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Sales Cloud Consultant Certification: Rapid Exam Prep

Prepare for the Salesforce Sales Cloud exam using video practice exam questions

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Oct 2019

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What you will learn

Anticipate the likely topics on the Sales Cloud Consultant Exam

Identify weak areas to focus extra study time

Ultimately, score a passing grade on the Sales Cloud Certification Exam!


This course will help you to pass the Sales Cloud Consultant Salesforce Certification exam. Prepare to be challenged by 60 sample test questions with video explanations of the correct and incorrect answers. These questions are designed to cover the various areas of key content, so that you can take the real exam with increased confidence.

Take this course if:

  1. You are preparing for the Salesforce Sales Cloud Certification Exam

  2. You want to save study time and only focus on areas where you need help

  3. You want to prep with an instructor who wrote and edited questions on actual Salesforce exams

  4. You want to augment your practice with some video explanations


  • Salesforce Administrator Certification - Required to get the certification and to understand this course

  • Understanding of Salesforce terminology - If you don't know what a workflow rule is, you are not ready for this course.

  • Some experience configuring Sales Cloud functionality and familiarity with features

Course Format:

This course is organized to match the Salesforce-published exam study guide. We walk through sample questions grouped by each of the topic areas in the study guide:

  1. Industry Knowledge

  2. Implementation Strategies

  3. Sales Cloud Solution Design

  4. Marketing and Leads

  5. Account and Contact Management

  6. Opportunity Management

  7. Sales Productivity

  8. Communities and Site Management

  9. Sales Cloud Analytics

  10. Integration and Data Management

Salesforce release new functionality three times per year, so I always recommend augmenting your study preparation by reading the release notes from recent Salesforce releases with particular emphasis on the Sales Cloud functionality.


Sales Cloud Consultant Certification: Rapid Exam Prep
Sales Cloud Consultant Certification: Rapid Exam Prep
Sales Cloud Consultant Certification: Rapid Exam Prep
Sales Cloud Consultant Certification: Rapid Exam Prep




Before you start: Exam Study Guide

Optional Activity for Sales Cloud Beginners

Industry Knowledge (5% of Exam Questions)

Industry Knowledge - Sales Methodologies (Q1)

Industry Knowledge - Choosing CRM Software (Q2)

Industry Knowledge - Standard Sales Process (Q3)

Quiz - Industry Knowledge

Implementation Strategies (6% of Exam Questions)

Pre-test: Implementation Strategy

Implementation Strategy - Project Planning (Q4)

Implementation Strategy - Measuring User Adoption (Q5)

Implementation Strategy - Driving User Adoption (Q6)

Implementation Strategy - End User Training Approach (Q7)

Quiz - Implementation Strategy

Sales Cloud Solution Design (25% of Exam Questions)

Pre-test: Sales Cloud Solution Design

Sales Cloud Solution Design - Lead Conversion Considerations (q8)

Sales Cloud Solution Design - Record Types (q9)

Sales Cloud Solution Design - Automate Record Creation (q10)

Sales Cloud Solution Design - Converting Multiple Account Types (q11)

Sales Cloud Solution Design - Quote Sync (q12)

Quiz - Sales Cloud Solution Design - Part 1

Sales Cloud Solution Design - Lightning Experience Lead Conversion (q13)

Sales Cloud Solution Design - Control Tab Access (q14)

Sales Cloud Solution Design - Paths and Salesforce1 (q15)

Sales Cloud Solution Design - Automating Record Updates (q16)

Sales Cloud Solution Design - Working Across Departments (q17)

Quiz - Sales Cloud Solution Design - Part 2

Sales Cloud Solution Design - Orders and Contracts (q18)

Sales Cloud Solution Design - Territory Models (q19)

Sales Cloud Solution Design - Territory Management Components (q20)

Sales Cloud Solution Design - Mobile Feature Comparison (q21)

Sales Cloud Solution Design - Approval Processes via Salesforce1 (q22)

Quiz - Sales Cloud Solution Design - Part 3

Marketing and Leads (7% of Exam Questions)

Pre-test: Marketing and Leads

Marketing and Leads - Campaign Management (Q23)

Marketing and Leads - Routing Automation (Q24)

Marketing and Leads - Lead Quality Reporting (Q25)

Marketing and Leads - Improving Lead Data Quality (Q26)

Quiz - Marketing and Leads

Account and Contact Management (12% of Exam Questions)

Pre-test: Account and Contact Management

Account and Contact Management - Social Profiles (q27)

Account and Contact Management - Account Hierarchy (q28)

Account and Contact Management - Person Accounts (q29)

Quiz - Account and Contact Management - Part 1

Account and Contact Management - Account Sharing and Hierarchy (q30)

Account and Contact Management - Data dotcom Clean (q31)

Account and Contact Management - Account and Contact Visibility (q32)

