QuickBooks Online vs. Excel 2023

QuickBooks and Excel accounting cycle, reporting financial transaction to both QuickBooks and Excel compare and contrast

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QuickBooks Online vs. Excel 2023
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Mar 2023
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What you will learn

Enter normal business transactions in QuickBooks

Enter normal business transactions in Excel using debits and credits

Reconcile bank accounts in QuickBooks

Reconcile bank accounts in Excel

Generate Reports in QuickBooks

Make Reports in Excel

Analyze Reports


Would we like to run our business better using accounting software?

Would we like to better understand accounting concepts, how they apply to accounting software, and work accounting problems MUCH faster?

Would we like to advance our career by increase our skills with business software?

This comprehensive QuickBooks Online & Excel course can help to achieve these goals

Why choose this course?

Current video content means all QuickBooks lectures are done recently as of this post rather than adding a few new videos to content from prior years.

This course also includes:

  • Excel worksheet that are formatted so that we can consentrate on the accounting relationships and on using the fundamentals of Excel.

Who will we be learning from?

You will be learning from somebody who has technical experience in accounting concepts and in accounting software like QuickBooks, as well as experience teaching and putting together curriculum.

You will be learning from somebody who is a:

  • CPA – Certified Public Accountant
  • CGMA – Chartered Global Management Accountant
  • Master of Science in Taxation
  • CPS – Certifies Post-Secondary Instructor
  • Curriculum Development Export

As a practicing CPA the instructor has worked with many technical accounting issues and helped work through them and discuss them with client of all levels.

As a CPS and professor, the instructor has taught many accounting classes and worked with many students in the fields of accounting, business, and business applications.

The instructor also has a lot of experience designing courses and learning how students learn best and how to help students achieve their objectives. Experience designing technical courses has also help in being able to design a course in a logical fashion and deal with problems related to technical topics and the use of software like QuickBooks Pro.

How will we be Taught?

We will learn by doing, by providing a presentation, and providing the tools to work through the processes presented. Learning QuickBooks and Excel is something best learned by doing, by applying skills to the QuickBooks application.

A partial list of topics covered is below.

  • Start a New Company File
  • Accounting Methods
  • Enter Data for the First Month of Operations
  • Enter Data for the Second Month of Operation
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Adjusting Entries and Reversing Entries

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Start a New Company File

1 Start A New Business
QuickBooks - 6.05 Set Up New Company & Preferences
Excel Files 6.05
Excel - 6.05 Set up New Company Worksheet
QuickBooks - 6.10 Part 1 Item - Service Set Up
QuickBooks - 6.10 Part 2 Items Inventory Set Up
Excel Files 6.10
Excel 6.10 Set Up Inventory Items
QuickBooks - 6.15 Customer Balance Setup
Excel Files 6.15
Excel 6.15 Set Up Customer Balances
QuickBooks - 6.20 Vendor - New Vendor & Opening Balance
Excel Files 6.20
Excel 6.20 Set Up Vendors Beginning Balances
QuickBooks - 6.25 Set up New Accounts & Export Trial Balance to Excel
Excel Files 6.25
Excel 6.25 Enter Opening Account Balances
QuickBooks - 6.35 Payroll Options
QuickBooks - 6.40 Set Up New Employees
QuickBooks - 6.45 Transaction List by Date
QuickBooks - 6.50 Adjusted Beginning Account Balances
Accounting Comic Break

