learning experience. Definitely recommend.

Michael1 February 2021

Yes although I use an HR Product built upon the salesforce platform, understanding the core platform is very useful

Mark8 December 2020

The section on creating content packs should be removed because they have been retired. I see that the exam guide references content. It's only 3%. I wonder what will be on the practice test.

Adam4 December 2020

Mike does a great job with his courses. I’ve used them now for three certifications. He’s even responsive when students reach out. Great course!

Deepika11 November 2020

I would really not expect the instructor to show everything on the salesforce help article and get away with the course. Concepts like flows could have been explained much better. The instructor wasn't prepared for taking the class.

Paul27 October 2020

The content that Mike Wheeler provides in his video lessons gives such important details to the topics. The additional resources and advice he gives really help me to learn in an organized format.

Ted8 May 2020

Excellent, thorough course that follows the Salesforce Certified Advance Admin guide. In-depth, high levels overviews of concepts. I recommend following along with your own developer org to practice all the concepts.

Monika@Nousmaa.de24 April 2020

"Content Packs" retired in Spring 20 https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=000351309&type=1&mode=1 => following content was as good as expected!

Jeff3 April 2020

Disappointed with the amount of time spent using workflow rules. Just start with process builder where you gain a lot of functionality and can control the order of actions. If they'd have provided the ability to control the action order, the need for PB would have been avoided.


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