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Salesforce Admin Certification Tests -To Give You Real Taste of Real Exam - 65 Timed Questions Each - Spring '20 Updated

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Salesforce Admin/Administrator Certification Practice Tests


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Oct 2020

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What you will learn

Attend Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam with great confidence that you are most likely to pass.

You would get understanding about different types of questions (scenario, straight to the point etc.) appear in Salesforce Administrator Exam.

You would also get an idea about in which knowledge area you need to concentrate more to pass exam.


*****Look at these tests like the greatest investment you are making in yourself. So that you can pass the exam on the first attempt. Also, I can't guarantee that some or any of the questions are going to appear in your exam. NO ONE CAN GUARANTEE THAT. However, I have got feedback from some of my friends that some of the questions did appear in the exam. Some of the questions appeared in my exam too.*****

***** Each test has 65 questions, is set to last for 105 minutes and the passing score has been set to 65% to mimic the exam. In the real exam, you would have 5 (included in 65 questions) non-scored questions but for sake of simplicity (and non-availability of functionality in Udemy), all questions in these tests are scored as no one knows which are scored and which aren't. By keeping that way these tests are a bit harder and give you confidence that if you can pass these tests, you will most likely pass the exam too. *****

Tests do include the 12 Knowledge Areas Salesforce official exam guide focus on and they are divided among all tests rather than one test to encourage you to complete all tests to better prepare yourself for the exam.

I have also taken into consideration of your ability to find answers from the internet, trailhead and Salesforce Help pages as I have included an explanation about the correct answer in only a handful of questions to encourage you to do trailhead modules, projects, and superbadges, if you don't know the correct answer and want to dig deeper. If you have done trailhead modules, projects, and superbadges, this should be easy.

I shall update this course regularly to stay current with the latest release of Salesforce and also provide no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee.

I am also looking forward to hearing from you about how much these tests have benefited you in preparing for your exam. Please leave your comments and I shall do my best to reply to you at the earliest possible time from me.

Best of Luck.


Tim26 July 2021

Some answers to the questions on the test were incorrect. I looked up to examine why the answer was the answer and it appears that the answer that I gave was marked incorrect when actually it was correct and the test answer was wrong. It could help if the author of this test would provide reasoning or links for ALL the questions. Because now I doubt the credibility of these tests of giving the right answers since one of the answers to the questions was wrong. If I can't trust these tests to be accurate, or be guided to the right answer then it's a waste of time. Googling the question only refers me to exam dumps which I know are frowned upon, it then becomes a googling/wording exercise to try to find what to ask google to explore the concepts behind the questions which can be time consuming. It would save customers a lot of time if they were guided to the areas immediately then having to try to understand what concepts are being asked in the question to even begin the search.

First25 September 2020

At the time of this review SEP 2020, the voucher saved me $100! 3.5 because the author should make the effort to provide explanations and showcase where to find information for incorrect answers; some of the answers which were marked correct have conflicting results; e.g. 'Fields hidden using Field Level Security are subject to Data Validation Rules' test states this is true while others are saying it's false. This test, [https://www.udemy.com/course/salesforce-administrator-practice-tests/learn/] offers explanations but not voucher

Katherine26 August 2020

Needs general explanations of answers. Some of the answers are not correct and the questions are not clear or do not provide sufficient info in the context. I also purchased 4 exams and the last exam did not contain any Salesforce exam questions.

David14 June 2020

Some questions are not clear. The grammar is often poor. Sometimes multiple answers are required but this is not always stated (on the third test). Also the fourth test is missing.


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