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Practice Exams for Red Hat RHCE Certified Engineer - RHEL8

Exams are NOT affiliated with official RHEL8 / Red Hat team and are for your own practice.

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Practice Exams for Red Hat RHCE Certified Engineer - RHEL8


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Feb 2021

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Practice Exams for the RHCE EX294 / EX407 RHEL8


There are two Sample Practice Exams for the Red Hat Certified Engineer RHCE RHEL8 Version and Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible. Exam 1 is extremely thorough in providing the answers to the questions and if you can pass in the time limit provided, then I can guarantee you will pass either of the exams. Now is your opportunity to get two certifications for one. Exam 2 slightly alters the questions and does not provide the answers. So you will do that once on your own. This is intentional since is just a replacement of the Ansible exam. Exam 2 is to encourage participation on the Q&A as well as for you to learn rather than being fed answers and it is not required to pass either of the exams. Use the Q&A and let's nerd out. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Please be aware, I am NOT an official Red Hat instructor, NOR am I affiliated with the Red Hat team or organization in any way. Please use these exams for your own practice and as guidance to help you with your exams. Again message me with any questions should you have any issues. And happy practicing.


Diego16 July 2021

in 16/07/2021 finally challenge the RHCE ex 294 exam, and i passed!!! this kind of samples exams are very goog for practice and discover where you suck for better studying. i recomend one sample for a day. (in less 4 hour). P.S. sorry, bad typing i wrote "16/08/2021" instead of "16/7/2021". My fault.

Inda28 June 2021

I've seen free exams that are more accurate on the questions and with correct answers. I won't buy courses here again

Eric23 June 2021

Both exams are very similars. The repository tasks aren't useful on both exams. SELinux coverage is absent in the second exam, it won't be in the real one. There are errors in the notation process: some "able to answer to the question" are considered a bad one. Anyway, doing this exam has been useful to me

Andy11 March 2021

It feels like this follows on from a course, but as it's available to buy separately then things aren't always obvious. Is Task 1 part of the exam? If so, does the genuine exam ask users to configure hardware before starting? If not, then why start the timer? There are also monir faults, such as the baseurl for the epel repo given is actually the rpm file you would install to create the repo, "Development Tools" isn't a package, it's a package group, task 12 doesn't mention which hosts or device to use; I guessed at all hosts and can't remember why I needed the device now. Finally, Task 13 has additional requirements in order to work (configure the httpd service, firewall ports, create the webdev user) which aren't given - are we expected to just understand this and do it? It might be worth an explanation at the start of the course that some questions will require additional config in order to work. Maybe I've misunderstood things, but the experience was a little disjointed.

Robert14 September 2020

Yeah, just did both exams after buying this course. I was kind of ready to take them already anyway. Like the instructor said, do exam 1, it will help you immensely. Saw the recently update, looks much better than before. I have to say initially I wasn't impressed because it looked thrown together. Much easier to look at now and the instructor replied to all my questions quickly.


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