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Linux Certified System Admin - SA3 (RHEL7)

Prepare for Exam and is desinged for experienced Linux system administrator

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Sep 2020

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What you will learn

Preparation of Linux – Certified Linux Enterprise Linux System Administrator

Overview of Systemd

Features of Systemd

Network Manager Overview

Network Teaming

Teaming Policies and its configurations

Managing DNS Servers

Concepts of DNS Severs

How DNS works over the internet

Types of DNS Servers

Configuring iSCSI Targets & Initiators

iSCSI Fundamentals

Network File Systems

Confguration of NFS and how it works

Variables, for loops

if else & case statements

Apache Web Server

Writing Bash Scripts

Postfix Mail Server

Introduction Dovecot, Imap & pop3

Thunderbird - Mail User Agent ( Configure Mail Box)


Course Description:

Linux Certified System Admin - SA3

This Training Syllabus comprises of 3 Module , first two module is from (RH-124 , RH-134), if you go with Red Hat System Administration III (RH-254) course then it will be R-H-C-E Training.

Linux Certified System Administrator

· Linux Certified System Admin - SA1

· Linux Certified System Admin - SA2

Red Linux Certified Engineer

· Linux Certified System Admin - SA3 ==> This course module will teach to third book

This course specifically designed for students who have completed Linux Certified System Admin - SA1/SA2. Linux System Administration is designed for experienced Linux system administrators with the Linux Certified System Administrator certification or equivalent skills.
This course is intended to help students broaden their ability to administer Linux systems at an enterprise level.

Course Outline


· Linux System Administration II

· Installation of Linux Enterprise Linux 7

Controlling Services & Daemons

· Overview of Systemd in RHEL 7

· About Daemons, Process & Services

· Primary advantages of systemd over init

· Features of systemd

· Practice Lab Sessions

Managing IPv4 Networking

· NetworkManager Overview

· Viewing networking information

· Familiar with nmcli command

· Configure & modify the Nic Interface using nmcli

· Practice Lab Sessions

Network Teaming

· Overview of Network Teaming

· Policies of Network Teaming

· Creating teaming virtual interface – (how to configure NIC Teaming as Active Backup (Failover)

· Managing Network Teaming

Managing DNS for Servers

· Overview of DNS Servers

· Concepts of DNS

· Root Name Servers

· How dns works over the internet?

· BIND Packages

· Types of DNS Servers

· Overview of Resource records

· Configuration Steps of DNS Server

· Practice Lab Session

Configuring iSCSI Targets & Initiators

· About iSCSI

· iSCSI fundamentals

· iSCSI Components terminology

· Practice Lab Sessions


· Overview of NFS

· Services of NFS

· How NFS works?

· Various configuration files of NFS

Writing Bash Scripts

· Bash Shell Scripting basics

· Writing Bash Scripts

· Variables & for loops

· Practice Lab Sessions

Conditional Structures

· if/then Statement

· case statement

· Practice Lab Sessions


· Overview of firewalld in RHEL 7

· Features of firewalld & its advantages over iptables

· Enable/Disable a Service

· Lab on port forwarding

· Managing Rich Rules

· Lab Session on Rich Rules

· Masquerading & port forwarding

· Practice Lab Sessions

Postfix Mail Server Configuration

· The structure of the Email System

1.1 Mail User Agent

1.2 Mail Transfer Agent

1.3 Mail Delivery Agent

1.4 SMTP

· Configuring an RHEL Email System

· Postfix Pre-Installation Steps

· Installing Postfix on RHEL 7

· Configuring Postfix

· Starting Postfix on an RHEL System

· Configure a Null Client

· Relayhost

· Introduction Dovecot, Imap & pop3

· Configuring Dovecot

· Thunderbird - Mail User Agent ( Configure Mail Box)

Apache Web Server Administration

· Basic Setup

· Verify installation

· Package files

· Main configuration files

· Backup

· Edit the httpd.conf configuration file

· ServerRoot

· PidFile

· ServerName

· Add site to hosts file

· DocumentRoot

· ErrorLog

· Listen

· Create your HTML documents

· Start the Web Server

· Access the web site

· Summary of basic setup

· Directory tags

· Order allow, deny

· Indexes

· Virtual Hosts

· .htaccess

· Create .htaccess file

· Create .htpasswd file

· Copy .htaccess to restricted directory

· Configure httpd.conf to allow authentication via .htaccess

· Encrypted Sessions

· Main configuration file(s)

· Edit the ssl.conf configuration file

· Openssl & Mod-ssl

· LoadModule

· Listen

· VirtualHost

· Create SSL certificate

· Create Certificate Authority-CA

· Create server key

· Edit ssl.conf configuration file

· Server Certificate

· Server Private Key

· Certificate Authority


Linux Certified System Admin - SA3 (RHEL7)
Linux Certified System Admin - SA3 (RHEL7)
Linux Certified System Admin - SA3 (RHEL7)
Linux Certified System Admin - SA3 (RHEL7)




Links to Download RHEL7 and VMware Workstation

RHEL 7 Installation - Step 1

RHEL 7 Installation - Step 2

Connect from putty

Controlling Services and daemons

Overview of Systemd

Features of systemd

systemctl and system units

Managing Networking

NetworkManager Overview

Practice Lab Session -1

Practice Lab Session -2

Network Teaming

Overview of Network Teaming

Teaming Policies

Configure Activebackup Teaming

Testing Network Teaming

Managing DNS Servers

Overview of DNS Server

Concept of DNS

Root Name Servers

How DNS Works Over the Internet?

