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Master Java Web Services: Restful API (JAX RS)

Learn building Restful API based application with Java.

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

Build RestFul API


Course Description:

If you want to create quick and efficient Restful API  application, then this course is for you. "Java WebServices: Introduction Restful API"  introduces you to Restful API. In this course, you’ll start from basics to all the way to perform CRUD operations, and you’ll learn how to do it in a way that’s both informative and engaging.

In this course, you will:   

  • Background details regarding RestFul API

  • HTTP methods

  • Building RESTFul API

Why Learn Restful API (Java WebServices)

Learning Java WebServices can benefit you professionally as you gain a popular skill and brings to in better position to build Restful API quickly. It is an excellent skill for components development to enhance web applications and boost our career prospects as an IT professional.

Why Learn From Me   

Learning Java WebServices can be challenging and complex. To navigate this maze, you need an easy and straight-to-the-point approach.  

This course provides you my teaching experience and my knowledge of the industry. I have taught IT for more than eight years to more than 1,42,000 + students, and I’m also a web application developer. My teaching style is unique and easy to understand, with plenty of opportunities to practice: I take up simple examples and follow a step-by-step approach. Helping you master these subjects is my highest priority.

No question asked - Money Back Guarantee!

There is no risk, this course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Once you purchase the course, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the course, please let us know, we will refund 100%, no questions asked. So you have nothing to lose, sign up for this course, and learn “Master Java Web Services: Restful API (JAX RS)”!

By the end of the course, you will confidently build applications using REST

Join me on this adventure today! I’ll see you inside the course.


Master Java Web Services: Restful API (JAX RS)
Master Java Web Services: Restful API (JAX RS)
Master Java Web Services: Restful API (JAX RS)
Master Java Web Services: Restful API (JAX RS)



Introduction To Web Services

REST web services overview

Resource based URI's

More about resource based URI's

Rest response

Status codes

Idempotence of HTTP Methods

Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State (HATEOAS)

The Richardson Maturity Model

JAX-RS and implementations overview

Setting up

Download of installation of JDK

Download and installation of eclipse

Setting up

Background story

Getting started with Restful API (Fixing warnings)

Getting started with Restful API - First API

Revisiting backgrounds and handling post request

Resource based URI for CRUD methods


Project files

Database connectivity (Hibernate)

Installing MySQL

Creating sample database

Setting up service

Service layer continues

Integrating hibernate

Add DAO layer

Implement DAO layer

XML response (API demo)

JSON response (API demo)

Project files

Understanding Restful web-services (Jax rs)

Setup table - Sub-resource

Add sub-resource on existing resource

Add sub-resource on existing resource (In action)

ManyToOne mapping in hibernate

Delegation call to sub-resource object



HeaderParam and CookieParam


Sending status codes

Location headers

Add specific entity method

URI builder


Exception handling with json response

Exception mapper

Custom exception map

HATEOAS - part 1

HATEOAS - part 2

HATEOAS - get links from resourse

Project files

Under the hood

Alternate Maven project setup

Alternate application setup

MessageBodyReader and Writer

Implement MessageBody Writer

Resource types

Param with resource types

Param converters

Param converter implementation

Param converter implementation - Nameless object

Project files

Building client

Building client - introduction

Client building steps

URL building

Post request using client

Read response and wrapper class in brief

Build HATEOS model

Put and Delete operation

Project files

Google OAuth 2.0 with Rest (JSP as view)

Understanding protocol

Setting up project

Google login or consent screen

Getting token from Google server

Access user data from Google server

Display userinfo on view

Few more things

Project files


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Shruti28 October 2020

OAuth need more detail and explanation. everything has been copied by javabrains youtube channel. javabrains is still better.

Magherita16 December 2019

Pessima, lontana dalle mie aspettative. Le IDE devono essere aggiornate, altrimenti è difficile seguire i corsi

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