Personal Transformation


Personal Transformation Psychology for Removing Ego

Simple mental strategies related to the psychology of shedding your ego and becoming more humble

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Sep 2021

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What you will learn

The psychology of shedding your ego, not being arrogant or detached from reality

Mental techniques to be aligned with reality and not fooling yourself, without lessening your value

Quick and simple techniques to keep going when your motivation is low


In this course, we are going to cover the psychology of your transformation towards better removing your ego and being more objective. This is a course that is not that focused on the actual techniques and practical skills (conversation techniques, attitudes), but the mindset. In other words, if you already know what you have to do logically, but for some reason, you can't get yourself to do it (maybe it's your emotions, maybe you don't deal well with setbacks, or others), then this is the course for you.

Our goal with this course is to cover the psychology of personal transformation. In other words, how to get you to change your behavior. We will be exploring three main phases:
Definition (knowing what your specific goals are, your timeline, making a decision);
- Executing (actually starting to have less ego and be more objective in conversation, having the right mindset and supporters, among other things);
- Resilience (knowing how to properly discharge negative emotions, as well as change your state when you find yourself in a negative one);

The course contains multiple techniques related to psychology, behavior change, and other areas, all applied to help you stay connected to reality and avoid becoming stubborn or falling into delusions that will prevent you from having healthy discussions and relationship with others.

By the end of this course, you will know how to cultivate the necessary habits and behaviors to have less ego in the long-term, not being derailed by obstacles, and always performing at your best.


Personal Transformation Psychology for Removing Ego
Personal Transformation Psychology for Removing Ego
Personal Transformation Psychology for Removing Ego
Personal Transformation Psychology for Removing Ego






The "Ideal You"

The "Ideal You" for Removing Ego

Facing Brutal Facts

Facing Brutal Facts for Removing Ego

Changing Your Identity

Changing Your Identity for Removing Ego

Suspending Disbelief

Suspending Disbelief for Removing Ego

Deciding: Introduction

Deciding: The Moment and The Threshold

Deciding: The Moment and The Threshold for Removing Ego

Deciding: Leverage and Ownership

Deciding: Leverage and Ownership for Removing Ego




Context: Intro

Context: Executing Assumptions

Context: Executing Assumptions for Removing Ego

Context: Supporter Selection

Context: Supporter Selection for Removing Ego

Behavior: Introduction

Behavior: Neuro-Associations

Behavior: Neuro-Associations for Removing Ego

Behavior: CBT Journaling

Behavior: CBT Journaling for Removing Ego

Behavior: Building Blocks

Behavior: Building Blocks for Removing Ego

Behavior: Immersion and Intensity

Behavior: Immersion and Intensity for Removing Ego

Behavior: Spontaneity

Behavior: Spontaneity for Removing Ego

Mindset: Introduction

Mindset: Visualization

Mindset: Visualization for Removing Ego

Mindset: Expectation Theory

Mindset: Expectation Theory for Removing Ego




Doubt: Intro

Doubt: Acknowledging and Celebrating

Doubt: Acknowledging and Celebrating for Removing Ego

Doubt: Being an Example

Doubt: Being an Example for Removing Ego

Doubt: The Struggle of Others

Doubt: The Struggle of Others for Removing Ego

Negative Emotions: Intro

Negative Emotions: State Changes

Negative Emotions: State Changes for Removing Ego

Negative Emotions: Discharges and Catharses

Negative Emotions: Discharges and Catharses for Removing Ego





Carolyn9 February 2021

Very interesting course. PResents a different approach on sheding your ego. Very similar to Vascos other courses on personal transformation, but with a more specific focus. Worth the investment, and obtaining alot of value so far.


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