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Quick Guide: Setup a Local Testing Server using WAMP or MAMP

Learn to configure a Testing Server Complete with Apache, MySQL, PHP, & PhpMyAdmin on your Local Computer.

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Jul 2019

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What you will learn

Install and Configure a Local Testing Server using WAMP or MAMP

Execute PHP Scripts from a Local Machine

Configure and Administer a MySQL Database on a Local Machine

Install and Configure PhpMyAdmin to Administer a MySQL Database


This course offers an in-depth introduction into setting up a local server to host and test your web development Projects. The course covers both MAMP (for MAC) and WAMP (for Windows).

These utilities provide a powerful testing infrastructure complete with essential services such as Apache, MySQL, PHP, & PhpMyAdmin.

By the end of the course, students will be able to execute PHP files on their local computer. The testbed will also facilitate database development and integration with PHP Scripts using MySQL. Students will learn to administer MySQL databases using PhpMyAdmin.

The course also offers a bonus section on uploading files to a Production Server using the popular FileZilla FTP Agent.


Quick Guide: Setup a Local Testing Server using WAMP or MAMP
Quick Guide: Setup a Local Testing Server using WAMP or MAMP
Quick Guide: Setup a Local Testing Server using WAMP or MAMP
Quick Guide: Setup a Local Testing Server using WAMP or MAMP


Setting up a Testing Server

Introduction to Testing Servers

Installing WampServer - WAMP

Installing MampServer - MAMP

WampServer Menu

Localhost File Test

Bonus: Uploading Files to a Production Server using FileZilla

FTP Client Installation

FileZilla Overview

FileZilla Uploading

FileZilla Interface Basics


Jorge11 April 2021

Well paced and clearly spoken. Easy to follow along as well. A couple of the videos have a lower sound quality than the rest which made it difficult to hear, but overall great introduction to WAMP & MAMP

Mark6 March 2021

everything thats offered is found directly at wampserver, of course the video walk thur is the extra. the bonus that we could have used about filezilla was missing the most important part and the answer to that when someone else mentioned it was it wasn't part of this course and you would have to purchase some other course instead. to me the course isn't worth the money because i was already set up as much as the course gave me and didn't give me any more in depth detail to help me out and i am working with a newer version so the video looks different when you try to follow it.

Bryan26 January 2021

This was not their best course from YouAccel, it is a part of their full Web Dev course. Gotcha's to be aware of with this course. (1) course teaches how to install WAMP version 2.5 and it's now up to version 3.2.3 so when I finished my menus looked very different. (2) The instructions don't exactly follow the recommendations given by the WAMP creators. If you don't read the documentation from the WAMP site, you will get errors when you install because there are versions of C++ that have to be installed on your machine for BOTH x86 & x64. (3) they add a "bonus" video from their complete web development class that kind of misleads you to think that you need to install Linode and use FileZilla. Let me warn you that you can use those things but this course only previews those topics so you will be left wondering why they are in the course and if you missed a step in one of the video. I asked them why it seemed like there were missing videos and they said it was because the topics were explained in the full web dev course. So I will say they communicate and care about their students opinions. I was lucky and got this course on a promo coupon. If I had the extra money right now, I would probably take their full web dev course and that's what I recommend to other students. Otherwise, the topic in this course can be found pretty easily by looking online for wampserver which is a french website but they also have it in english. Then follow those instructions and download the tool that is provided to check if you have the C++ components installed for WAMP to work.

Danny30 October 2020

I think the teacher does a great job of walking you , step by step, through every lesson. I like that.

Matilda11 September 2020

The first half was a good enough tutorial on how to set up mamp, it was a bit confusing when he switched to wamp while showing how to upload and test files. The bonus course was not needed as I already know it.

P.Karthik25 May 2020

Not a full demonstration of what is said in about this course" Learn to configure a Testing Server Complete with Apache, MySQL, PHP, & PhpMyAdmin on your Local Computer. " In this course only the installation was explained not the detailed stuff.

Oliver15 November 2019

I am a Mac user and was looking for information on how to set up Mamp and view a website locally. The Mamp install instructions were adequate and made reference to file adjustments that would be covered later in the course. This never happened. Having installed Mamp the rest of this inadequate course was demonstrated via Wamp and referred to stages that had been covered earlier in the course. Again, these stages were never covered. This is probably the worst course I have ever come across and I would advise any Mac user to avoid it at all costs. I am no nearer to viewing my website locally than I was before I started this course.

Ivan11 November 2019

This is an incomplete course. He is talking about stuff that we did, but we never actually did. For example generating key-value pairs on the server in order to connect via a keyfile. Very disappointing.


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