Accounting Concepts

Accounting Concepts
Revenue Recognition Principle
Financial Transaction Rules

Enter Data for the first month of operations

Enter Data for the First Month of Operations
QuickBooks 7.05 Record Owner & Loan Deposit
Excel Files 7.05
Excel 7.05 Owner Deposit & Loan Deposit
QuickBooks 7.10 Part 1 Record Purchase Furniture
QuickBooks 7.10 Part 2 Record Short-Term Investment
Excel Files 7.10
Excel 7.10 Purchase Furniture & Record Investment
QuickBooks 7.16 Sales Tax u
QuickBooks 7.17 Part 1 Purchase Order
QuickBooks 7.17 Part 2 Purchase Order Add Inventory Item
QuickBooks 7.20 Part 1 Create Invoice with Inventory
QuickBooks 7.20 Part 2 Invoice with Inventory
Excel Files 7.20
Excel 7.20 Part 1 Invoice Transaction
Excel 7.20 Part Two Create on Invoice Transaction
QuickBooks 7.23 Undeposited Funds Set Up
QuickBooks 7.25 Part 1 Receive Payment f
QuickBooks 7.25 Part 2 Receive Payment
Excel Files 7.25
Excel 7.25 Receive Payment Part 1
Excel 7.25 Receive Payment Part 2
Excel 7.25 Receive Payment Part 3
QuickBooks 7.30 Part 1 Sales Receipt f
QuickBooks 7.30 Part 2 Sales Receipt
Excel Files 7.30
Excel 7.30 Cash Sales Transaction Part 1
Excel 7.30 Part 2 Cash Sales Service
QuickBooks 7.32 Sales Receipt & Payment Correct
QuickBooks 7.35 Deposit Record
Excel Files 7.35
Excel 7.35 Deposit Part 1
Excel 7.35 Deposit Part 2
QuickBooks 7.37 Expense Billable Setting Turn On
Excel Files 7.40
Excel 7.40 Part 1 Inventory Payment
Excel 7.40 Part 2 Inventory Payment
QuickBook 7.42 Correct Check Add Billable Customer
QuickBooks 7.45 Part 1 Invoice Created by Billable Expense
QuickBooks 7.45 Part 2 Invoice Populated By Billable Expense
Excel Files 7.45
Excel 7.45 Invoice for Preordered Item Part 1
Excel 7.45 Invoice for Preordered Item Part 2
QuickBooks 7.50 Receive Payment & Make Deposit
Excel Files 7.50
Excel 7.50 Receive Payment & Make Deposit
QuickBooks 7.55 Write Checks for Expenses
Excel Files 7.55
Excel 7.55 Part 1 Write Check
Excel 7.55 Part 2 Write Check Part 2
QuickBooks 7.60 Pay Bills
Excel Files 7.60
Excel 7.60 Pay Bills
QuickBooks 7.65 Customer Jobs or Sub Customers
Excel Files 7.65
Excel 7.65 Customer Jobs
QuickBooks 7.70 Pay Employees
Excel Files 7.70
Excel 7.70 Payroll
QuickBooks 7.75 Job or Sub-Customer Sales Receipt
Excel Files 7.75
Excel 7.75 Job Sales Receipt
QuickBooks 7.80 Generate Report & Export to Excel
Excel Files 7.80
Excel 7.80 Financial Statements & Reports
Excel 7.90 Closing Process January
Excel 7.92 Worksheet Month Two

Enter Data for the second month of operation

Enter Data for the Second Month of Operations
QuickBooks 8.05 Loan Payments, Interest, Principle
Excel Files 8.05
Excel 8.05 Make Loan Payments
QuickBooks 8.10 Short Term Investment Deposit
Excel Files 8.10
Excel 8.10 Short Term Investment
QuickBooks 8.15 Purchase Order New Item
QuickBooks 8.20 Receive Inventory With Bill
Excel Files 8.20
Excel 8.20 Receive Inventory With Bill Part 1
Excel 8.20 Receive Inventory With Bill Part 2
QuickBooks 8.25 Sales Receipt & Deposit
Excel Files 8.25
Excel 8.25 Part 1 Sales Receipt & Deposit
Excel 8.25 Part 2 Sales Receipt & Deposit
QuickBooks 8.30 Advanced Payment From Customer
Excel Files 8.30
Excel 8.30 Advanced Payment From Customer
QuickBooks 8.35 Apply Credit to Invoice
Excel Files 8.35
Excel 8.35 Apply Credit to Invoice
QuickBooks 8.40 Record Sale on Account
Excel Files 8.40
Excel 8.40 Record Sales on Account
QuickBooks 8.45 Advance Customer Payment
QuickBooks 8.45 Bills - Track & Pay
Excel Files 8.45
Excel 8.45 Advance Customer Payment
Excel Files 8.50
Excel 8.50 Bills Track & Pay
QuickBooks 8.55 Customer Payment On Account & Deposit
Excel Files 8.55
Excel 8.55 Customer Payment on Account
QuickBooks 8.60 Sale Tax Payment
Excel Files 8.60
Excel 8.60 Pay Sales Tax
QuickBooks 8.65 Payroll Tax Payments
Excel Files 8.65
Excel 8.65 Pay Payroll Tax
QuickBooks 8.70 Enter Bills & Pay Bills
Excel Files 8.70
Excel 8.70 Enter Bills & Pay Bills
QuickBooks 8.75 Enter Service Items & Invoice
Excel Files 8.75
Excel 8.75 Service Item & Invoices
QuickBooks 8.77 Purchase Equipment with Debt
Excel 8.77 Purchase Equipment with Debt
QuickBooks 8.80 Payroll
Excel Files 8.80
Excel 8.80 Payroll
QuickBooks 8.90 Rental Income Recorded
Excel Files 8.90
Excel 8.90 Rental Income
QuickBooks 8.95 Comparative Financial Statements Feb
Excel 8.95 Financial Statements

