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Root Chakra Initiation - Win at Life

Stop Giving Away Your Power, Start Putting Yourself First, and Achieve Glorious Victory in 4 Weeks

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Apr 2020

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What you will learn

How to be disciplined and motivated in the pursuit of any goal - long after the initial high has worn off.

Set clear boundaries for yourself and screen out unhealthy people in a polite yet firm way.

Prioritize yourself first WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY ABOUT IT.

Understand the specific physical exercises that correlate to the activation of their Root Chakra.

How to overcome laziness, lethargy, and depression through specific affirmations, morning ritual practices, and daily disciplines.


I am inviting you to access the power you have lost - and to cultivate a new inner strength over 4 weeks with me. Answer this:

  • Do you feel like you are giving too much to others...
  • Are you constantly saying YES to things and later regretting it...
  • Are you disappointed by your inability to stay disciplined and hit your goals...
  • Do you feel constantly worried about money...

If you answered "YES", This is a sign you are in need of a Root Chakra Initiation - that primal chakra which empowers you to thrive.

This course is the masterpiece of 5 years of research and application into how humans can tap into their inner child's power and potency, and overcome laziness, lethargy, and fear. 

Now you can take the Root Chakra Initiation - and stop being pushed around by life. This course will give you:

  • Step by Step Action Guides to put you in command of your body, productivity, and finances
  • The deep insights into overcoming 'victim mindsets' that hold us back at subconscious levels
  • Simple Ways you can instantly start improving your performance in any area of life
  • The knowledge and support to cut out negative influences from your life - and NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT
  • 3 Hours of HD Content Designed to make you the most powerful version of yourself in 4 Weeks


Root Chakra Initiation - Win at Life
Root Chakra Initiation - Win at Life
Root Chakra Initiation - Win at Life
Root Chakra Initiation - Win at Life


Begin your Transformation

Structure of the Course

Root Chakra Overview

Why your Root is F@($&%D!

My Story of Transformation

Where Do You Stand?

Week I : Fire the Engines

Principle I : Action is Everything

Principle II : You Deserve to Thrive

Principle III : Discomfort Guards the Door

Principle IV : No Victims

Key Concept : In Your Head = Dead

Key Concept : Responsible for Results

The Number One Practice to Improve ANYTHING

Shifting Beliefs around Money

Your Tracking Assignment

Discipline Tracking Sheet

Daily Discipline I : CS Practice

Your Root Chakra Workout System

Action Guide Week I

Fuel for Your Journey I

Fuel for the Journey : The Hero In You

Week II : Trim the Fat

Week II Introduction

Principle V : Ask for What You Need

Principle VI : Be Kind Not Nice

Key Concept : Sacred Rage

Key Concept : Boundaries 101

Defining Your Core Priorities

Time Tracking Exercise (Important!)

Optional Challenge : Martial Art

Seal the Leaks

Tolerate Exercise

Daily Discipline 2 : HS

Action Guide Week II

Fuel for Your Journey II

Fuel for the Journey : Dream

Week III : The Long Game

Time Tracking Debrief

Principle 7 : Do What You Are Able (And Let That Be Enough)

Principle 8 : Go Slow to Go Far

The Key To Mastering your Subconscious - Drip Feeding Pleasure

Key Concept : Building Momentum

Daily Discipline 3 - Master Your Space

Action Guide Week III

Fuel for Your Journey III

Fuel for the Journey : Unstoppable

Week IV : Glorious Victory

Week 4 Introduction

Principle 9 : Celebrate Wins

Principle 10 : Life or Death

Key Concept : Sum of 5

Reap the Fruit of Your Labor

Daily Discipline Week 4 : Night Prep

Action Guide Week IV

Fuel for Your Journey IV

Fuel for the Journey : Impossible is Nothing

Course Conclusion : Fear into Freedom

Access to Secret Discount Page

Course Conclusion


John21 June 2021

Brilliant teacher. Conveys complex ideas into simple understanding. Serious minded, but has a good sense of humor.