Account and Contact Management - Relationship Fields (q33)

Quiz - Account and Contact Management - Part 2

Opportunity Management (15% of Exam Questions)

Pre-test: Opportunity Management

Opportunity Management - Approval Process for a Discount (Q34)

Opportunity Management - Sales Processes (Q35)

Opportunity Management - Controlling Field Changes (Q36)

Opportunity Management - Product Schedules (Q37)

Quiz - Opportunity Management - Part 1

Opportunity Management - Subscription Revenue Forecast (Q38)

Opportunity Management - Restrict Products based on Training (q39)

Opportunity Management - Forecast Categories (Q40)

Opportunity Management - Forecast Comparison (Q41)

Opportunity Management - Currency Management (Q42)

Quiz - Opportunity Management - Part 2

Sales Productivity (12% of Exam Questions)

Pre-test: Sales Productivity

Sales Productivity - Group Collaboration (Q43)

Sales Productivity - Outlook Classic Connector (Q44)

Sales Productivity - Salesforce1 Mobile App (Q45)

Sales Productivity - Offline Mobile Capabilities (Q46)

Sales Productivity - Collaboration with Customers (Q47)

Quiz - Sales Productivity

Sales Productivity - Content Management (Q48)

Sales Productivity - Work.com Add-on (Q49)

Communities and Site Management (5% of Exam Questions)

Pre-test: Communities and Site Management

Communities and Site Management - Solution Design (Q50)

Communities and Site Management - Community Management Package (Q51)

Communities and Site Management - Comparing License Types (Q52)

Quiz - Bonus Quiz!

Sales Cloud Analytics (5% of Exam Questions)

Pre-test: Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics - Month over Month Reporting (Q53)

Sales Analytics - Working with multiple currencies (Q54)

Sales Analytics - Reporting Multiple Currencies (Q55)

Quiz - Sales Cloud Analytics

Integration and Data Management (8% of Exam Questions)

Pre-test: Integration and Data Management

Integration and Data Management - External Data Identifiers (Q56)

Integration and Data Management - Customization Alternatives (Q57)

Integration and Data Management - Data Import Options (Q58)

Integration and Data Management - Large Data Loads (Q59)

Integration and Data Management - Data Cleansing (Q60)

Quiz - Integration and Data Management


You made it to the end!


BONUS: Free 60 Question Practice Exam


Laura1 October 2020

I would like the questions to be 100% up to date. For example, the functionality of Work.com has been renamed to WDC 5 months ago

Kate28 August 2020

Great for quick exam prep! Wouldn't recommend this to a beginner, but it's great for consultants with some consulting experience or for advanced admins.

Emily6 August 2020

The content and explainations are good. Most of the slides are too blurry to read, which is a big problem if you need to analyze the questions more than you're able to by listening to the narrator.

Andrew9 July 2020

Very thorough with answers and even the incorrect answer explanation. Hopefully the part about being tougher than the exam is true... :)

Priya31 May 2020

This was not at all useful. I have gone through all the material and study other Salesforce stuff. But nothing like this came in the exam. Disappointed.

L15 February 2020

I have done multiple Sales Cloud implementations. Was looking for a quick way to brush up my concepts on certain areas that I am not very familiar with before giving my Consultant exam. This course helped me do that.

Liam11 September 2019

I need to complete the sales cloud exam for work and I only achieved 50% in the exam hoping udemy will bring up my score

Bill23 August 2019

Covers most of the questions in the exam. The explainion of the wrong answers were the most helpful. I passed after matering this course materail with some support form the resources included. Money well spend.

Maneesh24 July 2019

Excellent delivery and concept clarity by instructor. You can actuall gauge from his delivery that he carries enormous experiencewith clients even though he doesn't mention it. Great but little outdated.

Dan22 June 2019

I like the format with the questions and then the detailed explanation of why answers are correct and incorrect.

Ajay13 June 2019

The explanation on each question was Awesome. I would get back for updated review on topics of course once i complete my exam which in 3 days. Also, my certificate was not generated once i completed my course here

Anne20 May 2019

This was a very helpful course, thank you! Completed this on the day before my exam was scheduled and it actually gave me confidence that I could do it. And I did pass. The questions are really very similar to what I saw on the exam.

Robert21 March 2019

These questions look similar to exam questions I had experienced before. The detailed explanations on why the answers were right and more importantly why they were wrong is key. I thoroughly enjoyed the instruction by Bobby

Larry27 February 2019

Sometimes the answers I selected are not the ones that are checked with the quiz is graded. Other than a few glitches here and there, the instruction is very good. I like having the reasons for correct and incorrect answers summarized at the end.

Jennifer12 February 2019

I've been through all the other material I can find for this exam, including Trailhead and other Udemy courses. Now it's time to focus my attention on taking the exam. This course does exactly that. While the material is not necessarily riveting, the course does move at a good pace.


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