Salesforce Admin Masterclass: Salesforce Admin For Beginners

Salesforce For Non Technical Workforce - Master Salesforce Admin Skills And Pass Salesforce Admin 201 Exam With Ease

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Salesforce Admin Masterclass: Salesforce Admin For Beginners
14 hours
Oct 2022
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What you will learn

Pass Salesforce Admin 201

Learn Salesforce From A Non-Technical Perspective

Hands-on Salesforce Projects

Step by Step Instructional Guide For Every Video


Become a Salesforce Administrator and Pass the Salesforce Admin 201 Exam in days, not weeks  This course unlocks a new world for you.
Most Fortune companies use Salesforce to manage their operations and now You can have a chance to learn this skill and work for them.

I have designed this course with a special focus on the Non-Technical Audience. These include students who wish to start their career in the most precise and secure way or working professionals who wish to change their career to a more enriching and reliable job role

Exam Topics Covered (As Per Official Exam)

  • Configuration and Setup                           20%

  • Object Manager and Lightning App Builder     20%

  • Sales and Marketing Applications                    12%

  • Service and Support Applications                    11%

  • Productivity and Collaboration                          7%

  • Data and Analytics Management                     14%

  • Workflow/Process Automation                        16%

Worried about hand-holding?

I will be answering all your questions and guiding you throughout your journey. This is not just an online course but a whole new experience.
Do not forget that I have taught university students for more than a decade and I am well versed in teaching methods that even a high school student can learn this.

Passing the exam vs Practical application of knowledge:

The major goal of this course is to pass the Salesforce Admin 201 Exam but not with a compromise in the practical application of the knowledge hence I will be covering both - the important concepts as per the exam and the important concepts as per the interviews and real-life experience. In fact, the reality is, The more practical experience you have, the easier the exam becomes and that is my ultimate strategy for you.

Enroll now and take the next step towards your promising future!



Course Introduction Video
Launching Your Developer Edition Instance
App Launcher
Tabs, Objects, Records and Fields
Creating A Record
Object Manager
Company Information And Users
Profile Audit Trail And Login History

Custom Objects

Creating A Custom Object
Exploring Our Newly Create Custom Object

Custom Files

Creating a custom field
Exploring our newly created custom field

Classic and Lightning experience

Exploring classic salesforce experience
Exploring Lightning salesforce experience

Working with schema builder

Adding objects in schema builder
View object relationship via pictorial representation
Creating and adding new custom objects
Hiding, Viewing and Removing objects

Types Of Relationship In Salesforce

Exploring lookup Relationship
Exploring Master Detail Relationship

Rollup Summary Field

Exploring Rollup Summary Field

Creating Formula Field

Create Formula Field To Render Result

Creating Users In Salesforce

Creating New User
Examine Default Users In Salesforce

Types Of Navigation Apps In Salesforce

Learning About Standard Navigation Apps
Learning About Console Navigation Apps
More About Standard And Console Navigation Apps

Creating Text Related Field

Creating Text Field
Creating Text Area Field
Creating Text Area (Long) Field
Creating Text Area(Rich) Field
Creating Sections In Layout And Placing Text Related Field

Creating Fields using Picklist And Picklist Multi select fields

Creating Fields Using Picklist
Creating Fields using Picklist And Picklist Multi select fields
Placing Picklist And Picklist (Multi-select) Fields In Page Layout

Creating Global Value Sets For Picklist and Picklist (multi-select)

Creating Global Value Set
Creating Picklist Field Via Global Value Set
Creating Picklist (Multi-Select)Field Via Global Value Set

Configuring Different Layouts In salesforce

Configuring Page Layout
Configure Compact Layout

Exploring Different Types Of Tracking In Salesforce

Learning About Feed Tracking
Learning About Feed History Tracking

List View In Salesforce

Creating Custom List View
Configuring And Sorting Fields In List View
Applying Filters In List View
Display Records In Tables, Kanban And List-View

Applying Validation Rules In Salesforce

Creating Validation Rule For Top Of The Page
Creating Validation Rule For Specific Field

Learning About Record Types In Salesforce

Creating Different Page Layouts
Creating Different Record Types

Email Templates And Email Alerts In Salesforce

Creating Email Template
Using Email Templates To Send Email
Using Email Alert To Send Email Automatically

Managing Activities In Salesforce

Creating Task Record
Manage Calls And Creating Events
Send Emails Through Activities
Creating Custom Object

