How to Install Ubuntu Linux on a Virtual Machine

Learn how to install Ubuntu Linux on a virtual machine with custom partitioning

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How to Install Ubuntu Linux on a Virtual Machine
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Apr 2019
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What you will learn

How to install Ubuntu Linux on a virtual machine and also do custom partitioning

How to install Ubuntu Linux on virtual machine for learning/testing purposes

How to create custom partitions for Linux installation

For Linux students who want to install Linux on their windows or mac OS

For beginners who want to learn and try out Linux, especially Ubuntu Linux

If you want to install Linux, but not sure how, this course is for you

Why take this course?

--- GroupLayout: **How to Install Ubuntu Linux on a Virtual Machine** Headline: **🎓 Master Ubuntu Setup in a Virtual Environment with Ease!** --- **Course Description:** Are you ready to dive into the world of Linux without the fear of affecting your physical system? Whether you're a beginner eager to explore or an advanced user looking to experiment, this course is designed to guide you through installing Ubuntu Linux on a virtual machine (VM). With **How to Install Ubuntu Linux on a Virtual Machine**, you can safely simulate the installation process and get hands-on experience without any risks of data loss or system incompatibility. **Why Choose This Course?** - **Beginner-Friendly**: Ideal for newcomers, this course breaks down the complexities of Linux into easy-to-follow steps. - **Versatile Skills**: Even if you're an advanced user, mastering virtual machine installation is a valuable skill that can be applied to various scenarios. - **Safe Learning Environment**: Learn in a risk-free setting by installing Ubuntu on a VM instead of your primary OS. - **Custom Partitioning**: Gain the knowledge to create custom partitions during the Ubuntu installation process, enhancing your understanding of Linux file systems and storage management. - **Post-Installation Setup**: A brief yet comprehensive overview of setting up your preferred desktop environment after installation to ensure you have a fully functional and personalized system. - **Broad Applicability**: The skills acquired from this course are directly applicable to installing Ubuntu on physical hardware, making it a dual-purpose learning tool. **What You'll Learn:** - **Setting Up VirtualBox**: Familiarize yourself with Oracle VirtualBox and its interface. - **Creating a New Virtual Machine**: Step-by-step guidance on setting up your VM for Ubuntu installation. - **ISO Download and Boot Process**: Understand how to download the Ubuntu ISO, and start it within your virtual environment. - **Partitioning**: Learn how to partition your virtual disk space to install Ubuntu, including how to create separate partitions for different purposes. - **Installation Process**: Follow along with the installation process, making choices that are right for your virtual setup. - **Post-Installation Customization**: Tips and tricks for personalizing your desktop environment after a successful installation. **Who Should Take This Course?** - Aspiring Linux users looking to understand the fundamentals of Linux installation. - IT professionals or enthusiasts who want to practice Linux installations in a controlled environment. - Anyone interested in virtualization and how it can simplify OS testing and deployment. **Instructor's Note:** I'm committed to providing you with an excellent learning experience. After completing the course, I'd greatly appreciate your rating of my teaching and any feedback or questions you may have. Your engagement ensures that we can continually improve and tailor the content to best suit your needs. Let's embark on this Linux adventure together! 🐧🚀 --- Enroll now and start your journey into the world of Ubuntu Linux on a virtual machine with confidence and ease!


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--- GroupLayout of the Course: **Overall Rating**: 4.3/5 **Course Content**: The course has received high praise for its detailed content, slow pace, and comprehensive explanations. It is noted for its nice, calm voice of the lecturer and excellent audio quality. Many students found it **very good**, especially for beginners or those new to the subject matter. **Pros**: - **Detailed Explanation**: The course provides thorough explanations which are highly appreciated by learners. - **Pacing**: The slow pacing is beneficial for students who prefer a more measured approach to learning. - **Audio Quality**: The audio quality is of high standard, making the course enjoyable and easy to understand. - **Instructional Method**: The step-by-step approach is helpful in understanding complex topics. **Cons**: - **Video Editing**: Some users suggested that video editing could improve the flow of the course, making it more dynamic. - **Pacing for Advanced Users**: A few users mentioned that the pace might be too slow for those who are already familiar with the subject. - **Redundancy**: One user pointed out some repetitive content that could be condensed based on information readily available in program descriptions. - **Audio Quirks**: The frequent use of casual sounds like "aahhh" and "eeehhh" by the instructor was a point of discomfort for some learners. **Additional Feedback**: - Some users found the course to be a bit confusing, with instructions that seemed overly complex or too conditional. - Despite these issues, the course is generally recommended for its educational value and the information it provides. - A few users expressed that similar information could be found on YouTube but noted that this course offers a more comprehensive guide. **General Sentiment**: The course is well-received with a clear majority of positive reviews. The instructional design, content clarity, and audio quality are highlights that contribute to the overall satisfaction of students. However, some users felt the course could benefit from improved video editing and fewer distracting noises. Despite these concerns, many learners found it to be **worth the time & effort** and would recommend it. --- **Summary**: "This is an excellent course for beginners or those seeking a thorough understanding of the subject. The detailed explanations, slow pace, and high-quality audio make it a valuable resource. While some improvements can be made in terms of video editing and pacing, the course's educational content is appreciated by many students who have found it to be quite informative."



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