Reverse Engineer Riveting Fiction & Write Best Selling Books

You will be writing page turning fiction that your readers will love when you plot, outline and write the right way.

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Dec 2015

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What you will learn

Outline best selling fiction books.

Improve any story by adding more tension and excitement.

Write quicker and easier with an outline as your guide.

Analyze great stories and use them to inspire your own amazing stories.


When writing a book, one of the most important requirements is the ability to present an exciting story that your readers will invest in. A story where they will want to know what comes next right through to the end.

In this training I show by example, how to break down popular fiction into the basics of the story. The skeleton of the story, and from that simple outline, I give 2 examples of how to create a new story in two different genres, to show how simple my outlining method works.

I demonstrate with the same outline sheets I use when I am writing a book, and also for the books I get my ghostwriters to write for me. Those outline sheets are available for download in the course.

It is so simple that I know by the end of the training you will be able to write your own book with exciting storylines too.

I also show how to build out the sections of the stories using simple techniques and the use of questions to bring out your creativity.

You will easily decide how many words you need in each section of your book, and once it is broken down into the smaller pieces of the story, you will find it a lot easier to write the book.

The benefit of doing this is you will also be able to write your books a lot faster.

You won’t get stuck for words. You won’t be looking at a blank screen or piece of paper wondering why you’ve got writers block.

There are 18 lectures and an hour of content.

There are downloadable files that you can use for all your books.

I’ve structured this course in a simple methodical way based on the best results I’ve had from training thousands of people in book publishing.

You will gain confidence and skills that will benefit you for a lifetime of easy writing.

I’ve kept the videos short and to the point without leaving out the crucial information you need to succeed.

You can go away in the next day with a whole new understanding of what Riveting Fiction is all about.


Reverse Engineer Riveting Fiction & Write Best Selling Books
Reverse Engineer Riveting Fiction & Write Best Selling Books
Reverse Engineer Riveting Fiction & Write Best Selling Books
Reverse Engineer Riveting Fiction & Write Best Selling Books


Getting Started

Let's Get Started

Getting Inspiration and Analyzing Good Fiction

Unlimited Inspiration for Outlining

The Time Summary PDF

Story Structure and Creating Your Outlines

The 4 Quarters

11 Words to Plot like a PRO

The Outline Sheet

Summarizing the Summary

Creating a Basic Outline

Basic Outline - Deadlines

Basic Outline - More on Deadlines

Plot Conflict Crisis

A New Outline

A New Outline in Romance

Pace and Heartbeat

Outlining Individual Sections

Word Count and Chapters

Moving Sections

Final Words

Final Words


Pamela29 September 2020

I'm looking forward to trying this. I wish the transcripts had titles so I didn't have to figure out what went in what order after printing them all, and then messing up the natural order.

Giovanni7 September 2020

Very basic. It basically just tells you ho to get ideas from tv series, and how to organize your plot in the most basic form. Maybe it could be useful if you are not a writer, but if you are and you do not know these things, maybe you should choose a different hobby.

John31 August 2020

An excellent course delivered in bite-sized chunks that are so easy to digest. As someone who has spent over 20 years being highly successful writing articles and blog posts for high end website owners, this is not just dazzlingly easy, but practically impossible to get wrong!

Desiree16 August 2020

Not a good course. This seemed like a cash-grab from the instructor. I was fooled into buying this. There are not enough examples provided, and in the questions through the years other students have asked for at least one additional small outline to help cement what he's teaching and his advice is to go to fan-sites and pull up their summaries/outlines or search thru IMDB.com for show summaries. I write this review to save others who might be on the fence about purchasing this to help you learn how to write. My word of advice, save your money. This wasn't even worth the $10 or $12 I paid for this course. Although, I've taken much better courses on Udemy … it's just courses like this that have just enough thrown in there to be called a course that are the bad seeds of this site. Very disappointed.

Lisiane10 August 2020

Amazing! Loved this course. Fast and actionable, a few great insights into story-writing techniques and a process that is so easy and efficient to replicate ANYBODY can start writing a book. Thank you so much Geoff!

Bruce21 February 2020

This was a really straight forward course that is full of great ideas and no nonsense advice. I really learnt at least 10 good ideas to begin my writing success...Thanks Geoff.

Lois11 February 2020

Excellent content, easy to follow, this is what I've been searching for for years. Books upon books, and classes about writing haven't brought me near to the knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals this course has achieved. Well done, sir. Well done.

Justine2 February 2020

I I may be a teenager with a love to write but i hope to improve my writing. This course has helped me quite a bit and now i have an idea on how to create a story plot. Thank you.

Deborah24 January 2020

I really enjoyed this course. It demonstrates how to find good story ideas and plot stories like a pro.

Don10 January 2020

Excellent course. The section on how to use free online databases to come up with story outlines is worth the price to enter. Loved the Story Structure lectures and the lectures on outline construction.

Kelly6 January 2020

At first, I wondered why I'd use a tv show as inspiration for a book, but was amazed at how it all flowed and made such sense. I've been stuck on a section of my outline and now I know exactly how to fix it!

Christopher2 January 2020

Great approach! I found the technique very helpful and, as I too enjoyed Breaking Bad very much, I could relate to the approach used and was intrigued at the breakdown of the story. Thanks!

Robert7 December 2019

This course is short and sweet. Powerful and precise. It's more like a recipe than a lecture. I'm ready to outline my stories and I have an excellent guide to help me..

Ruan28 November 2019

There were some useful information to use but the guy that is teaching the course has a very boring voice, and there was no interaction with me, the person doing the course.

Sharon15 November 2019

Easy to follow instruction. Good flow and pace to the training. Will start to use what I've learnt right away.


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