Real Estate Investing: Foreclosures, Flipping Houses Profits

How to Start Your Real Estate Investing Business the Right Way! Follow Jay Conner's Proven Systems and Success Formulas

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What you will learn

Understand the fundamentals of real estate investing

Know how to evaluate contractors

Understand how to evaluate a deal

Be competent in evaluating the ROI of a real estate investment

Know how to pick a "Real Estate Investor Friendly" Realtor

Understand the importance of building a team

Know the best ways to finance their real estate projects


With 15 years experience investing in homes in his small (Pop. 9,768) town of Morehead City, North Carolina, Jay Conner has perfected systems which anyone with persistence, determination and willingness to work can do.

Real estate investing is one of the tried and proven paths to wealth. Ninety percent of millionaires used real estate as at least one of their paths to making their fortune. For the average investor, real estate offers the best way to develop significant wealth.

This foundational course covers:

  • Why real estate?

  • How to fund your investment

  • What is Hard Money

  • How to find Private Money

  • How to use Other Peoples' Money (OPM)

  • The best places to find houses to buy

  • FSBO's

  • Foreclosures

  • Probates

  • How to turn your investment into profits

  • Rental Income

  • Flipping

  • Wholesaling

  • And much more....

Plus, Jay shares his biggest mistakes, Case Studies of deals averaging $67,000 per deal.

Start your real estate investing career on the right foot, enrol today!

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Why Invest in Real Estate?
The Success Mindset for Real Estate Investing
Building an Effective Team
Funding Your Real Estate Investment
Option #1: Your Own Money
Option #2: Your Bank's Money
Option #3: Hard Money
Option #4: Your Seller's Money
Option 5: "Subject To..." Deals
Option #6: Private Money
Real Estate Investment Opportunities
Foreclosure Process
Rent To Own
Rehabbing Houses
How to Locate Real Estate Deals
Ant Farms
Bandit Signs
Tired Landlords
Case Studies
Rent To Own Case Study with Greg Ulmar
Foreclosure Case Study with Jay Conner and John Merriweather
Anatomy of a $70K (in profits) Real Estate Deal
Wrap Up
Help Your Fellow Students
Next Steps
[Bonus] Free Real Estate Conference
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16 June 2021
Having just started the course, I am already enjoying it. It meets my expectations, but I will change this review with further detail once I complete the course.
2 February 2021
So far it's just basic introductory information. I'm waiting to get to the more indepth information.
30 January 2021
Jay is an expert in the field. He teaches Private money lending giving you the foundation to making offers.
8 January 2021
This is for complete neophytes! No real meat. Extremely basic rehash of info, all leading to an upsell! Should be FREE. Skip...
5 January 2021
Good Match. I have years of experience as a General Contractor and RE Investor, but got wiped out 10 yrs ago and took this Course as a refresher/warm up to getting starteda again from scratch.
4 November 2020
I AM taking this course to learn how to become a successful Real Estate Investor and so far he is an excellent Coach & Mentor & Teacher I appreciate him telling me about the type of mindset I need to have & the steps of action I need to take
26 August 2020
yes i liked it a lot i guess just a beginning for me, eager to learn, English is my third language always interesting to hear a new accent count me in for more coureses thanks
19 June 2020
Having the Right Mindset is Key: (1) Be Coachable & Listen, (2) Find a Mentor or Coach, & (3) Be an Action Taker! No statement is more true. Consistent Marketing, both Off-line and Online is critical to my success. Pick a "type" of investment Residential (single family residence vs. townhouse vs. condominium) or Commercial and get really, really good at it. And...Get Private Money - it's the key to not missing any deal, no matter how it needs to be structured. Tremendous content! Who Jay has in his team and how to get there. How to find the Sellers. How to make offers and get them accepted over others. Different strategies to consider. WOW
8 June 2020
As a real estate investor, I'm always wanting to know about what advantages I can gain from another experienced investor.
26 May 2020
This course covers the very basics of what you need to know in your first steps to real estate investing
23 March 2020
yes it taught me a lot. I would definitely go back to watch it over again till the principles fully sink in. Jay is a great teacher and is able to simplify the most complex information into bite size info that can be easily digested.
22 April 2019
Its a great match for me because its very informative. Even though I reside in the Bahamas its very practical for what is available to me.
28 March 2019
Yes, a good basic information course which is what I need. One question - where do you find a list of Private money people? Great otherwise.
27 November 2018
For the most part this is a basic overview of possible ways to be an investor in Real Estate. It does give some ideas for the student to use, but lacks in depth application of the ideas. More time could be spent on applying the ideas and how they would be used for the exit strategy. If you are a very new to Real Estate Investing, you will learn from this course. It give the new investor just enough knowledge to have them looking for more information.


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