Roxan13 September 2020

I'm in my late 50's and feel so far away from my dream of establishing a ecovillage intentional community. I feel like it's taken too long already to accept my gifts and talents. "Always in my head" has done little for my body. Needed to learn and implement ways to open the Root Chakra and be empowered physically. I'm excited to make legit effort. It's not going to be easy but I'm encouraged.

Renee3 May 2020

I need direction, and know that my root chakra is very week, maybe stopped/closed. I feel that this class is progressively taking me to knowing what to do to strengthen my root chakra

Elisabeth10 April 2020

Among the best courses on Udemy I came across so far! What an amazing transformation! Thank you so much! This truly marks a turning point in my life, because... honestly... the base chakra was a trouble spot all my life and now I can finally set it free!

Ramneet7 November 2019

This course was much better than my expectations. The teacher (James/ Alex) was clear and kept the material interesting and easy to use. I found the format quite motivating- it is articulated well and divided into tasks over 4 weeks and includes a lot of motivational material to keep you going.

Elena13 July 2019

Motivational, inspiring and grounded to the everyday life! Fun and awsome!!! Even if your root chakra is activated with this course you will learn and realise more, only for your benefit, in order to expand your possibilities and yourself!

Marco17 May 2019

Some parts of the course may be best suited for young adults (say college graduates) because once you have accepted responsibilities in life "closing the soup kitchen" is not always entirely possible. In addition the exercises are a challenge and a half for the middle aged. Still, the overall message of discipline, guts and hard work is true and will get you far. I recently managed to make some positive changes in my life and I hold this course at least partially responsible for it for shoving reality into my face until I could no longer claim ignorance.

Simone3 April 2019

I Love Alex! He certainly speaks from a place of experience and authenticity and this is his third course that I am doing and he never ceases to impress with his knowledge and practical application to the subject.

Zsuzsanna1 February 2019

I am looking for changing my daily habits to regain my energy and power, that is why I am taking this course. I hope it is going to give me a structure for the transformation.

Hilan29 January 2019

Not really spritual ways for initiation of the root Chakra. But a couple of very useful Granni-Advices and also very useful and working physical trainings which are not suitable for all age groups.

Suryanarayana27 January 2019

The time tracking idea is good. And as I am going through the videos, I realized that my root chakra is already activated and am already doing what the presenter states. However I am also getting some more ideas for improvement like active time tracking which is very good. Thank you.

Sarah10 January 2019

Hi Alex, This is the second course I have taken from you on Udemy. I enjoyed the content of the course, and all the daily disciplines. I took this course to add on to the knowledge of the chakras for self healing purposes. I had a big spiritual awakening after some health issues. I started meditating with Joe Dispenza's work and through his meditation practice I had kundalini awakening. However, I was not grounded what so ever. Therefore, I decided to learn more about the root chakra. I have been engaging in a program based on nueroplasiticty called DNRS (dynamic neural retraining system). I added this course just to learn some beneficial habits to have in the long run. However, I have had a significant shift in my health ( along with DNRS/ meditation) since starting this course. I was changing my energy, but this course helped me follow through with action. While I was not able to do anything remotely close to the leg workouts that you set up. I still have been implementing exercise and adding a lot stretching. Also, I have been getting up early and follow through with daily goals. Getting up early was a major challenge for me, but now most days I am up at 6am and in bed by 10pm. I have noticed that when I wake up early I am more optimistic and I stop over analyzing everything. I have a lot of healing to do physically, but just in four weeks my independence and strength have drastically improved. I will retake this course in a few months. I have to work hard to maintain the root charka, and I am looking forward to having this resource. Blessings, Sarah

Claire6 January 2019

This course is not only very helpful but fun. I'm really beginning to understand the Chakra system better through Alex's classes.

Ewa3 December 2018

Bardzo jasny, klarowny, ciekawy przekaz, zarówno teoria jak i konkretne ćwiczenia i materiały. Pan potrafi zmobilizować.

Lisa26 November 2018

yes it is a great match for me, several years ago I had a bout with depression from the death of my father and it snowballed. Now I am working on my self and want to start my business, and this is helping me stay positive etc.


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