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[NEW] Complete Salesforce Administrator Certification Course

Updated August 2021 - Aligns with Latest Salesforce Exam - 60 Question Salesforce Practice Test Included!

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Understand all of the core concepts on the exam in order to pass the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam

Administer Salesforce Like a Pro

Deploy Salesforce Lightning Experience

Roll Out Salesforce Mobile

Use SalesforceA

Use Salesforce Lightning and Classic


*** Updated August 4, 2021 ***



I have added a Salesforce Practice Test to the end of this course. It contains 60 questions, and is timed at 90 minutes. You receive Section Level Feedback, just like in the real test. I provide further details and explanations as to why your answers are either correct or incorrect.

Salesforce is now the 7th most in-demand IT skill on job postings worldwide. Now is a great time to learn Salesforce and change your career to the cloud. 

This course is constantly updated to be current with the latest release of Salesforce.

"I'm at (Salesforce's) Destination Success right now and your course goes more in-depth than the classroom courses here, and for 1% of the cost!" - Ben L.

This Salesforce Certification Course and Instructor were recently featured in InfoWorld! 

The Complete Salesforce Administrator Certification Course is for anyone interested in passing the Administrator Certification exam. This course is designed with the new Salesforce administrator in mind. I cover each section of the Administrator Study Guide in-depth, giving examples in the interface, as well as hands-on experience so you  can apply the concepts you are learning.

This course contains over 10 hours or video instruction. I cover often confused concepts that can trip you up on the Admin Exam, such as the differences between Profiles and Roles, the purpose and use cases for Permission Sets, the different types of Reports and Dashboards, and a lot more.

After 38,000+  Survey ratings for my courses, the students have spoken:

"Are you learning valuable information?" 99.6% answered YES

"Are the explanations of the concepts clear?" 99.8% answered YES

"Is the instructor knowledgeable about the topic?" 99.9% answered YES

If you are interested in becoming a Salesforce Admin, take this course. Here are some recent reviews and feedback this course has received:

"Mike, your course was great! I took the Admin Essentials class by Salesforce in which my company paid over 2000 dollars for in person live training and the training did not come close to anything on the exam. Your course helped me to get properly prepped and covered all the pertinent aspects of the 201 exam in which I passed." ~ Harris L.

"Very well presented, excellent video quality, incredibly easy to follow. Covers more than what is necessary (not a criticism), Creator is a legend, I've contacted him multiple times and had a response within 5 minutes. Could not rate any higher ! Definitely the best choice out of the courses offered for this qualification. Amazing." ~ Paul R.

"I'm amazed that a training program of such great quality is available for such a reasonable price! Mike is a wonderful trainer and the material covered is excellent!" ~ Rick A.

"Mike is awesome and learning so much so far! Mike thanks so much for the really awesome course! I am sure that when I take the admin exam soon that I will pass with flying colors!!" ~ James W.

"This is the best course so far. Thank you for your video." ~ Christian M.

"I have been using SF as a rep, not an admin and while I already had a working knowledge of the product and it's capabilities this is very insightful material and I have learned a lot of new things." ~ Alexis K.


[NEW] Complete Salesforce Administrator Certification Course
[NEW] Complete Salesforce Administrator Certification Course
[NEW] Complete Salesforce Administrator Certification Course
[NEW] Complete Salesforce Administrator Certification Course


Introduction and Getting Started

Introduction and Downloading Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam Guide

Salesforce Classic vs. Lightning - Additional Resources

Organization Setup (Global UI)

Organization Setup (Global UI) Introduction

Signing Up for a FREE Salesforce Account

Signing Up and Switching from Lightning to Classic & Editing Your User Record

Company Profile

Salesforce User Interface Overview

User Setup

User Setup Introduction

User Setup

Creating a New User Account

Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Quiz - Organization & User Setup

Security and Access

Security and Access Introduction

User Management Settings



Data Visibility and How Profiles and Roles Impact Access and Rights

Sharing Model

Creating a Custom Profile by Cloning a Profile

Permission Sets

Helpful Practice Activity - Create an Opportunity

Salesforce Content Folder Management

Groups and Teams

Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Quiz - Security and Access

Standard and Custom Objects

Standard and Custom Objects Introduction

Let's Talk About Objects - Standard and Custom Objects

Standard and Custom Fields

Sales and Marketing Applications

Sales and Marketing Applications Introduction

Sales Process

Path (a.k.a. Sales Path) in Lightning Experience

Products and Pricebooks

Lead Management and Automation

Campaign Management

Campaign Influence on Opportunities and the Campaign ROI Analysis Report

Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Quiz - Sales Cloud Applications

Service and Support Applications

Service and Support Applications Introduction

Creating a Sample Console App - You Will Need This for the Next Lecture

Case Management

Case Management Automation - Macros and Keyboard Shortcuts

Enabling Suggested Solutions

Solution Management


Publishing Your Community

Enabling Salesforce Knowledge and Completing Knowledge Basics Trailhead

Activity Management and Collaboration (Chatter)