BIND Package

Types of DNS Servers

main conf file of dns

Resource Records

Practice Lab Session - 1

Practice Lab Session - 2

Practice Lab Session - 3

Troubleshooting of dns issues

Configuring iSCSI Targets & Initiator

About iSCSI Targets

iSCSI Fundamentals

iSCSI Component Terminology

Lab 1

Lab 2

Lab 3

NFS Network File Systems

Overview of NFS

Services in NFS

rpc services

How nfs works

Configuration files in NFS

Practice Lab Session - 1

Practice Lab Session - 2

Practice Lab Session - 3

Firewalld - Network Port Security

Managing Firewalld

Enable/Disable a service

Lab on port forwarding

Managing Rich Rules

Lab - 1

Lab -2

Masquerading & Port forwarding

Lab - 1

Lab - 2

Last lecture

Apache httpd web service

Overview about Apache httpd web service

Basic Setup

Apache Main Conf file - 1

Apache Main Conf file - 2

Practice Lab Session

Order (Allow, Deny)


Practice Lab Session on Indexes

.htaccess - Security Restrictions on directories

Practice Lab Session

Secure a web server

Encrypted Communication using SSL (443 port)

Practice Lab Session

Postfix Mail Server Configuration

How email flows from sender to receiver

Mail Service Components

Configure Linux Mail Server (main.cf)

mynetworks - parameter

mydestination - parameter

Lab on mydestination parameter

Postfix mail flow

Practice Lab Session

About Dovecot, Imap & pop3

Configuring Dovecot

thunderbird - mail user agent for accessing mails

Writing Bash Scripts

Bash Shell Scripting Basics

Writing Bash Scripts

Variables in Bash Scripts

Lab Session

for loops

Lab - 1

Lab - 2

Lab - 3

Conditional Structures

if/then statement

Lab Practice Sessions - 1

Lab Practice Sessions - 2

case statement


Sumita13 February 2020

I found this course informative and well explained. Instructor is willing to respond quickly if you have any query. Highly recommended course for anyone preparing for Red Hat certification.

Surya11 February 2020

Trying to speak a high-level English, which is a little disturbing to bear The course is yet to start.

Hamada16 August 2019

What did I said about him is true Mr. Shikhar Verma he studied everything about redhat, and he has a lot of experience in Linux, so if you want to be recieving Redhat certifications RHCSA EX200. Or RHCE EX300, then go learn from him and then go take the test and you will pass it for sure.

Cherukuri17 July 2019

The course content is upto SA-3 RH254 but you missed maria DB services otherthan that course is good and your explanation is above my expectation

Raymond12 April 2019

Excellent explanation of RHCE topics and even better demonstration of how to perform each of the task. I had a question about iSCSI and Shikhar responded with 24 hours of asking my question. He has been my "goto" for all things Linux and specifically RedHat. Look forward to finishing the rest of the course and taking some of his other courses.

Hashmi15 February 2019

Best course for Linux SA3 Topics are well explained in deep ...Every topic is explained with lab..Highly recommended to others who are looking for Linux courses .

Hamid23 January 2019

Again I would like to say Thank you much Shikhar. You are delivering all the course in depth. My words for Shikhar Verma: He is well skilled in Linux. Delevering all the topics in rythm with real-time scenario. Very soft tone and anytime helping nature. and many more..... In short... if you are looking to learn Linux go for Shikhar Verma's courses. I have enrolled all the three courses one by one SA1, SA2 and now SA3.

Syed27 October 2018

Hi all, The course provided by shikar verma on "Red Hat Certified System Admin - SA3" is very informative as shikar expalins every topic in depth giving all relevant examples which eases to understand it thoroughly.Thank you for providing deep insight on every topic.Shikar covered a plethora of material and this should be on any Linux Admin's must take list liked the way the course is organized and also the fact that it is direct and to the point.This course taught me some much needed information about higher level system administration. I recommend this course for anyone wanting to be an administrator.

Chris5 October 2018

I really enjoyed this course, I was taking Notes and couldn't wait for another section to gain more knowledge which I did. This Course was very well explained in each session, with very well detailed explanations. Shikhar Verma seems to be a very Professional Instructor, who really cares about you learning his material Loved It!

Saurav28 August 2018

I found this course informative and excellent Knowledge sharing and it is must for RHCE preparation .

Salim27 August 2018

Asome intro and differentiation from the older version to the newer version, awesome explanation of ISCSI, Services and demons, teaming policies, NFS.in sort all are awesome really enjoying the course. I'm Realy appreciated your efforts.


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