Sacral Chakra HeaIing : An Initiation into Fun and Pleasure

Heal your Emotional Soul, Reconnect to your Passions, and Experience Sexual Empowerment

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Mar 2022
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What you will learn

Regain happiness by identifying the root traumas that caused you to emotionally armor yourself to the world

Understand how to come into deeper relationship with your desires as a force for abundance and success

Discover the power of each one of your emotions - and the specific purpose it plays in your personal evolution

Know exactly what questions to ask strangers to start the most fun and intimate conversations of your life - that will lead to amazing experiences

Learn the social skills to network with authenticity from our guest instructor Andria Schultz - a Hollywood maven who is taking over the industry

Transcend the old social anxieties that make you shy at parties and social events

Make you confident, playful, and free from fears of judgement from both your own inner voices and the opinions of others

Liberate your creative genius through sexual cultivation practices


We all begin life as children wanting to play, explore, and connect.

Then what happens to us as adults?

Trauma, an emotionally repressed culture that focuses us on 'doing', and our own internal doubts and shame begins to block our freedom of expression and feeling.

For many, this leads to a profound loss of life force energy and happiness during adulthood....

Are you ready for a profound journey of healing...that's actually fun?

In this course, you will do the deep work you need to become fluent in the language of your feelings.

  • Shed old shame you picked up when you may have been a young child and clear out your closet

  • Make friends with your most "difficult" emotions as a wave to ride rather than something you need to repress or stifle

  • Learn to create a possibility for an entirely new emotional experience of life itself...and watch your emotional state shift

Then you will receive the social skills you need to stop being a hermit and to start becoming the life of the party - even if its just a dinner party with a few friends.

  • Learn how to surrender control as the key to having others fall in love with your personality

  • Discover the right questions to ask in different social situations to build intimacy, laughter, and trust with anyone

  • Learn to stop being transactional in your communications and start creating play inside of your communication

Then we will cover what many call "The secret of secrets." Cultivating and using your sexual energy as a hidden driver of success. Using it to magnetize your desires, success, and greater enjoyment of this gift of life.

  • Learn the truth about sexual energy and how to cultivate it (it's different for men and women.)

  • Discover how dance can be used to heal your Sacral Chakra and how to integrate it into this initiation

  • Implement the awkward but liberating social challenges that will shed any remaining fear of socializing you still carry


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An Introduction

Your Welcome Blessing for Your Sacral Awakening
4 Years and Two Hairstyles?
A Personal Note For the Course: Ready For Some Fun?!
Structure Of The Course
Action Guide
My Story: A Journey To Joy
How Society Squelches the Sacral Chakra

Inner Emotional Release

Get Comfy
How To Refuel Happiness - The Kidney Yin Channel
The Roots Must Be Strong
Smart Desire
Why Slowing Down Is Key
Introduction To Venusian Consciousness
Mastering Emotions 101
Your Sacred Desires Board
How To Create Your Sacred Desires Board
Exercise:The Pleasure Ritual
Meditation: Shame Clearing
Wisdom From The Bathtub
Creating An Emotional Possibility
Exercise: Wardrobe Upgrade
The Siddhi Of The Sacral Chakra
Meditation: Receiving & Abundance

Confidence, Charisma, and Social Expansion

Action Guide
Introduction & Self-Amusement
Give Up Control
Exercise: One Stranger Per Day
Outcome Independence
Body Language And Eye Contact
You Initiate
If You Feel Nervous
Ask Better Questions
Fun as your Birthright
Eliminating Comparisons
Exercise: New Best Friend
Appearance While Out On The Town
No Transactional Texting
Caring For Your Vibration
Exercise: Throw A Party

Networking With Andria Schultz

Powerful Networking
Networking - Meet Your New Mentor
Networking - Inner Emotional Mastery
Networking - Treat Everyone As An Equal
Networking - Success At Events
Networking - How To Be Memorable
Networking - Getting Access

Sexual Liberation, Sexual Cultivation

Action Guide
Exercise : The Dance
Social Challenge : Liberation Day
Exercise: Social Liberation Challenge
Sexual Energy 101
Sexual Cultivation For Men
Sexual Cultivation For Women
Sexual Magic Essentials
Explorations Of Tantra / BDSM




July 13, 2022
I am blown away with the content and the way he explains about the Sacral Chakra. The sessions are fun and it's a wonderful experience while I go through each lesson. Much love to the instructor. Such a fun loving and hilarious instructor. Cheers man!
May 2, 2022
Excellent course! Highly engaging, insightful, and beneficial content and exercises. I will definitely continue applying what I've learned to continue experiencing the benefits of this course.
April 19, 2022
Der Kurs war sehr intensiv und nützlich sowohl für mich privat als auch beimeiner Arbeit in meiner ganzheitlichen Praxis.
April 14, 2022
James is a fabulous teacher!! Fun and light hearted. Powerful transmissions without taking himself too seriously. Quality, quality content.



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