Relational Database Design

Learn how to create an effective relational database design to use in your IT career or even a personal project.

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Jun 2020

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What you will learn

Learn how to design a relational database

Learn what normalisation is, and each of the three normal forms

Start designing a database from nothing

Learn how to identify tables, and how to create relationships


Learn how to design a proper relational database with this course!

This course will teach you how to create an effective relational database design using proven concepts and industry knowledge.

Effective database designs will help make systems faster, improve data quality, and ensure future changes are easier.

If you want to improve your software development career, get into database admin or database design, or are just curious on this topic, this course is for you.

You don't need to know SQL or have any programming experience to be able to take this Relational Database Design course.

This course includes:

  • Almost three hours of video lessons
  • Included PDF files of the database diagrams at keys steps will help you learn all about database design.
  • The topics covered include normalisation and the normal forms, identifying tables and columns, primary and foreign keys, and setting up relationships.

The videos include explanations of the key topics in the process, as well as demonstrations on how to set up a database using an Entity Relationship Diagram.

I also show you how to download and install the software that is being used for this.

What topics are covered in this database design course?

The topics covered are:

  • We'll walk through a sample database
  • Reason or why the database is needed
  • Some advantages of relational databases
  • Identify entities for the tables and attributes
  • Create tables and columns
  • Reorganise them to make the layout and design more efficient.

If you want to know how to design a database and improve the overall quality of your databases and software, then this is the course for you.

You'll learn all you need to be able to design an effective database!


Relational Database Design
Relational Database Design
Relational Database Design
Relational Database Design




Things You Should Know Before Starting This Course

Tools You Need For Database Design

How To Set Up MySQL Workbench

Database Basics

What Is A Database?

Different Types of Databases?

Relational Databases

Store Data for Each Component

Removes Duplicate Information

Ensure Records are Complete

Prevent Inconsistent and Conflicting Data

Combine Different Data Sets Easily

Increased Security

Data Modelling Process

What Is Data Modelling And The Design Process?

Determine The Goal Of The Database

Consider the Current System

Gathering Requirements of the Database

Finding Exceptions to the Rules

Database Design

Identifying Entities

Defining the Attributes


First Normal Form - Part 1

First Normal Form - Part 2


Second Normal Form - Part 1

Second Normal Form - Part 2

Third Normal Form

Design Considerations

Data Types and Precision

Integrity Constraints

Naming Conventions

Lookup Tables and Auditing


Implementation and Next Steps


Montana9 October 2020

Simple and rapid explanation of how to use Normalization to design a database and lay it out before jumping into any actual building.

Rekhanjali5 October 2020

This course really helps to create an effective relational database design. Most importantly the summary and the action that is explained in the end of each lecture really helps to recollect all the things you've understood.

Neelabh4 October 2020

Cleared many doubts on the topic of databases and learned the use of charts and their helpfulness. Good course

David1 October 2020

On moving from lesson to lesson, each new lesson does not start automatically. I have to fast forward it 5 seconds, pause and manually wind back. Very, very basic and incomplete view of database technology. Also presenter doesn’t know how to pronounce “data”, which is really irritating.

Mr30 September 2020

The details are much better toward the end as the demos and interaction give you a better feel for what you would have initially expected to have been learning Again, the narrator uses a lot of white-space reciting the bullet points without embellishing them enough to make them a full value add and for the most part the information is only useful from S313 - First Normalisation where it gives you useful and practical information Still worth it for an hour and a half though if you want to expand or fill gaps in your current (really helps if you understand a bit of SQL to see how the data would join in a live environment)

John21 February 2020

The installed software (MySQL Workbench) failed to work. There were other prerequisites that I had to google to find. A reboot was necessary. Also, twice when my browser froze, I was unable to pick up where I left off. I had to manually advance to where I was prior.

Portrait14 February 2020

great course, the explanation of the different terms in the course were clear and easy to follow, i learned a lot

Christopher12 February 2020

Very easy to follow along and using the MySQL Workbench Model really helped with getting through the overwhelming part of the database that I am working to build.

Andreas5 February 2020

This course gives a good introduction to database modelling, especially the normal forms are well explained.

John26 January 2020

This course sets a very high standard. Ben is very clear in the areas he describes and very disciplined in not digressing from the points he is explaining. He is an excellent teacher and explains things very clearly. I can now see how I need to design and set up my own relational database. The way in which normalization was covered in this course and moreover it's importance was very impressive. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who needs to understand relational databases.

Ankush21 January 2020

The subtitles were not matching the words that he was saying otherwise the flow of the course was good and ya thanks.

Ilias21 January 2020

Good course to understand the key data modeling concepts via several practical examples. Would be nice if there was more lessons covering the conceptual and logical data models (focus seems to be on the physical data model only).

Anisha20 January 2020

I didn't understand the concept of transitive dependency in 3NF quite well with the given example, also the explanation was a bit quick.

Vignesh18 January 2020

I had very bad experience while learning this course , audio quality is very bad that while the expert is speaking i hear a background sound which is interrupting and annoying makes me difficult to watch and the concepts are not crisp enough to understand in a simple manner which makes the lecture sessions , a boring one

Sandra15 January 2020

This is one of the best and most concise classes I've taken via Udemy. I was able to understand everything he said and his teaching methods are great. I will definitely try to find other classes in Udemy that he instructs!


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