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Remove Your Mental Financial Success Blocks With EFT Tapping

Stop the Financial Self Sabotage. Grow Your Wealth Consciousness. Emotional Freedom Technique

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Jun 2019

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What you will learn

Use EFT to tap away the conscious blocks regarding money

Use EFT to tap away unconscious blocks regarding money

Use EFT to tap away generational blocks inherited regarding money

Use EFT to tap away faith based blocks regarding money


This course covers what Emotional Freedom Techniques are and how to apply EFT to blocks to success.

It is taught through course lectures teaching what Emotional Freedom Techniques are and tapping sequences for ways people can move forward towards financial freedom.

Benefits: Individual results will vary, however this course teaches how to attract greater financial freedom.

When you complete this course, you will have:

  • A tool for removing fears of financial success.
  • A tool for removing self-sabotaging choices.
  • A tool for ending procrastination on their action plan.
  • And much more...

In this course, you will participate in the following EFT sessions for each fear of attracting money:

  • “I don’t deserve to be rich.”
  • “It isn’t possible to be rich.”
  • “It is evil to be rich.”
  • “I am not worthy of success”
  • “I was taught it is not possible to succeed. This is our life.”
  • “My spouse will be jealous if I am more successful that they are.”
  • “My family will be angry if I am successful.”
  • “My friends will be jealous and angry if I am successful.”
  • “My life will change with success.”
  • “It isn’t safe to be rich.”
  • “There isn’t enough for everyone. If I attract more money I will take it away from someone else.”
  • “I am too overwhelmed to proceed.”

The course is a living course, which means that as you ask questions or give us suggestions for EFT sessions, we will add more video lectures to cover those topics.


Remove Your Mental Financial Success Blocks With EFT Tapping
Remove Your Mental Financial Success Blocks With EFT Tapping
Remove Your Mental Financial Success Blocks With EFT Tapping
Remove Your Mental Financial Success Blocks With EFT Tapping





Who is Joan Kaylor?

Introduce Yourself

The Energy of Money

What is Your Money Vibration?

Money blocks can be inherited or learned

What is EFT?

What is EFT?

The EFT Process

Tapping Points

The Six Steps

The Basic Recipe

EFT Tapping Foundation

How EFT Works

EFT For Each Fear of Attracting Money


'I don’t deserve money' Session

“It isn’t possible to be wealthy.” Session

"I am afraid to fail."

"I am afraid to succeed."

“It is evil to be wealthy.” Session

“My spouse will be jealous if I am more successful that they are.” Session

“My family will be angry if I am successful.” Session

“My friends will be jealous and angry if I am successful.” Session

“My life will change with success.” Session

“It isn’t safe to succeed.” Session

"All my unconscious blocks."

"All the blocks I have inherited from my parents and ancestors."

Money Quiz

Wrap up

What to do with all this money. Your Plan.

Next Steps

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Yon7 August 2020

Very eye opening. I have been sabotaging my own success for years, and didn't realize that this was a self-inflicted belief system. thanks you for these techniques Joan!

Satyajit18 July 2020

I find it very good. It helps users to understand the building blocks to feel excited when seeing money. It was the first step to getting aligned ourselves mindfully about the money.

Francisco30 April 2020

I love the instructor's energy. I could feel how my negative beliefs were being modified and erased in real time. I felt much more relaxed about money than i have felt in months. Thank you!

Peter16882009@hotmail.com15 March 2020

this is a excellent course for attracting money in your life Joan Kaylor is an excellent teacher I am glad that I bought it good job well done a 6 star course

Barbara19 January 2020

While the instructor touched on important topics, I felt like four minute tapping scripts which included negative AND positive were just too short. I think there should be at least two or three rounds of negative tapping and not just repeating the same statements over and over.

Alicia2 November 2019

I thought it was interesting and I liked how she had a script for many possible scenarios. I will try this for a while, and see if anything changes!

Sanja28 June 2019

Yes, Joan is quite charismatic & makes it all interesting. Enjoying it so far. - first day Just finished the course, & enjoyed it thoroughly. Most importantly, it is already working. Thank you, Joan!

Moni18 June 2019

So far it's a good match. I am familiar with EFT and apply it when I remember to do so. Looking forward to the next few videos to get reacquainted with EFT and learn to apply it regarding income.

Long25 February 2019

Jargon free explanations. Clear, precise, very good value for price. Online chat with Joan was only my first session. The words I would use to describe my first session... I now have peace of mind ago. Bring in the next session, please.

James19 January 2019

I wanted to learn more about tapping for financial success. However, the course didn't really do that for me. It wasn't really a learning experience as much as a follow me and do as I do. There wasn't any in depth explanation of what we were doing and why we were doing it. Maybe it would work for some but it wasn't what I was expecting.

Brooke20 November 2018

Wonderful! Easy to follow and down to earth. Have tapped one session so far and can already feel the difference!

Faith29 August 2018

I went through this course and another with Joan. She is a passionate and caring EFT practitioner, and that positive energy comes through in every lesson. As a side note, about a day or two after completing this course with Joan, I announced to my husband that I needed another couple hundred dollars to complete payment for some dental work. Less than an hour later someone who owed us money, but hadn't been paying, showed up, and paid, in full, exactly $200. I think that's a good testament.

Mary15 June 2018

I have read about positive and negative energy about money, I have a block about money, this is why I am taking this course. I am happy to learn

Garry7 May 2018

Joining this course, I had no idea of what EFT is. I decided to give it a try and discover it together with Joan. Even though it is not something I would do myself (purely because I'm practicing so-called Active Meditation that replaces this technique) I would highly recommend this course. It is well explained, engaging and friendly. Information is presented in a nice, consistent and practical way.

Marko26 March 2018

Awesome course, I honestly can't say enough good things about it. I just went through the whole course and I'm super excited to see all the abundance coming my way very soon :) Even yesterday when I just did part of a part of the first practical video exercise, I made 2.6x the amount of money I usually make per day...within just one day! Simply incredible. I honestly CANNOT WAIT to see the astounding results now that I have fully gone through the course and done all the exercises. I am certain it will be nothing short of amazing.


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