QuickBooks Desktop vs Sage 50cloud Accounting 2020

Compare two top accounting software packages with a practicing CPA.

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QuickBooks Desktop vs Sage 50cloud Accounting 2020
42 hours
Mar 2020
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What you will learn

Set up two top Accounting Software packages

Navigate the accounting software

Enter normal business transaction into Accounting Software

Reconcile bank accounts using both Accounting Software packages

Generate and analyze reports including a balance sheet, an income statement, and supporting reports

Export Reports to Excel


Compare two of the top accounting software packages systematically and thoroughly (QuickBooks Desktop and Sage 50cloud Accounting).

This course will compare the purchasing process.

We will take a look at installing the accounting software on our computer.

Learners will understand how to navigate through the software, breaking the navigation process into cycles, including the revenue cycle, the purchases cycle, and the employee cycle.

We will enter two months of data into each accounting software package, reflecting on the effect on the financial statements after each step.

The course will demonstrate the bank reconciliation process for both accounting software packages.

Learners will also understand the adjusting and reversing entry process and be able to enter journal entries into both accounting software packages.


Getting Started - Getting Setup with QuickBooks Pro 2020

.05 Recommendations For Success
QuickBooks .10 QuickBooks Desktop Vs QuickBooks Online
.10 Sage 50 Cloud Free Test Drive
QuickBooks .15 QuickBooks Desktop Options
QuickBooks .20 Purchase & Download QuickBooks Pro 2020
QuickBooks .30 Install QuickBooks Pro 2020

Navigating Through QuickBooks - QuickBooks Pro 2020

QuickBooks Download Backup Files
Sage Download Backup Files
QuickBooks Answer Key and Documents
Sage Documents to Download
Sage 1.05 Navigation Overview
QuickBooks 1.10 Restore Backup File
QuickBooks 1.15 Home Page Vendors Section
QuickBooks 1.20 Home Page Customer Section
Sage 1.15 Customers Section Flow
Sage 1.16 Customer Section Invoice
Sage 1.17 Customers Section Receive Payment
Sage 1.19 Customers Section Sales Receipts
Sage 1.20 1 Vendors Section Overview
Sage 1.20 2 Vendors Section Bill Form
Sage 1.22 Vendor Section Pay Bill
Sage 1.23 Vendors Section Purchase Order
1.24 Vendors Section Check
QuickBooks 1.25 Home Page Banking Section
QuickBooks 1.28 Home Page Employee Section
Sage 1.25 Employee Section
Sage 1.28 Other Sections
QuickBooks 1.30 Reports Center
QuickBooks 1.35 Forms
QuickBooks 1.37 Lists
Sage 1.30 Reports Overview
QuickBooks 1.40 Help Options
Sage 1.40 Help Options
QuickBooks 1.45 Print & Export Reports
Sage 1.45 Print & Export Reports to Excel
QuickBooks 1.50 Create Backup File
Sage 1.50 Backup

Balance Sheet and Balance Sheet Options in QuickBooks Pro 2020

QuickBooks Answer Key and Documents
QuickBooks 2.10 Balance Sheet
Sage 2.10 Balance Sheet
QuickBooks 2.15 Balance Sheet Display Options
QuickBooks 2.20 Header Footer Report Options
QuickBooks 2.25 Fonts & Numbers Report Options
QuickBooks 2.35 Comparative Balance Sheet
QuickBooks 2.40 Summary Balance Sheet
QuickBooks 2.45 Create a Memorize Report Group
QuickBooks 2.50 Memorize Reports to a Custom Group

Profit & Loss / Income Statement QuickBooks Pro 2020

QuickBooks 3.10 Profit and Loss Report
Sage 3.10 Income Statement
QuickBooks 3.15 Custom Income Statement
QuickBooks 3.20 Comparative Profit & Loss
QuickBooks 3.25 Vertical Analysis Profit & Loss

Other Reports & Graphs in QuickBooks 2020

QuickBooks 4.10 Sales Graph
Sage 4.10 Statement of Cash Flows
QuickBooks 4.15 Income & Expense Graph
QuickBooks 4.20 Sales by Customer Report
QuickBooks 4.25 Sales by Item Report
Sage 4.20 Sales By Customer Report
QuickBooks 4.30 Accounts Receivable Aging Report
Sage 4.30 Aged Receivables Report
QuickBooks 4.35 Accounts Payable Aging Report
Sage 4.35 Aged Payables Reports
QuickBooks 4.40 Accounts Payable Graph
QuickBooks 4.50 Accounts Receivable Graph
Sage 4.40 Sales Graphs

