Redbook_popular social media in China

Chinese all over the world are using it, especially girls.

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What you will learn

Without Chinese knowledge, you can register a Redbook account.

How to use Redbook to publish videos and notes.

The ways to earn money in Chinese social media, like Redbook.

Get to know how to access Chinese influencers reliably.


These two years, many foreign influencers have set their accounts on Chinese social media platforms. The fact shows it is fast to get followers if the content is good no matter they are pictures or videos without Chinese. The fields are abundant, including singing, fitness, education, coding, and so on.

This course is to introduce a popular Chinese social media, Redbook, Chinese name "小红书”. If you search on the Internet, you will find it has been noticed by brands for a long time.

It develops from sharing experiences of shopping abroad. Now its monthly active users are more than 100 million.

Several years ago, people said it is 'Chinese Instagram'. Now it attracts more interesting people and it allows to upload videos. More content from different fields appears.

Many influencers on it commercialize their services by some functions like Zhuanlan, Live stream, advertisement platforms. Many big and small brands are trying to make a promotion on it.  Besides this, many foreign teachers and artists are running their accounts. I have shown some cases in the videos. If you want to know the cases in your field, you could leave a comment in this course.

If you are interested in attracting Chinese followers, it may be a good choice.

Don't worry about no Chinese phone numbers. You could search the app with the name "小红书". Then register it with your own phone number which has been shown in the videos.

I am glad to show this to you. I hope to solve your questions. Waiting for your feedback and suggestion!


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Basic introduction for the app

Introduction for Redbook
Quickly learn: How to send posts and videos
What Chinese words in the app mean.

Methods help get ideas

How to get the list of the hot influencers in your field
Not only for Chinese
How could you run your business on Redbook.

Tips for updating your content

The best time to publish content
Which style of content is better_notes or videos



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