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Robot Framework : Code management(GIT) + Jenkins Integration

Git and GitHub introduction, Jenkins Setup on windows machine, Allure reporting

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Robot Framework : Code management(GIT) + Jenkins Integration


2 hours


Jan 2021

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What you will learn

Detailed understanding of code management & jenkins integration

Ready to work on Git using Gitbash & Integration with Jenkins


Git is the most widely used modern version control system in the world today, which allows multiple persons to safely work on the same project without hampering other team members. As a part of a team using Git, You and your team members will clone working copy of a local repository from Git server. You/team will add and commit the test scripts that are developed locally and push your changes to the Git.

This course gives coverage

1.  Execute Selenium test cases using Robot.

2.  Share code using Source Management tool GIT

3.  Integration Selenium with Jenkins using GIT.

4.  Execute automation framework using Jenkins

5.  Integrate Allure Reporting options


Course Introduction


Step 1 : Setup GIT and understand its functionality

Introduction to Git & GitHub

Setup Git and GitHub

Configure GIT with Username and Email

Create Local Repository

Commit File to Local Repository

Undo Files from Stage to Untrack

Check and Discard Changes

Push Code to Remote Repository

Clone Repository

Create Batch File & Share Code

Check Projects

Create Batch File for Libraries

Push Code to Remote Repository

Setup Jenkins

Step 1 : Setup Java

Step 2 : Download Jenkins War & Setup Plugins

Step 3 : Configure Paths on Jenkins

Step 4 : Setup Allure Reporting Options

Create Job on Jenkins

Job to fetch code from Github

Set Environment variable and run batch file

Execute Jenkins job with Pytest

Generate Allure Report

Generate Allure Report and Upload on Jenkins

Update & Generate Allure Report

Robot - API Testing - Jenkins Integration

Create job for API Testing


Deepak12 January 2021

More info was expecting on GIT. Like we get GIT with Eclipse so how we can create GIT for the code we write there.

Ivan24 August 2020

Content is presented too slow and sluggish. The presenter is not particularly pleasant to follow and also the presentation is not very professional.

Gaorutwe2 August 2020

Good content and a very informative course overall. Good E2E video from git to GitHub, from GitHub to Jenkins and reporting.

Ronald18 May 2020

The first part (GIT/GITHub) was OK, the second part (Jenkins) was harder to follow, especially on why certain settings were used.

Srinivas9 May 2020

It is a great course, explains step by step. For a beginner like me, I could able to understand and perform every step. Thank you very much!!!! Note: Few Steps like Allure Command Line download part is deprecated, It needs to be updated to below: Install Allure Command Line Tool https://docs.qameta.io/allure/ https://repo.maven.apache.org/maven2/io/qameta/allure/allure-commandline/ Download the latest zip file: https://repo.maven.apache.org/maven2/io/qameta/allure/allure-commandline/2.13.3/

Djung15 March 2020

The course provides just enough information to ktnow what git, jenkins and robot framework and the integration between these tools. As a participant I will needs hands-on experiences to really understand these concepts. Also documentation is very welcome. Since I want to repeat what I just saw. For this particular course, I can easily setup my own local environment to learn

Chandransh11 December 2019

The course was short and crisp just what i needed. Had some doubts integrating allure reports..Maybe 1 or 2 sessions for using jenkins to mail that allure can be provided.

Clovis7 December 2019

this course is highly informative. It set a solid founndation to grasps great information on which you can build substantial knowledge. Thanks

Tzahi3 July 2019

The course is good, very informative. I think that for improvement, it should start from the beginning (e.g. simple project on Rider or whatever) and adding each file and task. at the project has already Allure. While there is a small accent issue, the instructor is very professional and exciting to deliver his knowledge. I will keep following him. Thanks

Iván23 May 2019

Explicaciones puntuales y bien enfocadas, la dicción podría mejorar para hacer más claro el contenido.

Mantis13 February 2019

The instructor seems super excited at times, if you turn your speakers up too much it could feel like being shouted at :). Nevertheless, for absolute beginners git+jenkins and installation of plugins. Not bad, not very detailed either.


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