Rank & Rent Local Lead Generation: The Complete Guide

Learn Local Lead Generation, dive into the Rank & Rent Business Model and build a scalable passive income

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What you will learn

Rank & Rent - Learn how to rank your digital assets and rent them out to generate a passive income

Local Lead Generation - Learn how to generate customers for local businesses

Lucrative Niches - Learn how to find low-competition niches for easy wins

Website Building - Learn exactly how to build a professional and stunning website

SEO - Learn In-depth On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO to boost your website rankings

GMB - Learn how to setup, optimize and use Google My Business Listings to generate more customers

Securing Clients - Learn how to professionally find, talk and secure deals with local businesses

Outsourcing - Learn how to automate and outsource the Rank & Rent process


Hello there, my name is Jamie Tsang. I have been doing Rank & Rent for over 3 years and currently am making a passive income from this business model.

Are you wanting to look for a way to make a passive income from the comfort of your own home? Be your own boss? Have more free time? Rank & Rent is the ideal way to achieve all of these. The business model is a simple 3-step process:

1. Build a website (Digital Asset)

2. Rank your website on search engines (Such as google)

3. Rent your website out to local business owners in the area (And get paid on a recurring basis)

With over 70 lectures and more than 8 hours of content, this comprehensive course is the complete A to Z guide to Rank & Rent. You will be able to build your digital properties & start getting paid for generating leads for local businesses.

You will be able to follow along with me as I use a live example throughout this course to enable you to follow step-by-step on how I make my passive income.

I’ll bet you’ve even come across other Rank & Rent or Local Lead Generation courses online which cost you thousands to sign-up and join. Some of these only scratch the surface of the Rank & Rent model and don’t go into full detail. Luckily for you I provide all the information that these courses have and more.

You’ll learn to build websites, do professional niche research, use the power of SEO to skyrocket your rankings and learn the ins and outs of securing a B2B deal with a local business to land your passive income!

This course is for all levels, whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, you will learn the ‘secret sauce’ to skyrocketing your digital assets that make money for you!

This is the most comprehensive guide on the Rank & Rent business model and Local Lead Generation, nothing is left unturned! This course covers:

  • Niche Research

  • Keyword Research

  • Website Building

  • Google Search Console

  • Call-Tracking

  • Building website homepage

  • Building service pages

  • Creating full website content

  • Website navigation

  • SEO

  • On-Page SEO

  • Internal Linking

  • Geo-Tagging

  • Pagespeed Optimization

  • Off-Page SEO

  • Backlinking

  • Backlinking Strategies

  • GMB Setup

  • GMB Optimization

  • Citations

  • Complete guide to outsourcing

  • Finding local businesses

  • Professional call-script templates

  • Securing a deal

  • And so much more!

You will get lifetime access to over 70 lectures and access to many resources throughout the course to give you an edge in this business model.

If you have only speculated the Rank & Rent model or have already dived in and are struggling with the basics and need full guidance, follow me and together we will learn how to make a passive income in this business model!


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How does this model work? [Local Lead Generation]
The plan to generate passive income

Finding a Lucrative Niche

Niche and Keyword - Two Important Terms
Free tools you need
Finding a Low-Competition Niche
Analysing the Competition
In Summary - The 6 Factors for a Low-Competition niche
How to do Effective Keyword Research
Incredible Keyword Hack!

Setting up your digital asset - Website

In this section
Wordpress - What we use to build our digital property
Purchasing a domain - Get it cheap!
Installing Wordpress and setup
Linking your domain to Wordpress
Setup Google Search Console to track your progress
Call-Tracking Setup - Your money maker

Build your website Step-By-Step

In this section
Navigating Wordpress - The Game Plan
How to get a FREE logo in 5 minutes
Plugins - Why they are important - Easy Installation
Getting Images quick and easy for your site
Elementor Basics
Building your Homepage
Building your Service Pages
Building your other pages (About Us, Contact Page)
Setting up navigation of your website

Ranking your Property (On-Page SEO)

What is SEO? - The #1 Secret to skyrocket your rankings
The 3 Kings to rank your website
Powering up content and keywords
Internal Linking - Spread the Ranking Power!
Geo-Tagging Images to Boost your site's relevance
PageSpeed - Another Key Ranking Factor
On-Page SEO Checklist - What you need to do

