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Tips and Tricks for Recruitment

How to build and refine your recruitment skills

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Competency based interviewing techniques

The STAR funnel

In basket Interview

Best Practices in preparing and running interviews


When dealing with a normal candidate, the recruiter’s goal is to build rapport to determine a genuine behavior. When dealing with a difficult one, the goal is to manage risks of losing the candidate. On top of this, the shortage of the candidate’s pipeline is a market reality. What to do for having an effective recruitment process, when you do not afford errors?

Frequently, a bad hire is the output of a fiasco to precisely identify the competencies required for a position. Time, effort, energy and money is lost! Hence it becomes crucial that every interview must be well planned to elicit the competencies required for the said job or position.

The current pandemic context requires new strategies. Recruiters are doing more head-hunting and need complex abilities. The power of active listening and sending a message with a high impact must be reinforced with new competencies. Considering the challenges of a world affected by crises, lockdowns, loneliness of the workforce, the same issues can also be found in different companies.

Competencies play a key role in supporting good or superior performance on the job. In order to select the right candidate it is essential to assess the competencies that the individual possesses. “The key to finding out how someone will perform in a job is to collect and analyze examples of how he/she has performed in similar situations in the past” These can further be matched to the expected levels for a specified job role, thus helping the Interviewer to make an objective selection decision.

The needed skils for recruiters effectiveness.

Best Practices for managers involved in the recruitment process.

Recruitment principles.

Competency Based Interview particularities.

STAR funnel technique.

In-basket interview.


Tips and Tricks for Recruitment
Tips and Tricks for Recruitment
Tips and Tricks for Recruitment
Tips and Tricks for Recruitment




The Needed Skills for Recruiters

The Needed Skills for Recruiters

Few words for managers

Best Practices when conducting a structured interview

The Competency Based Interview

Competency Based Interview

Mapping and Evaluating Competencies

Star Technique

STAR Technique

In Basket Interview

In Basket Interview

How to manage a CBI

How to manage CBI

Final words

Final words


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