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Complete Red Hat System Administration Boot Camp - RHCSA 8

Learn Linux and everything you need to pass RHCSA (RHEL 8) EX200 certification exam - Unofficial Red Hat Training

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Installing Linux Virtual Machines

Basic Linux Commands

Users and Group Management

Linux Networking Fundamentals

Linux Processes

Linux Security

Linux Disk Management

Software Package Management


This course is updated to the last Red Hat Certified System Administrator Exam Objectives (Containers + Bash/Shell Scripting)

It is for anyone who wants to learn Linux and become a Red Hat Certified System Administrator. Become an effective Linux user and advance your Career. Also, it is aspiring Linux system administrators.

This course fully prepares you to pass the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHEL 8) EX200 certification exam and become a Red Hat Certified System Administrator

In this course, we are going to cover the objectives of Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHEL 8) EX200. The course contents are:

  • Installing Linux Virtual Machines.

  • Linux Essentials (Basic Linux Commands).

  • Users and Groups Management.

  • Linux Network Configuration.

  • Linux Security.

  • Operate Running Systems.

  • Configuring and Maintaining Systems.

  • Storage Techniques.

  • Configuring File Systems.

  • Managing Containers Images.

  • Bash Shell Scripting (Learn Bash Quickly ebook).

  • Practice Questions.

Red Hat Certified System Administrator is one of the most valuable Linux certifications in the industry and it will definitely help you to start a career in Linux.  This course is fully hands-on. It'll help you and prepare you for the real exam. You are only one certification away from becoming a certified Linux system administrator; you are only Red Hat Certified System Administrator away!


Complete Red Hat System Administration Boot Camp - RHCSA 8
Complete Red Hat System Administration Boot Camp - RHCSA 8
Complete Red Hat System Administration Boot Camp - RHCSA 8
Complete Red Hat System Administration Boot Camp - RHCSA 8


Linux Essentials

The Directory Tree

Root Directory and Hierarchy of Users in Linux

Absolute and Relative Paths - Command Options and Arguments

pwd command and cd command

ls command

cal command, date command, uptime command

lscpu command and free command

df command and du command

history command, clear command, exit command

whatis command, type command, man command

last command snd w command

hostname command and uname command

touch command and mkdir command

cp command and mv command

rmdir command and rm command

tar command

cat command and echo command

head command, tail command and sort command

pip command and grep command

diff command

sudo command and su command

find command

Hard Link and Soft Link

gedit editor and nano editor

vi editor and vim editor

Users and Groups Management

Creating Users and Deleting Users

Demo Creating Users and Deleting Users

Creating Groups and Deleting Groups

Demo Creating Groups and Deleting Groups

File Ownership and Permissions

Permission Levels

Permission Modes

Changing Ownership and Group Membership

Demo File Ownership and Permissions

Umask Default Permission Sets

Demo Umask Default Permission Sets

Three Special Permissions

Demo Three special permissions

Changing File Attributes

Demo Changing File Attributes

Superuser and visudo Command

Demo Superuser and visudo Command

Access Control Lists

ACLs Recursive and Deleting ACLs

Demo Access Control Lists

Linux Network Configuration

Adding DNS Server IP Address

Adding a Host with an Alias

nmcli command

nmtui command

Linux Security

SELinux Configuration

Apache Configuration

Firewalld Configuration

Operate Running Systems

Processes Commands

Processes Signals

scp command and ssh command

Switching into Different Targets on Linux

Configuring and Maintaining Systems

Configuring Services with Systemctl

Automating Tasks with Cron Jobs

Modifying GRUB Bootloader

Tuned Profile

Installing Package Modules

Configuring Repositories

Breaking into the System

Storage Techniques

Creating Standard Partitions

Creating SWAP

Creating (PVS - VGS - LVM)

Mounting and Unmounting (Temporarily and Permanently)

Adjusting and Removing (LVM - VGS - PVS)

Managing Layered Storage with Startis

Disk Compression with VDO

Configuring File Systems

Configuring Remote File Systems with NFS

Mounting on Demand with autofs


Paulynn14 January 2021

I worked (2000-2008) supporting middleware in UNIX envs. I like the show/tell and content so far. There are just four times that I didn't understand the why of the command options used or the when of using a file type. Overall, the pace is good. The training is good and as expected, so far. Thank you!

Md30 December 2020

I started the course today and found it good as he covers all the basic commands in details. Someone who wants to start Linux from Zero will love this course.

Samuel29 December 2020

So far, so good. I had some difficulties but worked my way through it. May have been the iso download or even user error - attention to detail.

Bart12 December 2020

some sentences do not contain information and give the impression that you don't know. The explanation of /var for instance says " it contains data about the system" or something along those lines. That doesn't tell me anything. I expect these lectures to be tightly packed information and to the point.

Luke11 December 2020

So far so good, one of the few instructors who's voice does not put you to sleep. Very good at explaining everything.

Majed16 September 2020

Excellent course and materials! It's very well organized course and very efficient if you are a beginner at Linux. It is a practical course and it is a good preparation for the RHCSA exam. I really appreciate the effort in this course and I highly recommend it.

Thierry14 September 2020

Course content is pretty good - there are some slight errors, though. At buy time a bonus exam was promised in the course description. This seems to have been removed by now.

John6 September 2020

It is a great course and very informative. It covers all the RHCSA 8 objectives in a simple way. It's well structured and it gives on-hands experience. I highly recommend this course for RHCSA 8 preparation and for anyone who wants to learn Linux .

Hillary3 September 2020

The course is well structured and simplified. Good for few days to doing the exams. I highly recommend

Tabrez31 August 2020

Till "Linux security" the course was good but latter the teacher could had first explained the concepts and then show demo. Please view the below video for more clarity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fadQX2e_PGk And the pronunciation could be improved. Please upload sample question and answer as mentioned in the comment section

Michael28 August 2020

I'm working through the more basic linux elements. The tutor says "If you would like to see blah", but doesn't really explain the output, like for example, he says using df, "if you'd like to see the file system type, use -T", but these lessons are clearly aimed at people who have little or no knowledge of linux, so may not even know what a file system even is (The course does describe directory structures, but not file systems). Same with "ls -s" - which he says displays the size of the file, but that's not correct. It displays the amount of blocks the file is using, which again ties back into file systems. The explanations could be better.

Christina23 August 2020

Great course! I had a few other RHCSA resources but this one is the most up to date for RHCSA 8. I was able to pass my exam with this course. Highly recommend.

Marxton24 July 2020

I know everything that he has talked about but for someone new it would make more sense if he explained why you would use the commands in more detail. Also his mic is blown out half the time and I can't stand when he smacks his 'enter' key after writing each line of code. Take it easy! Its super annoying.

Emad22 July 2020

The course is very informative and well defined for entry-level or beginners into Linux. I recommend this course for anyone interested in learning Linux.

Daniel6 June 2020

This course is very informative and engaging. It is alot of information, I suggest practicing along side and researching some of the topics after the lessons.


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