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QuickBooks 2021 Desktop: Beginner-Advanced Masterclass

Learn QuickBooks 2021 desktop edition with QuickBooks experts, Simon Sez IT

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QuickBooks 2021 Desktop: Beginner-Advanced Masterclass


8.5 hours


Apr 2021

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What you will learn

How to set up your company file

Working with QuickBooks preferences

Setup the chart of accounts in QuickBooks

Working with customers and jobs and create estimates

Creating and Sending invoices

Entering and paying bills in QuickBooks

Reconciling bank statements in QuickBooks

Working with loans in QuickBooks

Using reports to provide you the information required

Learn all about how to account for loans in Quickbooks Online

Generate reports for clients or your own business

Create and print invoices, receipts and statements

Track your payables, inventory and receivables

Create a budget and estimates and learn to work with customers and jobs

New features of QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021


The perfect course for beginners or existing QuickBooks users updating to QuickBooks Pro 2021. Go from novice to expert in 8 hours!

In this QuickBooks Pro 2021 course, we start at the very beginning and guide you through you how to put QuickBooks to work.

This isn’t our first QuickBooks course, in fact, we’ve produced a new QuickBooks Pro Desktop course each year for the last ten years - we know QuickBooks and we know how to teach it!

This QuickBooks 2021 course covers essential QuickBooks functions, such as, setting up a Chart of Accounts and Company File, dealing with expenses, invoicing, estimates, reconciling with the bank, Payroll, reporting, and so much more.

It also includes detail on the features new to QuickBooks 2021: Advanced Mode in Bank Feeds, scanning receipts with the QuickBooks Desktop app, and sending automatic statement and invoice reminders to customers.

This course was developed in a way to be helpful to bookkeepers, accountants, CPA’s, or business owners.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to navigate QuickBooks 2021

  • How to create a chart of accounts

  • How to set up your company file in QuickBooks

  • How to reconcile bank statements and Bank Feeds

  • How to use the Advanced Mode in Bank Feeds

  • How to manage expenses in QuickBooks, including mileage

  • How to scan in receipts with the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app

  • How to set up automatic statement and invoice reminders

  • How to customize QuickBooks to your needs

  • How to use the QuickBooks Payroll functionality

  • How to invoice, and enter bills, and purchase orders

  • How to create estimates in QuickBooks

  • How to manage customers and jobs in QuickBooks

  • How to work with sales tax in QuickBooks

  • About inventory, creating purchase orders, and paying for items.

  • How to deal with checks and credit card accounts

  • About using QuickBooks to produce reports

  • To back up your QuickBooks company data

This course includes:

  1. 8+ hours of video tutorials

  2. 93 individual video lectures

  3. Certificate of completion

Did you know?

Simon Sez IT teaches all sorts of software, including:

- Microsoft Excel

- Microsoft PowerPoint

- Microsoft Word

- Microsoft Project

- Microsoft Outlook

- QuickBooks

- Photoshop Elements

- Web Development Languages

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Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience

QB Desktop vs. Online version

QB Desktop Versions Explained

Important Information About the Next Two Videos

QB 2020 New Features Overview - PC Version

QB 2020 New Features Overview - PC Part 2

Getting Started

Setting Up Your Company File

Using the Easy Step Interview Part 1

Using the Easy Step Interview Part 2

My Company Overview

Identifying the Components of the QuickBooks Environment

Converting QB Desktop Data to the Online Version

Section Quiz

Customizing the QB Environment

Preferences Part 1

Preferences Part 2

Working with Users

Chart of Accounts Part 1

Chart of Accounts Part 2

QB Sample Files

Company File Search - NEW!

Section Quiz

Customers & Jobs

Customers and Jobs Part 1

Customers and Jobs Part 2

Customer Groups NEW!

Estimates Part 1

Estimates Part 2

Invoicing from Estimates Part 1

Invoicing from Estimates Part 2

Invoicing Customers for Products and Services

Receiving Customer Payments

Making Deposits

Creating Credit Memos

Creating Customer Statements

Income Tracker

Section Quiz


Working with Vendors

Entering Bills

Paying Bills

Credit Memos

Section Quiz

Items & Inventory

Items and Inventory Part 1

Items and Inventory Part 2

Purchase Orders

Receiving Items Into Inventory

Handling Bills for Items

Paying for Items

Manually adjusting Inventory

Section Quiz


QuickBooks Registers

Bank Feeds

Downloading Transactions

Entering Checks

Entering Expenses

Bank Transfers

Reconciling Accounts

Section Quiz


Setting up Loans

Creating Loan Payments

Using the Loan Manager

Section Quiz

Credit Cards

Setting up Credit Card Accounts

Entering Credit Card Transactions

Reconciling Credit Cards & Making Payments

Section Quiz


Overview of Forms Templates

Customizing Forms Part 1

Customizing Forms Part 2

Layout Designer Part 1

Layout Designer Part 2


Quick Reports

Report Center

Creating Reports Part 1

Creating Reports Part 2

Collapsing Columns/Rows in Job or Class Reports - NEW!

Customizing Reports

Memorizing Reports

Sales Tax

Working with Sales Tax Part 1

Working with Sales Tax Part 1

Section Quiz


Overview of Using the QB Payroll Service

Payroll Setup

Payroll Items

Setting up Employees

Paying Employees

Paying Payroll Taxes

Section Quiz

The Lead Center

Working with Leads

Mail Merges

Creating a Mail Merge

Mail Merge Main Documents


Creating a Budget

Budget Reports

Other QuickBooks Features

Receipt Management App NEW!

Automated Payment Reminders

Searching in QuickBooks

Reminders and Alerts

Using the QuickBooks Calendar

Memorizing Transactions

Importing Lists into New Company Files

Vehicle Mileage

Combining Emails

Backing up Company Files

PC to MAC Conversion

Canadian vs. US Version of QuickBooks

Section Quiz

Wrap up



Elizabeth23 May 2021

I am so glad I found this course! I am new to QB and bookkeeping but have found myself working for a startup company who is okay with me learning on the job. This course gets me excited to use QB instead of operating out of Excel spreadsheets, which is what we do now. My employer is even going to reimburse me for the course!! This is a lot better than reading a book!

Ryan21 May 2021

No previous experience with QuickBooks but basic understanding of bookkeeping. Instructor was thorough and easy to follow. Would have appreciated the course including content on time tracking and tax forms. Section quiz questions did not always correspond well with the section content.

Natasha25 April 2021

This course was simple to follow. Cindy makes the breakdown of the modules easy to follow and covers a lot areas. Some questions are a little hard to understand in the quizzes. I think it was Module 5 questions in particular. Otherwise great course and seems very thorough!! Thank you!


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