Ranking your Property (Off-Page SEO)

In this section
What is a backlink? - Get your website to #1
Types of Backlinks
Criteria for High Quality Backlinks
Backlink Strategy #1 - Guest Posting
Backlink Strategy #2 - Stealing Competitor's Links
Backlink Strategy #3 - Resource Link Building
Backlink Strategy #4 - Forum Posting
Backlink Strategy #5 - Blog Commenting
Backlink Strategy #6 - Social Profiles

Building your 2nd digital asset - GMB

In this section
What is a GMB Listing?
GMB Setup and Basics
GMB complete optimization - Part 1
GMB complete optimization - Part 2
GMB Verification
What is a Citation?
How to build citations easily
The importance of Google Reviews to Boost Rankings
Outsourcing Google Reviews and Citations [Automated Solution]

Automated Solution: Outsourcing your work

In this section
Outsourcing your Rank & Rent Business
Outsource your Website Building & On-Page SEO
Outsource your Backlinks

Maintaining your Site, GMB and Rankings

In this section
Creating Quality Blog Posts to Improve Rankings
How long does it take to get to Page 1?
Using GSC to Track your Progress
Backlinks. More Backlinks.
Adding Local Schema - Easy Website Rank Booster

Finding & Landing a Client

In this section
Finding a Client - The Game Plan to Profit
How to get Professional Call Script Templates
Forwarding your Calls to the Client
Forwarding your Contact Form Entries to the Client
What payment type should you charge?
Approaching your Clients - The #1 Strategy to Use

Scaling Up & Finishing Off

Outsourcing = Passive Income Automation
Rank & Rent Local Lead Generation: Completed!

Course Transcript

Course Transcript

Resource List

Resource List for entire course


July 15, 2022
I almost got suckered into a $7500 program on digital landlords... but did some research and discovered this course. He offered a TON of value. I'm so glad I did!
July 9, 2022
I really enjoy the step by step computer navigation. I am very much a visual learner this portion is really geared to my learning style.
June 1, 2022
Very clear and valuable information. The skills are easy to follow and aquire through the videos and everything is presented in a logical order.
May 21, 2022
Great course with everything you need to know about the tank and rent model. The one area I think could be improved is the text/copywriting parts. Rather than muting the audio and speeding up the video when Jamie is writing, and for the viewer to essentially read later, it would be much more useful to talk through what is being written and why. Overall though, fab content.
May 21, 2022
This course is very thorough. It is well laid out and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about Rank & Rent.
April 27, 2022
Awesome course that teaches you rank and rent. Far superior to more expensive courses. I can't wait to rank my first site on the first page and collect revenue.
April 25, 2022
Very detailed information, actionable and explained in a 'for dummies' schema. Very difficult to get 'lost' although there is a plethora of useful info/strategies.
April 3, 2022
So far, so good. I am revisiting a topic I have already learned, but this is offering new tools and hopefully some new perspectives that will help me build a thriving lead gen business.
January 19, 2022
It is early in the course but already I am learning things others have chosen to omit from thier "Expert" YouTube tutorials and other informational videos. I can see the trejectory already, and I am very pleased with this high value course and where it will help guide me to, with hard work and above all, with Jehovah God's help!
January 13, 2022
I'm only in Section 3, Setting up digital assets. James has very clearly presented step by step how to start this business. I will update, when I finish the course. I enjoy his instruction, easy to follow.
October 24, 2021
I have good expreince of local seo and this course has show me how set up your leadgen business. Quite happy to have this course. If any body need VA for lead gen site, send me email on samiulhaqseo@gmail.com
August 24, 2021
This is the best rank and rent course that I've taken. Jamie is very clear and articulate in his delivery. The tips and tricks with very useful hacks are really what set Jamie apart from the rest of the mentors. He takes you by the hand and show you from start to finish. Highly recommended to anyone interested in this course. Cheers !
August 19, 2021
After extensive research, I choose Jamie Tsang’s course and I’m so glad I did. This is a step by step lesson on how to make money with rank and rent. It works!
August 9, 2021
I have completed lecture 7 so far. This lecture outlines the steps needed from a to z to start a Rank and Rent business. So I am happy about that and I like the price.
July 25, 2021
Outstanding job! what a beautiful course. I learned a lot. I am ready to build my first site. I will buy more courses from Jamie.



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