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Learn Miro – Essentials and Advanced Training

Get to master Miro, one of the most popular collaboration & brainstorming tools out there!

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44 mins


May 2021

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What you will learn

What the challenges of remote workshops are

What the basic features of Miro are

What the advanced features of Miro are

How to use templates

How to spice up your workshops


Let's talk about conducting remote (or online) workshops using Miro, formerly know as Realtime Board. While the learning curve of Miro is relatively steep and its access quite easy, there are many tricks and things that will boost your interactive sessions and the experience of your participants a lot. This course will help you to kickstart your career with Miro as a versatile helper for many different situations. I will explain how to use Miro and even its advanced features so that you can confidently host your next collaborative session in Miro!

Mastering Miro is a skill that does not only come in very handy in days of being separated from each other but also since the remote work life is becoming a long-lasting reality. And even for in-person sessions, Miro can be a great tool to document your progress and collaboratively work on the same board. Miro's goal is to make working with it an easy task. And with the diverse supply of pre-installed templates that come with Miro, you can almost instantly start working on very specific tasks, as brainstorming exercises, strategic flows, or icebreaker sessions.

As a bonus, I will share one of my favourite resources for improving your workshop setups and learning new techniques.

Enjoy this course and make sure to check out my other content!

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Learn Miro – Essentials and Advanced Training
Learn Miro – Essentials and Advanced Training
Learn Miro – Essentials and Advanced Training
Learn Miro – Essentials and Advanced Training




UX Snacks

Challenges of Remote Workshops


Basic Features

Advanced Features


Wrap up + Bonus

Improve Your Workshops

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Glenda25 May 2021

I am pretty disappointed as it is very basic. What about tips on how to export Miro boards and present with Miro boards - a lot of functionality was left out.

paul20 May 2021

Excellent. Just enough content to help me navigate the app. Also, helpful tips about how to run a successful workshop.

Zonke13 May 2021

Very insightful course - I feel ready for my upcoming workshop. I went back to my planning doc and tweaked a bit based on what I've already learned from this course.


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