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Academic Reading Comprehension and Note-taking That Work!

Understand what you read while you read it, remember it afterwards, and take highly effective notes!

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Academic Reading Comprehension and Note-taking That Work!



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Oct 2017

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What you will learn

Understand what you're reading while you read it

Take effective notes on what you read (no highlighting necessary!)

Remember what you've read after you read it


If you have to read dense text for an academic class, then this course is for you! You will learn how to understand what you read while you read it and remember it long after, too. And no more copying from the textbook for note-taking (and forgetting that, too)--because you'll also learn how to take effective notes. Ideal for students who are in middle school, high school, college, and graduate school. 


Course Intro and Reading Comprehension and Note-taking Strategy Steps 1-5

Course and Instructor Introduction

The Premise Behind This Course

Reading Comprehension and Note-taking Strategy Steps 1 and 2 of 12

Reading Comprehension and Note-taking Strategy Steps 3 and 4 of 12

Reading Comprehension and Note-taking Strategy Steps 5 and 6 of 12

Reading Comprehension and Note-taking Strategy 7: Getting Warmer!

Reading Comprehension and Note-taking Strategy Steps 7 of 12

Reading Comprehension and Note-taking Strategy Steps 9-12: It's Hot in Here!

Steps 8 and 9

Reading Comprehension and Note-taking Strategy Step 10 of 12

Reading Comprehension and Note-taking Strategy Steps 11 and 12 of 12

Why This Strategy Works and Further Applications

Why This Strategy Works and How to Take It Further


Robert8 October 2020

This has helped me a lot. I find that I am retaining much more information in much less time using this method than other methods. Thank you

Abdias5 September 2020

Very useful tips and techniques. Highly recommend this course for those who seek reading comprehension strategies.

Raman15 April 2020

It was a excellent course, the resource on the last lecture is not downloading for me it is not even showing the folder seems to be empty

Lena3 March 2020

It's a great course, and the information is very useful but probably not that great to adapt to technical information as it's hard to visualize those.

Tereza26 February 2020

As an adult learner my biggest problem was owning the materials on test book. I had difficulty remembering the subjects even though I would spend hours reading.your Larson was very helpful. I will no longer just read I will engage and converse with any book that passes true my hand. Thanks again

Jillian24 September 2019

Great course. Love the clay metaphor. Leslie's a great teacher, and this worked very well, both using it myself and thinking of how I can apply it.

Mark8 June 2019

A presentation of methods that I have met before and a bit short, but the tutor is engaging and the material well presented and short format means that you don't get bored so overall a decent course.

Mary8 May 2019

I think this course gives some excellent strategies on how to study and learn course material; however, I think that reading comprehension is a little different. I was hoping for some ideas on how to figure out what are the important ideas in any paragraph, or what exactly the teacher is asking on test questions...I always seem to think it's in a different direction than the teacher does.

Richard20 November 2018

This was a miss for me, I wanted to like it more. The instructor is engaging, bright and a pleasure to listen to. However in the end I didn't see myself improving using this methodology, especially with needing to learn and focus on technical style reading, I didn't see the approach working. The 3 stars is a solid 3 stars because some may find value in the techniques.

Jodie3 May 2018

I enjoyed the information presented in this course. I'm a big fan of note taking so I love fresh and new ideas to take notes. Great course.

Jerome7 April 2018

I 'am really happy I bought this. I needed a solid strategy to tackle dense reading material and the strategy/method she suggests is very good. I'm not a history buff and with the example she had us to use being a history lesson, I was dreading to "read" it her way or any kind of way. BUT Her way made it easier and I even got interested in the subject. It helped that she's smart, fun and engaging. It made the process easy to get. Her method doesn't save time, but it saved mental strength if that makes sense when reading and understanding dense material. My only wish is that she used more subjects as live examples OR let us download her take on a chapter from other subject courses. I'm in computer technology, so I'd love to see her take a chapter in networking and apply these steps to it. Even so, I have the confidence that this course is the answer to ALOT of academic reading problems. I totally recommend you buy it and give every step a shot.

Bruce30 January 2018

Good course on reading and note taking. I will implement the strategy for most of my textbooks. My only suggestion would be on how you could apply it using other subjects that don't quite lend itself easily to forming visualizations.

Tim5 January 2018

As this is a new concept and following and puting into practice is difficult. once i get to grips with the system i'm sure it will flow. This is very similar to the SQ3R system. enjoyed learning this stuff.

Emma16 December 2017

I found the course really easy to follow and the content was simple and to the point. The simplicity is deceptive though as the pay-off is amazing. My reading and note taking is so much more focused now. I would like more practice exercises though, just to gain more confidence. Loved the instructor. Friendly and concise. Would definitely enrol in more of her courses.

Frank3 December 2017

To my understanding the instructor hit upon the most important point when it comes to learning retrieval. Great course!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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