2020 Course Project Start - Set Up New Company File, Preferences, & Users

QuickBooks Backup Files
QuickBooks 6.002 New Company Set Up in QuickBooks Pro 2020
QuickBooks 6.004 Company Preferences Accounting
QuickBooks 6.006 Company Preferences Checking
QuickBooks 6.007 Company Preferences General
QuickBooks 6.008 Company Preferences Items & Inventory
QuickBooks 6.0094 Company Preferences Reminders, Reports, & Graphs
QuickBooks 6.009 Company Preferences Payroll
QuickBooks 6.009 Import Items, Customers, & Vendors
Sage 6.01 Set up New Company
Sage 6.09 Objective
QuickBooks 6.10 Set up Service Items
Sage 6.10 1 Inventory & Service Items Part 1
QuickBooks 6.11 Inventory Tracking Options
Sage 6.11 2 Inventory & Service Items Part 2
QuickBooks 6.12 Set up Inventory Items
QuickBooks 6.15 Set Up Customers
Sage 6.15 Set Up Customers & Beginning Balances Part 1
Sage 6.16 Set Up Customers & Beginning Balances Part 2
QuickBooks 6.20 Set Up Vendors
Sage 6.20 Set Up Vendors & Beginning Balances
QuickBooks 6.25 Add New Accounts & Opening Balances
Sage 6.25 Add Bank Account
QuickBooks 6.30 Adjust New Account Balances
Sage 6.26 Add Credit Card
Sage 6.27 Add Notes Payable
Sage 6.28 Add Equipment Account
QuickBooks 6.40 Set Up New Employee
Sage 6.35 Payroll Options
QuickBooks 6.45 Generate Transaction Detail Report To Review New Company Setup
Sage 6.55 Generate Transaction Detail Report

Enter Data for the first month of operations - QuickBooks 2020

QuickBooks Backup Files
QuickBooks 7.05 Record Owner & Loan Deposit
Sage 7.05 Record Owner & Loan Deposit
QuickBooks 7.10 Record Purchase Purchase of Furniture & Investment
Sage 7.10 1 Record Purchase Furniture
Sage 7.10 2 Record Short-Term Investment
Sage 7.16 Sales Tax Set Up
QuickBooks 7.17 Purchase Order P.O.
Sage 7.17 1 Purchase Order Part 1
Sage 7.18 Purchase Order & Add Inventory Item
QuickBooks 7.20 Create an Invoice
Sage 7.20 1 Create an Invoice with Inventory Part 1
Sage 7.20 2 Create an Invoice with Inventory Part 2
Sage 7.25 1 Receive Payment Part 1
Sage 7.25 2 Receive Payment Part 2
QuickBooks 7.25 Receive Payment
QuickBooks 7.30 Create Sales Receipts
Sage 7.30 1 Sales Receipt Part 1
Sage 7.30 2 Sales Receipt Service Item
QuickBooks 7.35 Create Sales Receipts
Sage 7.35 Deposit Records Group Deposits
QuickBooks 7.40 Make Payment for Inventory linked To Purchase Order
Sage 7.40 1 P.O. Billed & Paid Part 1
Sage 7.40 2 P.O. Billed & Paid Part 2
QuickBooks 7.45 Invoice for Custom Order Linked To P.O. & Payment
Sage 7.45 Invoice After Purchase Order Part 1
Sage 7.46 Invoice After Purchase Order Part 2
QuickBooks 7.50 Receive Payment & Make Deposit
Sage 7.50 Receive Payment and Make Deposit
QuickBooks 7.55 Write Checks for Expenses & Prepaid Expenses
Sage 7.55 Enter Check & Expense Forms
QuickBooks 7.60 Pay Bill
Sage 7.60 Pay Bills
QuickBooks 7.65 Customer Jobs Add
Sage 7.65 Jobs Set Up
QuickBooks 7.70 Pay Employees
Sage 7.70 Pay Employees
Sage 7.71 Pay Employees Part 2
QuickBooks 7.75 Job Sales Receipt
Sage 7.75 Sales Receipt To a Job
QuickBooks 7.80 Review Reports After Month of Data
Sage 7.80 Generate Report Export to Excel