Activity Management and Collaboration (Chatter) Introduction

Activity Management

Cloud Scheduler - Phased Retirement from Winter '17 to Winter '18 Releases


Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Quiz - Chatter

Data Management

Data Management Introduction

Data Import Wizard and the Data Loader

Additional Salesforce Data Management Tools

Data Validation Tools

Data Backup in Salesforce

Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Quiz - Data Management

Analytics - Reports and Dashboards

Reports and Dashboards Introduction

Creating and Customizing Reports

Creating Report Folders, Bucket Fields and Exporting Report Details

Sharing Model Impact on Reports

Creating and Modifying Dashboards

Reports and Dashboards Folder Management

Custom Report Types

Workflow / Process Automation

Workflow Automation Introduction

Workflow Rules

Workflow Actions

Approval Processes

Lightning Process Builder

Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Quiz - Workflow Automation

Desktop and Mobile Administration

Desktop and Mobile Administration Introduction

Salesforce Mobile


Helpful Practice Activity - Download and Install the Mobile Salesforce Apps

Lightning for Outlook (aka Lightning Sync)

Lightning Sync


AppExchange Introduction

AppExchange - The App Store for Salesforce

Exam Overview and Webassessor

Administrator Exam Overview

Webassessor Registration and Scheduling an Exam

Taking the Exam – Online vs On-Site

Breaking In: Getting Experience

Grow Where You Are Planted

Volunteer for a Non-Profit

Test Taking Strategies and a 60 Question Practice Test

Test Taking Strategies to Improve Your Odds of Passing the First Time

Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam Guide Sample Question #1

Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam Guide Sample Question #2

Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam Guide Sample Question #3

Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam Guide Sample Question #4

Practice Test

Helpful Salesforce Resources


Online Help and the Salesforce Success Community

Critical Updates

Local Salesforce User Groups, Developer Groups and Meetups

LinkedIn Groups

New and Retired Salesforce Certifications

Final Thoughts and Next Steps

Bonus Lecture: Learn.MikeWheelerMedia.com


Jigesh2 October 2020

The course was of course in detail but some of the topics need more explanation and you can use some new examples and try to be more interesting.

Amarachi2 October 2020

Very helpful. Salesforce is new to me and everything I have watched here has added new knowledge to me!

Ximena2 October 2020

The instructor reads a lot of the directions directly from Salesforce. He also indicates some topics that will be part of the exam, and limits himself by suggesting to study those areas well. I found these remarks unhelpful. In addition, the lack of responsiveness to the many questions posted by the students.

Elzet21 September 2020

Some of my Salesforce capabilities are not the same as the Lecturer for example I do not have content pack available to add.

Anuj11 September 2020

Totally waste material, even the practice exam is too easy here as compare to the actual admin exam. Very disappointed. My advice for whoever want to go for salesforce admin exam is to first cover all the admin modules in trail head and then buy some good online exam material which actually help you in real admin exam. Trust me guys this material is not at all gonna help you in passing the admin exam.

Cassondra26 February 2020

Outstanding. Very, very enlightening, clear and concise. Learning and understanding a whole lot. Excellent

David16 February 2020

Mike Wheeler is an extremely dry instructor that made me want to fall asleep throughout the course. His voice is extremely monotone and that never helps to keep engagement. Content wise, it goes over all the major topics but without emphasis on application for specifically answering exam questions. If you don't know Salesforce, this a good walkthrough of platform features, but doesn't cater to specifically passing the admin exam. For anyone with real world application/experience of Salesforce (myself being an employee), I'd recommend using a combo of Trailhead, official help documentation, and practice exams as the best time-value method of studying for your certification.

Tiffany1 February 2020

The instructor is very detailed and easy to understand, which gives me a good feeling about my ability to do well in this course.

Bayram22 January 2020

I found it the order of the lectures little bit confusing and it could be a little bit explain exactly what each function in a real-world example

Albulena22 January 2020

A very good and detailed course that will take you from knowing nothing about Salesforce to almost Administering Salesforce Like a Pro. Very well presented, incredibly easy to follow. Definitely recommend it!

Brannon22 January 2020

The course is awesome! I highly recommend taking this course to prepare for Salesforce Certified Administrator exam.

Charron17 January 2020

I am just starting this SalesForce Course, and I already like the flow. The Trainer has a great voice and he seems very knowledgeable. Looking forward to my SalesForce Journey:-)

Emma15 January 2020

The switching between Lightening and Classic with no explanation or forewarning was a little frustrating. In addition, it felt like there were some stages which were skipped when following through. However, I have blitzed this course over 2 days ahead of a 2nd interview for Salesforce Administrator, so it could be something I've missed. But with 73% on the practice paper, I'm feeling confident about my interview tomorrow!

Anoop13 January 2020

The course is well structured. Could have also suggested the important trailhead trails which must be completed before taking the certification.

Jeffrey12 January 2020

The quality of the video fluctuates. And when I compared to the Salesforce Trail - Study for the Administrator Certification Exam, I find the content covered is very superficial (touch and go), no depth. I only use this as skeleton guide for what to cover for the exam


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