Stress Management



Tune-in and become more aware of your own needs and desires by doing journal- and yoga exercises.

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Get more insights about how you have been coping with stress in your life so far.

Become more aware of your own inner-voice.

Make up your own balance: how aligned are you now?

What are the signs of your mind, heart and body telling you that it's time to chill out?

Learn how to get started with journaling.

Learn journal exercises for emotional release.

Get introduced to (different styles of) yoga.

Find out which yoga style suits you the most at this moment.

Learn yoga exercises for stress relief to do at home.

Learn more about the power of visualization.

DIY your own Stress-Procedure-Card to prepare yourself for future stress.


In this e-course you'll learn how to calm your mind and release tension in your body when you'd feel stressed. But, this e-course is way more than just a stress relief course! Besides of being introduced to yoga and journaling as essential tools for tuning-in, you'll also learn to prepare yourself coping better with stress.

Good to know: 

This e-course is totally an individual stress management course BUT also the first part of the #BeYourOwnGuide-program. This is an online program to help you help yourself. What do you really want? Do you want your life to be aligned with your values, talents and dreams?

Through physical, emotional and artistic exercises #BYOG-program helps you to move into alignment with your life’s purpose and brings you closer to your goals.

Does this sounds interesting to you? 

Take a look at my insta / website :  pranaclinics to read more (in a visual way) about this and what this Restore First course is all about!


What can I expect from this course?

The course is called: RESTORE FIRST, tune-in and become more aware of your own needs and desires by doing journal- and yoga exercises. This is an online course which includes 4 hour of video instructions, a 1-hour restorative yoga class and a workbook with 28 worksheets to help you, help yourself coping better with future stress!

What happens when I sign up for this course?

- After activating the course you’ll get immediately and life long access to the course.

- You can start whenever you want and do the course at your own pace.

- It’s a pre-recorded online course which means that you do need an internet connection.

- But it's NOT connected to a time schedule or ZOOM meetings or what so ever.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase the Restore First e-course.

  2. Print the workbook (or use your own notebook).

  3. Take a look at the study-guide.

  4. Decide for yourself how much time you want to 'work' on yourself.

  5. Schedule time in for yourself and make sure you are not going to be disturbed.

  6. Lean back and let yourself be guided through out the whole course!

  7. The course consists 10 classes with pre-recorded video instructions.

  8. You'll be guided trough the workbook of 28 worksheets to get more insights about yourself.

  9. Only class number 8 and 9 are about yoga. Class #9 is a 1-hour guided yoga class and you'll get a cheat-sheet with all the poses too!

  10. By the end of the course everything what you have learned and gained on insights about yourself will come together by making your own Stress-Procedure-Card.

What should I know about this course?

- By watching the videos you'll be guided through the workbook.

- It is handy to PRINT the workbook for yourself.

- When you decide not to print it, you can use the workheets as templates while using your own notebook.

- By going through the workbook you will get to know yourself better and how you usually cope with stress.

- By the end of the course you'll receive instructions to make your own Stress-Procedure-Card.

- This card helps you to cope better with future stressful events.

- This will not only be a good reminder for yourself, but by making it visual will get your friends and family also involved.

How much time do I need for this course?

The course is made for you to work 1 hour per week on your own personal development. If you'd follow the study planner it will take you about 10 WEEKS. If you'd speed up the process by scheduling in 2+ hours per week than you could also do this course in 1 MONTH. In case you're really enthusiastic about working on yourself you could also do this course in 10 DAYS (= every day a class).

What can you tell me about the course structure? 

This course is divided into 10 classes: 

1.    Introduction

2.   Stress

3.   Inner-voice

4.   Being balanced

5.   My stress history

6.   Stress signs

7.   Stress management

8.   About yoga

9.   Yoga for stress relief

10.  Future stress prep.

What's in it for me when I would do this course?

By the end of this course:

a. You'll feel more relaxed because now you know yoga- and journal exercises for stress relief.

b. You'll feel more confident in facing stressful situations in the future.

c. You know how to TUNE-IN so that you can actually hear your inner-voice.

    You'll be more aware of your own needs and desires.

Does this sounds interesting to you? 

Take a look at my insta / website :  pranaclinics to read more (in a visual way) about this and what this Restore First course is all about!




1: Introduction

1.1 What can I expect?

1.2 Prepare yourself

1.3 What do you REALLY want?


1.5 Upcoming Class Schedule

1.6 What is it that you really DON'T want?

1.7 RECAP + Look forward


2.1 Introduction: Stress

2.2 About stress

2.3 How stressed are you? + RECAP and look forward


3.1 Introduction: Inner-voice

3.2 About mindsets

3.3 Set your mindset

3.4 What is relaxation for you?

3.5 About the inner-voice

3.6 Voices from the mind and the heart

3.7 RECAP + look forward

Being balanced

4.1 Introduction: Being balanced

4.2 Meaning of being balanced

4.3 Check-yourself-up

4.4 How balanced am I?

4.5 RECAP + look forward

My stress history

5.1 Introduction: My stress history

5.2 An overvieuw of my stress history

5.3 My 3 most stressful events

5.4 An evaluation of my stress history

5.5 RECAP + look forward

Signs of stress

6.1 Introduction: Signs of stress

6.2 Symptoms of stress in general

6.3 How do you react on stress?

6.4 RECAP + look forward

Stress management

7.1 Introduction: Stress management

7.2 Advises for your super stressed friend

7.3 Suggestions for the mind

7.4 About journaling

7.5 Journal exercise #Meet Your Inner Demons

7.6 Journal exercise #Look Voldemort In the Eye

7.7 Journal exercise #Your Ideal Situation

7.8 Journal exercise #Circle Of Influence

7.9 RECAP + look forward

About yoga

8.1 Introduction: About yoga

8.2 What is your mindset towards yoga?

8.3 What about different yoga styles?

8.4 How to prepare yourself for the yoga class

8.5 Yoga instr. #Being seated with a straight spine

8.6 Yoga instr. #Breathing exercises

8.7 Yoga instr. #Poses worksheet

8.8 Yoga instr. #Meditation + RECAP

Yoga for stress relief

9.1 Yoga class part 1

9.2 Yoga class part 2

9.3 Yoga class part 3

9.4 Yoga class part 4

Future stress prep.

10.1 Introduction: Future stress prep.

10.2 Future stress prep. Worksheet #27

10.3 How can I make my own Stress-Procedure-Card

10.4 How can I make my card even more visual?

10.5 Evaluation


Kornelia18 August 2021

Ein sehr gut durchdachter Kurs, der ermöglicht, sich sowohl der Ursachen für Stresssituationen als auch der daraufhin erfolgenden unbewussten Stress-Reaktionsmuster bewusst zu werden und eigene Strategien zu entwickeln, mit Stresssituationen souverän und gelassen umzugehen

Stefanos13 August 2021

Going through the course by filling in the worksheets was actually quite fun! Looking already forward to your next course!

Janne9 August 2021

Loved doing this course with Dynke, it's given me some really great tools to release stress by getting create AND active. I will try to apply everything I've learned in my daily life. Thanks Dynke!


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