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Leadership: Recovery Coach and Drug Counseling Leadership

Master leadership skills and leadership techniques with this highly practical advice and training

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Utilize proven life coaching best practices including step-by-step processes and powerful tools.

Utilize a proven, step-by-step system with all the materials needed to help people.

Understand Why Peer Recovery Coaches and Counseling Plays an Important Role in Addiction Treatment.

Set goals with a clear vision in mind and taking the proper steps to achieve them.

Leverage your past as a tool and use the lesson from them to improve your resilience to accepting failure.

Evaluate your current stage in life to know the aspects in need of improvement to become a better person.

Realize your purpose, the immense deposition of gifts in you, and how to make good use of everything you have.

Surrendering and constant change as a tool for betterment.

Avoid distraction by staying focused with endurance.

How to avoid failure by refusing to empower it through Procrastination.

How to make minor adjustments by implementing little but better decisions.

The value of humility and application of information to dream fulfillment and for victorious living.


Calling-Out Social Workers, Professional Counselors, Peer Recovery Specialist, Psychologists, and Other Passionate Helping Professionals…

Who Want To Make A Difference In The Lives Of People With Addictions, Physical, Mental Issues, and Create A Life Of Freedom, Love, and Health For Themselves!


How many times have you found yourself working long hours and even losing your personal life because you just can’t escape the problems and struggles of people you help?

Have you ever found yourself questioning: “what is the real purpose of all this?” “Is this job even for me?”

Would you like to gain back that inner passion and become a person of confidence, strength, and peace?

If you answered “Yes” to at least one of these questions, please read on…

I know that you have passion… For those who need help, those who are going through some of the darkest moments in their lives, and that you are blessed to have the skills and opportunity to turn their lives around. But…

I also know that sometimes it feels like you live at work… even when you are at home with your loved ones while eating Wednesday evening dinner.

And that sometimes, you may be questioning yourself: “Is it even the right career that I chose?” “Why do I have to sacrifice so much and go through so much stress while the rewards aren’t even that big?”

And for this exact reason, you are here, reading this: to find that inner peace, regain mental connection with yourself, free yourself from stress, and impact people’s lives more than you ever thought was possible!

Take a look at what’s inside this revolutionary course:

· What is your purpose in this field? (this is probably the most important question I’ll help you find an answer to)

· How to balance your life and empower yourself: Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, and Relationally

· Obtaining vs. Maintaining, what is the difference, and which one is more important in your personal and professional life?

· How to never stop growing in your career and life? (I am talking about that feeling of happiness and fulfillment many people are just dreaming about)

· 3 step formula to get to your destination faster and produce better results for your clients?

· Is it commitment or contribution that’ll define your success? (“Chicken and the Pig story”)

· Robust Q&A to answer your most urgent and essential questions

· Much much more…

And remember. Life is not just about solving problems. There is joy, fulfillment, and success you can find in every area of it, and this book will help you do that!

Now, It’s Your Turn To Turn The Key and Reverse Your Life and Career.

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  1. This course is NOT created, sponsored, or provided by NAADAC, Association for Addiction Professionals, however, I am the Regional Director for the New Jersey Affiliate. 

  2. This is not a required course for the CPRS and will not count towards any LCADC or CADC testing.

  3. The Certification Board, Inc.’s Ethical Standards for Certified Peer Recovery Specialists is available at certbd.

  4. All Music in videos are provided by Another time Musician: LiQWYD

    If you would like we can discuss the possibility to do a LIVE training in-person or online.


Leadership: Recovery Coach and Drug Counseling Leadership
Leadership: Recovery Coach and Drug Counseling Leadership
Leadership: Recovery Coach and Drug Counseling Leadership
Leadership: Recovery Coach and Drug Counseling Leadership


Welcome to the Peer Recovery Support Leadership Training

Introduction to the Peer Recovery Support Leadership Training Part 2

25 graduate from Atlantic County Drug Court course

Module 1: You Must Have an Introduction

Key #1

Module 2: You must realize that your purpose is GREATER than your struggles

Key #2

Module 3: You must be willing to Surrender!

key #3

Module 4: You must always VISUALIZE vertically.

Key #4

Module 5: You must have ENDURANCE!

Key #5

Module 6: You must be able to make Minor Adjustments

Key #6

Module 7: You must stay Humble

Key #7

Module 8: Live Victoriously

Key #8

OPPORTUNITY: How to become a NAADAC Member

Join NAADAC today! | Helping You to Help Others

Minor Adjustments Program Mission Statement

'Go anywhere but backward!'


Clinton4 June 2021

This course was revelatory in the knowledge I gained in understanding addiction. Teacher was excellent.

Nikita3 June 2021

I didnt complete it yet so i don’t want to rush my opinion. From what I got so far, it is evidence based and translates the inside job exactly.

Balogun2 May 2021

This course has been incredible in assisting me with expanding on my past progress and it has shown me new strategies and points of view.

Cathy2 May 2021

Truely, I like the time period I was able to complete this course. It isn't so much that it is short; it is that it is COMPACT. There is no codding and that worked for me. The guidance seems as though it is coming from a position of care and not simply business. All things considered, I truly liked all the guidance, thanks.

Bagley2 May 2021

I appreciate the circle of perspective of this course. The active idea of this course implants the material inside me to build confidence.

Mabel2 May 2021

This course takes complex social awareness and designs them to reasonable set of ideas to be drilled in. Nice course.

Adeyemi2 May 2021

So cheerful I applied! This course assists you with knowing yourself better in private and work circumstances. I am proceeding with this journey and I can prescribe it to everyone!

Hernandez2 May 2021

At the point when I began this course, I had part of disarray that how might a course help yet it has helped me a great deal in knowing myself and furthermore I never figured it very well may be this much an intelligent course.

Laura2 May 2021

I was satisfied with the outcome as it was a difficult encounter that I had the option to effectively finish. The course is reasonable for all sort of professionals.

Gena2 May 2021

Extraordinary and remarkable course, much appreciated. I'm completely appreciating it while learning. Highly recommended


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