Bank Reconciliations

Adjusting Entries, Financial Statements, and Reversing Entries
Bank Reconciliations
QuickBooks 9.10 Bank Reconciliation First Month
Excel 9.10 Bank Reconciliation January
Excel 9.12 Bank Reconciliation Adjusting Entries January
QuickBooks 9.15 Bank Reconciliation Second Month
Excel 9.15 Bank Reconciliation February
Excel 9.20 Bank Reconciliation Feb. Adjusting Entries

Adjusting Entries, Financial Statements, Closing Entries, and Reversing Entries

Adjusting Entries, Financial Statements, Closing Entries, and Reversing Entries
QuickBooks 10.10 Short term loan Adjusting Entry
Excel Files 10.10
Excel 10.10 Loan Payable Adjusting Entry Part 1
QuickBooks 10.15 Short term portion of loan Adjusting Entry
Excel Files 10.15
Excel 10.15 Loan Payable Adjusting Entry Part 2
QuickBooks 10.20 Accrued Interest Adjusting entry
Excel Files 10.20
Excel 10.20 Accrued Interest Adjusting Entry
QuickBooks 10.25 Invoice Adjusting Entry
Excel Files 10.25
Excel 10.25 Invoice Adjusting Entry
QuickBooks 10.40 Prepaid Insurance Adjusting Entry
Excel Files 10.40
Excel 10.40 Prepaid Insurance Adjusting Journal Entry
QuickBooks 10.45 Depreciation Adjusting Journal Entry
Excel Files 10.45
Excel Files 10.45
QuickBooks 10.50 Unearned Revenue Adjusting Entry
Excel Files 10.50
Excel 10.50 Unearned Revenue Adjusting Entry
QuickBooks 10.30 Reversing Entry Accrued Interest
Excel Files 10.300
Excel 10.300 Accrued Interest Reversing Entry
QuickBooks 10.35 Reversing Entry Accounts Receivable
Excel Files 10.350
Excel 10.350 Accounts Receivable Reversing Entry
QuickBooks 10.55 Reverse Unearned Revenue Adjusting Entry
Excel Files 10.550
Excel 10.550 Unearned Revenue Reversing Entry
Excel Files 10.60
Excel 10.60 Financial Statements
Excel Files 10.65
Excel 10.65 Closing Process February


QuickBooks Online vs. Excel 2023 - Screenshot_01QuickBooks Online vs. Excel 2023 - Screenshot_02QuickBooks Online vs. Excel 2023 - Screenshot_03QuickBooks Online vs. Excel 2023 - Screenshot_04


November 20, 2022
Very informative. As I'm an accountant that only wants to familiarize myself with QBO, it's kinda easy to follow. For non-accountants, it might be a little hard to follow but should be manageable enough. Kudos!
June 4, 2020
I am able to follow the tutor's instructions on Quickbooks no problem. He explains the steps very well. This should be very helpful to me! However it takes him quite some time to reply to my queries and I usually have to send him reminders to get back to me.


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