Learn Quora Ads - Beginner Level in 2021 ( Step by Step )

How to start with Quora Ads & Marketing. Learn to set up the Campaigns, Adsets, Ads, Targeting, Audience Building!

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Learn Quora Ads - Beginner Level in 2021 ( Step by Step )


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Apr 2020

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What you will learn

Introduction of Quora Ads platform - 2021

Quora Ads - Campaign Structure

How to setup campaign, adsets and ads

Introduction of Quora Pixel and Setup

Campaign Optimization

Reporting Automation


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Are you looking for Quora Ads & Marketing Course & want to 

  • Build new skills in Digital Marketing?

  • Know how you can leverage Quora Ads in your Marketing Mix ?

  • Know how you can start using Quora platform for your business ?

Then this course is for YOU.

On completion of this course you will :

  • Build Skills to launch & optimize Campaign on Quora Ads Platform and influence prospects during their research

  • Enhance your Skill Set in Digital Marketing

  • Grow your Startup Online

I want to enable you to learn new marketing skills with this course. I have seen companies adding Quora Ads in their marketing strategy and achieve targets and acquire more customers, you can do the same for your business or your clients business. Quora as a platform is used extensively by almost all types of B2B and B2C companies to influence their prospects while researching. Businesses answer questions on Quora and aware people about the services and solutions they offer. With the capabilities to increase their reach to their potential customers they are also using this platforms to run ads and achieve their business goals effectively.

What will be covered

  • What are Quora Ads

  • Why to start using Quora Ads in your Marketing Strategy

  • Setting up of Campaign, Adsets & Ads

  • Introduction of Quora Pixel

  • Set up of Base Pixel & Event Pixel

  • Reporting Automation

  • Audience Creation

  • Quora Ads Best Practices and More

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to build Digital Marketing Skills

  • An Entrepreneur who has just started up and want to create business

  • Anyone who knows basics of Online Paid Marketing and want to learn a new Ad platform

  • Anyone who is an affiliate marketer or aspire to be one



Introduction to Quora Ads

7 Reasons to Learn Quora Ads Platform


How to Create Campaign

Best Practices - Campaign Level


How to Create Adsets

Best Practices - Adset Level


How to Create Ads

Best Practices - Ads Level

Audience Creation

Importance of Audience Creation

How to Create Audience

Reporting Automation

Importance of Reporting Automation

How to Automate Reports

Quora Pixel

Introduction of Quora Pixel

Base Pixel Setup

Event Pixel Setup


Sami20 August 2020

Good course for beginners....before this course i have no idea but right now i have enough idea how to do.


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