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COMPLETE Linux Server Administration

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May 2021

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What you will learn

On completion of this course, you would have complete understanding of various Linux commands, including its operations and tasks.

You could rule Command Line Interface and successfully perform almost any operation with commands.

Could make use of a vast range of tools and utilities in both graphical and command line interface.

You would learn about various commands and concepts in Red Hat Linux


In the age of digital transformation, a wide range of technologies are discovered and still many are there in waiting list. This technology changes the world within three decades. We can't imagine the world without them. And it becomes more crucial that every technologies combine together in such a way to handle complex environment, whether it is bare metal to virtual, cloud or containers.

A perfect OS (Operating System) that should be reliable, scalable, performance driven and security oriented. Yes, Linux provide one of the reliable ecosystem to manage such a complex workload and deployments. Linux is most trusted when you consider Security and Reliability factors for Server environments for hosting large applications that need a fault-tolerant ecosystem with easy to troubleshoot and manage. More than half of all the servers are hosted on Linux environment, thus making Linux most sought skill for Server Administration tasks.

In this course, you'll be going to learn and practice about various services, utilities, commands and many more.

You'll learn to use wide range of commands for text processing (grep, sed, cut, less, pipe, tr, etc) handling, process management (ps, pstree, top, etc) file management (CD, ls, touch, etc), file permission (chmod, chgrp, chown, etc in both symbolic and numeric methods, logging, Networking, system administration, mounting, installation and many more such things.

After building foundational concepts, you'll be able to automate the various tasks using shell scripting.

This course is built in such a way that it helps you to build foundational concepts as well as prepare you for any Linux Administration work or exam.

So what you're waiting for? Enroll this learning path to be part of the open source community.


Legal Notice:

This course is not certified, accredited, affiliated with, nor endorsed by Red Hat or The Linux Foundation.


COMPLETE Linux Server Administration
COMPLETE Linux Server Administration
COMPLETE Linux Server Administration
COMPLETE Linux Server Administration


Course Introduction

Introduction & Course Objective

RedHat Installation

Background- Opensource, Fedora, RPM

Logging into different Consoles

Logging into different Consoles

Practical Excersice: 1 (Logging, etc)

File-System, Directory, Files, User, Group and Permissions

File-System, Directory and Files

User, Group and Permissions

Practical Excersice: 2 (Filesystem)

Practical Exercise: 3 (User, Group, Permission)

Shortcuts, Variables, Shell Scripting, Standard I/O and Pipes

Shortcuts & Variables

Standard I/O and Pipes

Practical Excersice: 4 (Standard I/O and Pipes)

Text Processing Tools, vi, vim

Text Processing Tools

vi & vim text editor

Practical Excersice: 5 (Text Processing)

Process Management, System Configuration, etc

Process Management

System Configuration Tool

Finding & Processing File

Network Clients

More on user, group, permission, Filesystem and System admin tools

More on user, group and permission

Filesystem In-depth

Essentials sytem Admin tools

System Administration

L1- System Initialization

L2 - Package Management

L3 - Kernel Services

L4 - System Services

L5 - User Administration

L6 - Filesystem Management

L7 Advanced Filesystem Management

L8 - Network Configuration

L9 - Installation

L10 - Virtualization with Xen

L11 - Troubleshooting

Quiz 1

Quiz 2


Troy8 June 2020

I have experience with computers and installation of OSs. This course did not explain much about boot order or why and what partitions are. This could be very beneficial to an absolute beginner.

Barry13 January 2020

I feel like it is omitting some needed information. Example would be, where did you get the OS to install?

Dara30 October 2018

Found contents more than just useful for Red Hat certification preparation, but equally relevant when it comes to master this technology- RHEL as a whole. Practical exercises are rather well recorded and presented to impart max results, where instructors seems to be in a result oriented approach, trying to give their most by adding some very finer details that most teachers usually ignore or miss. This way of teaching i appreciate most.

Paul6 October 2018

Strong accent, hard to understand. So far very basic information. I would rather read a book. Instructor made many mistakes. He was unable to figure out that he needs a space after cd command. He kept putting in cd.. pausing and saying I don't know why it isn't working. An experienced instructor would not have this problem. Too basic for Certification preparation. Videos need to be edited to remove long pauses. Some need to be reshot to remove mistakes. I do not recommend this video or this instructor.

Mikhail8 September 2018

I really want to appreciate both instructor explaining theoretical as well as practical concepts of RHEL

Gabriel1 September 2018

A very detailed course by an experienced instructor in field of server administration and bash shell. Helpful for learning redhat linux concepts and implementations.

Emily31 August 2018

Got support from instructor very quickly when i asked questions, making it an interactive learning experience.

Syed20 August 2018

I have a great passion for linux and opensource, i wanted to learn about RedHat Linux so i enrolled this course. I enjoyed Essential sections and System Admin sections and now more confident over my expanded knowledge and better understanding of RedHat Linux. I am not preparing for Certification, but planning to consider it sometime in future.

Rashid15 August 2018

Redhat is world leader when it comes to Server Administration. I found this course's content to be beneficial for beginners at most. Direction of teaching has an alignment for Certification exams as well. More exercises would be useful.

Simran10 August 2018

Previously i enrolled on rhce training program at an institute where they took teaching fundamentals for more than a week, but now i realise that all these could be covered in lesser time. If one need to build a grasp over such a serious thing where doing practicals is as important as theory but has to do within certain time constraint, and want to learn as per their schedule you should go with this course.

Julia9 August 2018

this is though a complex topic, its not just simple linux filesystem and commands, but an enterprise solution is more comprehensive than that. Delivery of course is quite satisfying as their seems no hurry to skip topics, but with elaborate theory and practical.

Goli9 August 2018

Useful course for learning RHEL. I am preparing for certification, and found essentials sections quite useful to me.

Kashif6 August 2018

Elaboration of various concepts are just awesome, while I found practical sections to be more useful for me. I executed command and explored utilities by watching practical videos.

Prithvi5 August 2018

Great content, very helpful for red hat certification. Nice tutorial, practical for learning red hat Linux.

Navin3 August 2018

This is not relevant for RHEL certification only for fundamental of RHEL -6 this is obsolete for RHEL certification.


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