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Raise Your Vibration: Your Guide To Higher Consciousness

Bring your mind & body to a new frequency beyond the 'mundane world' with diet, sound, yoga, meditation, 'gazing' & more

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Learn how to raise your vibration to a new frequency beyond the 'mundane world'.

Learn new ways to approach your diet to bring more light into your body.

Learn a new approach to meditation, and working consciously with your mind to clear it of negativity.

Learn how to gaze at things, to merge with their energy field, and expand yoiur consciousness beyond your current paradigm.

Learn some body work keys such as shaking, Kundalini Yoga and Kundalini Dance

Explore the power of seven in the universe, such as the seven sounds, colours and chakras to bring you into divine alignment.

Learn about how using Sacred Geometry can bering your mind and body into harmony with higher frequencies.

Learn how to work with sound to resonate your energy field to new, raised vibrations

Learn to work with fire, ritual and the 8 point of the natural cycles.

Learn the most powerful tools that I have discovered in my journey as a spiritual teacher, since my awakening in 2003.


***Updated November 2020***

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” - Nikola Tesla

Each, and everyone of us, is vibrating at a certain frequency, and has a unique frequency signature.

In order to move beyond disabling trapped emotions such as depression, guilt, shame, resentment, self-doubt, confusion etc. we need to raise our vibration.

When we raise our vibration, trapped emotions begin to move, and we begin to release our energy that has been trapped by holding on to the past.

Then we can begin to increase the frequency of our energy field, and begin to gain consistent access to higher, and more expansive states of consciousness, such a love, joy, contentment, peace, ecstasy, bliss.

In this revolutionary course, I will share with you all the most powerful tools that I have used over the years on my journey into raising my vibration.

I have a lot of experience, as following a spiritual awakening in 2003, I, Mark Keane, have been on an accelerated journey. I am an experienced teacher of Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Dance, and Meditation, to name but a few. I also hold huge, consciousness expanding events called Kundalini Clubbing, and currently have 10,000 students in our community, awakening with me on Udemy.

I feel honoured and grateful to be given this opportunity to share these extraordinarily techniques with you on this platform. Some of them might be familiar to you, but many will not be, and some will make you look again at things you thought you knew.

"We live at a crossroads, there's no doubt. We all feel it, we all know it" - Graham Hancock.

Yes, friends, this is the time for us, the people to rise up, and fully reclaim our power.

Now is the time for you to feel good, and live the life that you were destined to live...one of colour, light and magic.

This is the first time I have made a course like this, or even seen a course like this...a course that is designed to expand your consciousness, and open you up to the higher dimensions of life.

  • We cover the secrets to an awakened diet, to open your body to higher frequencies.

  • Powerful technique called 'gazing', to merge your consciousness with different things, like the sun!

  • Explore ways to meditate, and work consciously with the mind, and its mental stream, to expand your potential.

  • Work with sound vibration to get your body and mind to resonate at higher frequencies.

  • Body work, including Kundalini  YogaKundalini Dance, and Shaking!

  • Learn about how using Sacred Geometry can bring your mind and body into harmony with higher frequencies.

  • Learn how the Law of Attraction really works, and how you can make it work for you, to bring the things into your life which are for your highest good.

  • Learn how to work with the power of seven from someone who has been working with the seven chakras since 2003!

  • Learn to work with transformational energy of fire, ritual and the 8 points of the ancient calendar, which is synchronised with the cycles of nature.

  • Crystals, Angel Cards, Laughter Yoga...and much, much more!

Are you ready to "Raise Your Vibration'?

If so, what are you waiting for...ENROL NOW!


Raise Your Vibration: Your Guide To Higher Consciousness
Raise Your Vibration: Your Guide To Higher Consciousness
Raise Your Vibration: Your Guide To Higher Consciousness
Raise Your Vibration: Your Guide To Higher Consciousness



Introduction To This Course

Everything Is Vibration


Raw Food & Superfoods

Being Vegetarian

Being Vegan

Being Fruitarian

Cleansing/Being Liquidarian

Fasting/Being Breatharian

Sacred Cacao

Drink/Bless Water

Alcohol & The Lost Art Of Sacred Fermentation

Plant Medicine

Sacred Herbs


Mind And Body Spa

Lucid Living

Attitude Of Gratitude

Binaural Beats

Visualisation On Light


Monitor Your Thoughts

Smile/Inner Smile


Candle Gazing

Sun Gazing

Sun Gazing In Practice

Dissolving Into Space

Merging Into Nature

Merging Into Nature In Practice

Moon Baths

Beauty Appreciation

Body Work


Jumping Jacks 2.0

Kundalini Yoga: Lungs & Circulation

Kundalini Yoga: Eagle Pose

Kundalini Dance: Body Parts Warm Up


Fire Ritual

Sacred Sites And Energy Lines

Laughter Yoga

Law Of Attraction

Signs And Synchronicity

Reiki & Energy Healing



Angel Cards

Follow Your Joy



Heart Singing

Tuning Forks

Power of Seven

Seven Colours

Seven Sounds

Seven Chakras

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometey

Flower Of Life




Nerissa7 July 2021

Mark is wise, playful and a wonderful educator. This is a brilliant course covering many different elements of raising our vibration. Sending love and thanks from Australia. Nerissa x

Matt16 June 2020

Mark is great. He’s clear and intelligent on the subject. The energy seems to lift right out of him.


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