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Rest API Testing using Robot Framework - Request Library

Basic to advance understanding of API Testing | Robot Framework | Requests Module

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Rest API Testing using Robot Framework - Request Library


5 hours


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Basic to advance understanding of API Testing

End to End Environment Setup for API Testing using Robot Keywords

Most usable keywords which we can use while doing API Testing in Robot Framework


Robot Framework is a generic test automation framework for acceptance testing and acceptance test-driven development (ATDD). It has easy-to-use tabular test data syntax and it utilises the keyword-driven testing approach.

Its testing capabilities can be extended by test libraries implemented either with Python or Java, and users can create new higher-level keywords from existing ones using the same syntax that is used for creating test cases.

We are going to cover,

1.  Basic environment setup

2.  API Testing Basics

3.  Rest API and different methods


5.  Run with Dynamic Data

6.  Json and Json Path

7.  API Testing Fundamentals


Introduction to Robot Framework

Introduction to Robot Framework

Advantage of Robot Framework

Test Libraries

Installation Roadmap

Installation Roadmap

Installation Step 1: Setup Python

Installation Step 2: Setup PyCharm

Installation Step 3: Setup Intellibot Plugin

Installation Step 4: Configure PIP

Installation Step 5: Setup Library using PIP

Installation Step 6: Install JSON Library

Basic understanding of API Testing(Skip if you know WebService/API Basics)

What is WebService

WebService Example

Advantage of WebService over WebBased Application

Difference between API and WebService

Different type of Services : Soap and Rest

Difference between Soap and Rest Services

Rest API Methods

Basic Structure of Robot Framework

Different Files in Robot Framework

Sections in Robot file

Rules to be Followed in Robot TestCases

Variables & Use Of Variables

Define and Use Variables

Start Writing Test Cases

Write First Test Case - Get Request

Get Request & Validate Status Code

Basics of Json and JsonPath

Goal of this sections

Basic Json Understanding

Json Path Basics

Json Path Advance

Rest API Testing

Validate content using JSON Path

GET Request with Parameters

Delete Data | Delete Request

Add new Data | Post Request

Update Data | Put Request

End to End Testing with Request Chaining- GET | POST | PUT | DELETE

End to End Scenario - Part 1

End to End Scenario - Part 2

User Defined Keywords

Write Keywords in TestCase File- Using Existing Keywords

Write Keywords in Resource File- With Argument

Write Keywords in Resource File- With Argument and Return Value

Write Keywords in Resource File- Using Python Programming

Robot Framework Advance Concepts

Reports in Robot Framework

Work with TestSuites

Documentation and Timeout

Setup and TearDown

Control Execution through Tags


FALL24 May 2021

Ce cours correspond bien à mes attentes, mais il n'est pas à jour. Certains fonctionnalités de resquestlibrary utilisées dans ce cours sont depredicated

Alok12 July 2020

Content is good but concept of looping is not explained.Also there is no QA.It seems instructor has abandoned this course.

Daniel30 June 2020

Feels somewhat fragmented and the lecturer often skips around during explanations too quickly without fully explaining his actions. Also, this is purely subjective but I find that the combination of the lecturer's accent and fast talking rate can be difficult to understand at times even when slowed down and using subtitles ( the subtitles are comicly incorrect at times ). Other than that, the course content is good and is generally well explained.

Alexander16 June 2020

In general it is good but there is no deep information how to create and ho to work with custom python libraries.

vanam2 March 2020

Only things i have learnt from this course is jsonPath, rest of the things are covered pretty OK There could be some improvements like when we add our libraries we can have some thing like reading json file and returning the data or some methods under json can be mentioned as methods and exploited under key words With respect to set up and tear down, we can use create connection as set up and tear down for deleting the session cache Overall, course is OK

Arvind17 April 2019

Only cover basics and not covering what is promised in the course itself. Just loading simple post request with 2 values. Not complex json covered.

Bruno6 April 2019

This training material is extremely repetitive and often in times all over the place, the trainer doesn't share the code (I have asked multiple times already) and doesn't answer simple questions such as: How to test an API on multiple environments. Like someone already mentioned, there is a dearth of good training for API testing with Robot Framework. Therefore I was very excited to get this course when I saw it on Udemy, However unfortunately the course is too long and definitely less than 1 hour of it is really useful. The bottom line is: If you are looking for good examples and most importantly have the ability to review the course's code, you are better off reading the robot documentation.

Nirmaltej30 March 2019

There are many topics in Robot framework & REST API testing that are not covered in the course, but its a good course

Sandeep19 February 2019

Verbose and repetitive. There is a dearth of good training for API testing with Robot Framework. Therefore I was eager to get this course when I saw it on Udemy. Unfortunately the course is too long and less than 1 hour of it is really useful.


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