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Sage Business Cloud Accounting 2020

Learn to use bank feeds with a free trial version of Sage Business Cloud Accounting from a practicing Certified Public A

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Sage Business Cloud Accounting 2020



5.5 hours


Feb 2020

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What you will learn

How to set up bank feeds for both bank accounts and credit card accounts

How to set up Sage Business Cloud Accounting software

How to add transactions and assign proper general ledger accounts to them

How to do bank reconciliations

Understand the difference between a bank reconciliation when using a cash basis and accrual basis

Record transactions from two accounts that use bank feeds like a credit card account and a bank account


Sage currently offers a free trial version of the software.

This is an excellent tool to learn an excellent accounting software.

In this course, we will learn how to use Sage Business Cloud Accounting software.

This course will focus on using bank feeds. Bank feeds allow us to receive data directly from the bank and use that data to create financial statements including the balance sheet and income statement.

We will walk through the setup process for a practice company.

The course will discuss how bank feeds work and how they fit into an accounting process.

Transaction data will be provided for learners to upload to Sage, allowing us to work through practice transactions in a step by step process.

We will analyze how transactions go from the bank, to Sage accounting software, to being added to the financial statements.



10 Sage Business Cloud Accounting Free Trial

Data Files to Download

315 How Do Bank Feeds Fit Into My Accounting System

Getting Set Up

320 Project Outline

Month One - Set up Bank Feeds

Data Files to Download

325 Set Up Bank Feeds

360 Download Transactions From Bank

365 Import Bank Data

Month One - Add Transactions from Bank Feeds

Data Files to Download

370 Add Expense transactions

375 Add Capital Expenditures

380 Add Inventory Purchase

385 Add Amount Paid for Investment

390 Add Owner Withdraws

395 1 Add Bank Charge

395 2 Customer Deposit

400 Sales Tax Calculation

405 1 Deposit Owner

405 2 Deposit Loan

Month One – Bank Reconciliation

406 Bank Beginning Balance

407 Bank Reconciliation

Month Two – Upload Bank Transactions

415 1 Upload Bank Transactions

Month Two – Add Transactions from Bank Feeds

415 2 Add Expenses

420 Add Insurance

425 Add Payroll Checks

430 1 Add Inventory

430 2 Add Loan Payment

435 Add Draw

440 1 Receive Payments On Invoice

440 2 One Deposit Two Invoices

445 Sales Receipt & Bank Feeds

Month Two – Bank Reconciliation

450 Bank Reconciliation

Credit Card Bank Feeds

460 Credit Card Bank Feeds Upload

465 1 Add Credit Card Bank Feed Data

470 1 Reconcile Credit Card


Charity9 September 2020

Just what I need to learn about for a new job role. Clearly explained with a hint of humour and the relaxing videos at the end of each segment. Very glad I bought this course! Only drawback for me is that is based on an American model not British so there is no accounting for VAT etc.

John5 August 2020

I am completely new to Sage and a beginner with respect to accounting. I have found this course to be very clear. The tutor uses repetition very well to drive home commonly used functions. I had the option to speed up or slow down the playback depending on how conversant I had become with certain sections.


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