Types Of Actions In Salesforce

Creating Global Action
Creating Object Specific Action

View Setup Audit Trails In Salesforce

Manage View Setup Audit Trail

Data Import Wizard

Learning About Importing Data

Creating Duplicate And Matching Rules In Salesforce

Creating Duplicate Rule
Creating Matching Rule

Introduction To Data Security

Introduction To Data Security

Types of Data Security

Organization Level Security
Object Level Permissions
Field Level Permissions
Record Level Security - OWD

Exploring Profile and Permission Sets

Ristrict Object & Field Label Permissions
Adding Permission to Users via Permission Set

Record Sharing with Different Ways

Share Records using Role Hierarchy
Share Records using Sharing Rules
Share Records Using Manual Way

Learning About Workflow Rule in Salesforce

Introduction to Workflow Rule
Implementing Email Alerts by Workflow Rules
Updating Fields via Workflow Rule
Assign Task to User via WorkFlow Rule
Multiple Action in Workflow Rule
Implement Time Triggered Actions in Workflow Rule
Verifying if mail is sent or not in workflow action
Re-evaluate Workflow Rules

Working on Reports in Salesforce

Introduction to Report
Creating Tabular Report
Creating Custom Report Type
Creating Summary Report
Create a Matrix Report
Prepare Charts in Report
Bucket Field in report
Purpose of the bucket field in report
Create Report for Duplicate Record
Export a Report Data

Working on Dashboard in Salesforce

Introduction to Dashboard
Creating Dashboard
Place Report and Dashboard on Lightning Page
Share Report on dashboard with Users

Learning About Lightning App Builder

Lightning App Builder - App Page
Lightning App Builder - Home Page
Lightning App Builder - Record Page

Examine App Exchange in Salesforce

AppExchange - Basics, Download & Install Apps

Exploring Process Builder in Salesforce

Introduction to Process Builder
Send email through Process builder
Create a Record through Process Builder

Exploring Flow Builder in Salesforce

Introduction to Flow Builder
Implementing Screen flow
Recording Triggered Flow

Exploring More About Salesforce

Account and Contacts in Lightning Experience
Understanding Lead Conversation Process in Salesforce
Basics Campaign in Salesforce
Standard vs Console Navigation in Sales App
Service Cloud for Lightning Experience


September 27, 2022
Not up to my expectations: First; the teacher's accent greatly limits my acceptance, and some keywords are misleading for me; Second; there is no connection with the exam during the course of the lecture. The teacher should connect the knowledge points with the exam to facilitate our key memory; Third; the content is confusing, and several chapters are repeated (such as 91 and 92); Fourth: Some video images are not clear, which affects my viewing; Fifth; in general, this course is not for beginners, the pace is a bit fast, and it is assumed that you have already seen the basics on the trail mix, so some of the course content is not explained.
September 19, 2022
It was simple to understand the difference btw Page and Contact layouts how to add or removed, move fields.
July 25, 2022
Goes very fast, I'm to follow along and do the activities on a second screen, but the pace makes it difficult
June 25, 2022
It is a perfect fit for me. Just loved the course. Never knew salesforce was so easy. Got to learn so many new things. I am just half way and writing this comment. Eagerly waiting to complete it and learning more and more. Thank you sir for this wonderful course.
June 25, 2022
Great course to get introductory knowledge related to Salesforce Admin. Please add more topics related to Salesforce Admin
June 22, 2022
No detailed explanation, what it is and where is for what are pre requisites and constraints. This course gives one thing: setup->search with name->give details ->save that's it
May 30, 2022
Its simply amazing course for the beginners and sanjay sir , you have explained it from very basis . so i would one of the best for beginners .
May 24, 2022
Training examples are very random , its assumed that people knows how salesforce works . new person who has first interaction with sales force will get confused
May 11, 2022
I liked this course very much, I practiced everything side by side with each lecture which was more helpful in getting a quick understanding and experience!
May 6, 2022
even though it is recorded and you can rewind the Video, i still find the explanation is a bit too fast. Some overview chart at the beginning of Video would be great as well.
April 26, 2022
I like to work alongside the teacher in my own Salesforce Org and am able to do so with this class since it's a recorded video. I would have liked more videos in between subjects for practice and quizzes/review. All in all, it's a good class at a good price.
April 23, 2022
El profesor explica en detalle cada una de las partes de Salesforce con ejemplos claros. Recomendado!
April 21, 2022
Its a great session, short and crisp with all important points. It will be helpful if we get videos on other salesforce concepts as well.
March 23, 2022
This is the best ever Salesforce Admin course. Thank you for these series of amazing small lectures. Loved them a lot.
March 22, 2022
Good for Admin beginners who are new to it, if have little knowledge or experience, you will get things perfectly.


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