QuickBooks Pro Desktop Bookkeeping With Bank Feeds 2022 2021

Learn how to setup and us bank feed for QuickBooks Desktop from a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

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QuickBooks Pro Desktop Bookkeeping With Bank Feeds 2022 2021
17 hours
Jan 2022
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What you will learn

Options for using QuickBooks Desktop including a free 30 day trial version

How to setup bank feeds

How to navigate the bank feed center

How to connect to the bank or upload bank data to the QuickBooks Software

How to use bank feed data to construct financial statements & reports

How to match bank feed data to transactions in QuickBooks

Hot to use bank feeds for credit cards

How to use bank rules


We will discuss how bank feeds can fit into an accounting system, how to setup bank feeds, and how to construct financial statements using bank feed data.

We will import bank feed data into our QuickBooks system.

The course will add bank feed data to the financial statement, breaking the process out into cash increase transactions and cash decrease transactions.

Learners will understand how to generate bank rules to make the data input process faster as time passes, the first moth of data input often being the most difficult due to not having prior transactions to refer back to.

As we construct bank feed transactions we will consider the difference between a cash method and an accrual method, the difference between an accounting system that is created from the bank data and an accounting system that uses bank data to verify data input.

The course will cover how bank feed data can be matched to transactions such as invoices, sales receipt forms, receive payment forms, deposit forms, bills, and checks. The matching of bank feed data to data impute forms can help with the bank reconciliation process, as we match up what has been entered into QuickBooks with what has cleared the bank.



.20 Download Free or Paid QuickBooks Pro 2021
.30 Install QuickBooks Pro 2021
.40 Increase Size of Icons
320 How To Setup Bank Feeds

Bank Data - Download and Import Into QuickBooks

360 Download Transactions From Bank
365 Bank Feed Center Navigation
365 Import Bank Transactions Into QuickBooks

Add Bank Feed Transactions For Cash Decreases

370 Add Normal Expenses To Books From Bank Feed Limbo
375 Enter Transaction Purchasing Equipment Using Bank Feeds
380 Enter Transaction Purchasing Inventory Using Bank Feeds
385 Enter Transaction Purchasing Investments Using Bank Feeds
390 Enter Transaction For Owner Withdrawal or Personal Payment Using Bank Feeds

Add Bank Feed Transactions For Cash Decreases

395 Enter Transaction for Income Deposit For Online Cash Basis Business
400 Enter Transaction for Owner Deposit or Loan Deposit Using Bank Feeds

Payroll and Sales Tax Transactions

403 Enter Transaction for Payroll Using Bank Feeds
405 Sales Tax & Bank Feed Overview

Matching Bank Feed Deposits to Invoice, Sales Receipt, & Deposit

440 Bank Feeds Matching Invoice to Deposit
445 Bank Feeds Matching Sales Receipt to Deposit
446 Bank Feeds Matching Deposit From Customer
449 Bank Feeds Matching Sales Receipt

Credit Card Bank Feeds

460 Bank Feeds Credit Card Data Setup
465 Credit Card Bank Feed Add Data
467 Bank Feed to Bank Feed Transaction
475 Credit Card Reconciliation First Month
480 Credit Card Reconciliation After First Month

Bank Rules

540 Bank Rules – Same Customer Different Income Accounts
550 Bank Rules – Same Vendor Filter by Amount
580 Bank Feeds – Add Remaining Transactions & Bank Rules
590 Bank Reconciliation Bank Feeds First Month
592 Bank Reconciliation Bank Feeds After First Month
596 Financial Reports Generated From Bank Feeds


September 10, 2022
QuickBooks Pro Plus desktop 2020 to setting up bank feeds Get ready because we bookkeeping pros are moving up the hilltop with QuickBooks Pro Plus desktop 2022. We are in our QuickBooks bank feed practice file going through our standard setup process with the view drop down the open windows list. and you know that tax time is coming up and you’re saying hey, I got to import a whole year’s worth of data into my system or possibly multiple years worth of data and do some tax returns that I have not yet done or something like that. You also want to consider the cutoff date. Meaning Where do you want to stop getting the data from and then go forward from that time, noting that we want to be careful not to be missing data. The process of entering the bank feeds as well as the bank reconciliations will help us with those two tasks as well. And then basically add an account for a cache type of account. So if we were to say, Okay, I want this to be a bank type of account, then it will typically possibly ask you once you set this up, if you want to connect the bank feeds to it at that point in time.
October 2, 2021
It was a memorable presentation, it gave me new ideas about what to do using bookkeeping in bank receipts and many more


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