Enter Data for the second month of operation in QuickBooks 2020

QuickBooks 8.05 Make Loan Payments
Sage 8.02 Consolidate Loans
Sage 8.03 Loan Amortization Table
Sage 8.05 Make Loan Payments
QuickBooks 8.10 Short Term Investment Matures
Sage 8.10 Short Term Investment Sale
QuickBooks 8.15 Create Purchase Order With New Item
Sage 8.15 Purchase Order With New Inventory Item
QuickBooks 8.20 Receive Inventory With Bill
Sage 8.20 Receive Inventory Requested With P.O. Enter Bill
QuickBooks 8.25 Sales Receipt & Deposit
Sage 8.25 Garcia Guitar
QuickBooks 8.30 Advanced Payment From Customer
Sage 8.30 Advanced Payment From Customer
QuickBooks 8.35 Apply Credit To Invoice
Sage 8.35 Apply Credit Or Advanced Payment to Invoice
QuickBooks 8.40 Record Sales on Account - Invoice for Inventory Item
Sage 8.40 Record Sales on Account
QuickBooks 8.45 Advance Customer Deposit
Sage 8.45 Advance Customer Payment or Deposit
QuickBooks 8.50 Bills Track & Pay
Sage 8.50 Bills Track & Pay
QuickBooks 8.55 Customer Payment on Account & Deposit
Sage 8.55 Customer Payment & Deposit
QuickBooks 8.60 Pay Sales Tax
Sage 8.60 Pay Sales Tax
QuickBooks 8.65 Pay Payroll Taxes
Sage 8.65 Pay Payroll Taxes
QuickBooks 8.70 Enter Bills & Pay Bills
Sage 8.70 Enter Bills & Pay Bills
QuickBooks 8.75 Enter Service Item & Invoices
Sage 8.75 Enter Service Items & Invoices
QuickBooks 8.77 Purchase Equipment with Debt or Financing
Sage 8.77 Purchase Equipment with Debt
QuickBooks 8.80 Enter Payroll For Second Month
Sage 8.80 Payroll
QuickBooks 8.90 Record Rental Income
Sage 8.90 Rental Income New Service Item New Income Account
QuickBooks 8.95 Comparative Financial Statements
Sage 8.95 Month End Reports

Bank Reconciliations in QuickBooks 2020

QuickBooks 9.10 Bank Reconciliation First One
QuickBooks 9.15 Bank Reconciliation Second Month
Sage 9.02 Bank Reconciliation Objective
Sage 9.10 Bank Reconciliation First Month Part 1 Deposits
Sage 9.11 Bank Reconciliation First Month Part 2
Sage 9.12 Bank Reconciliation First Month Part 3
Sage 9.14 Bank Reconciliation Second Month Part 1 Deposits
Sage 9.15 Easy Window Repairs

Adjusting Entries and Reversing Entries in QuickBook 2020

QuickBooks 10.10 Loan Payable Adjusting Entry Short Term Loan
Sage 10.11 Short Term Portion Of Loan Adjusting Entry
QuickBooks 10.15 Short Term Portion Installment Loan Adjusting Entry
Sage 10.15 Accrued Interest
Sage 10.17 Reversing Entry Notes Payable
QuickBooks 10.20 Accrued Interest Adjusting Entry
QuickBooks 10.25 Invoice or Accounts Receivable Adjusting Entry
Sage 10.25 Accrued Interest Reversing Entry
Sage 10.25 Invoice & AR Adjusting Entry Part 1 The Problem
Sage 10.26 Invoice & AR Adjusting Entry Part 2 Solution
QuickBooks 10.30 Reversing Entry Accounts Receivable
QuickBooks 10.35 Reversing Entry Accrued Interest
Sage 10.35 Accounts Receivable Reversing Entry
QuickBooks 10.40 Prepaid Insurance Adjusting Entry
Sage 10.40 Prepaid Insurance Adjusting Entry
QuickBooks 10.45 Depreciation Adjusting Entry
Sage 10.45 Depreciation Adjusting Entry
QuickBooks 10.50 Unearned Revenue Adjusting Entry
Sage 10.45 Unearned Revenue Adjusting Entry
QuickBooks 10.55 Reverse Unearned Revenue Adj. Entry
QuickBooks 10.60 Journal Report & Financial Statements
Sage 10.57 Journal Report & Financial Statements


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