Inner Child Quantum Healing, Liberation and Activation

Set your inner child free and activate your eagerness for life!

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Apr 2020

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What you will learn

Activate and liberate your inner child instantly through the guided meditation provided

Learn what exactly the inner child is and how to connect with him/her

Learn what suppresses the inner child

Learn how to connect with your inner child through simple daily practices


Part of who we are, part of our multidimensionality is the inner child!

As adults, we grow up with this idea of what life means, and we don’t really listen to what the inner child wants.

When we were young, we were thought how to walk, how to talk, how to behave and in many cases what to become.

Many of the things that we have been taught, are not what we actually desired for ourselves.

You see, we all have our guidance within us, we are all connected with the intelligence of life so we don’t really need anyone to tell us what we do in life and what to learn. The codes of our evolution and desires are within us and as we grow up, we naturally develop our inner knowing and compass. Our parents and society in general should support us fully in this early and fragile period of life, instead of transforming us into something that we might not want to become.

Sadly, this is how our society and parenting models are designed. Things are changing for the better and we learn better ways, but what to do with the suppressed and often wounded child that screams from within?

Of course, liberate and activate him/her again! And this is what this video course and powerful guided meditation does for you!

The secret to be alive again, to be eager to live an be joyful is to heal and activate the inner child within.

Are you ready to bring your inner child home again?


Inner Child Quantum Healing, Liberation and Activation
Inner Child Quantum Healing, Liberation and Activation
Inner Child Quantum Healing, Liberation and Activation
Inner Child Quantum Healing, Liberation and Activation


Understand the inner child

Inner child quantum liberation and activation

What suppresses the inner child?

Activate and liberate your inner child

Liberation and Activation Meditation

Preparation for meditation

Inner Child Quantum Liberation and Activation Meditation


Andrea3 June 2021

I have done a lot of Inner Child work & believe it is continuous for your wellbeing and came across this short course which I would definitely recommend. It is explained in layman terms & the Inner Child Meditation is lovely & fulfilling. Thank you for sharing this free course...much love to you. Blessings....Andrea

Taunya12 May 2021

This was a great match. I find connecting to the inner child very powerful and the facilitator was calm in nature and tone. Beautiful

Joanne28 April 2021

this course would have been so much better with powerpoint slides. the presenter is lovely but a white board just does not do it for me as an adult feel like i am doing training at work - the mediation is good but do not look a the screen if you have photosensitivity

Aggeliki2 April 2021

The meditation was so helpful. It actually works. During the meditation i cry so much. Thank you for this course...!!!!!!!

Karen31 March 2021

I loved this course but was hoping for more in terms of content. The meditation was powerful and one of the best I've ever done! It literally had me in tears, which I know was releasing I needed to do. Thank you. ?

Ram18 February 2021

Wow, wow, wow. I do shadow work which focuses a lot on inner child healing so I'm already knowledgeable on the topic. Alex was spot on with the explanation of inner child healing and what causes our limiting beliefs. The meditation was really powerful. It was a beautiful experience. Thank you Alex for this healing course.

Pedro17 February 2021

Not a whole lot of information but a good summary of what to meditate about. I belief we are spirit beings having an earthly experience, so there is more to us than conforming to how society expects us to behave. The meditation was dope!

Zoltan16 February 2021

The meditation was relaxing and pretty cool I think. I felt like truly walking through the jungle and floating in a thermal pond with a spraying waterfall in the background :) Thank you!

Diane5 February 2021

Alex has a soothing voice and I liked the presentation very much. I found that I had tears streaming down my face during the guided meditation. I became very angry at the one grandfather and I know I have to do more work on forgiveness there and with my parents and myself however I feel lighter after this meditation. I had a hard time seeing the golden light and deciding favorite animal. I have a lot of work to do and found this very helpful and will do the meditation again. Thank you.

Nicole21 December 2020

it was a great match for me. I have never been drawn that deep into a meditation before so thank you.

Khushboo20 July 2020

I will talk directly about the Meditation. It was powerful like very powerful but it could have been so much better. I have never visited Hot Springs and thankfully have seen them on Social Media so amidst the meditation I was not sure how to visualize and feel that part. And I also felt the meeting with loved ones was very quick. But overall It was great and I think I need to do this meditation few more times. Because this course can be done by anyone globally, I would suggest that in "preparation for meditation" you shall tell people about looking images of beautiful botanical garden and hot springs first to make the visualization process easy. Thank You for this Experience.

Ana25 April 2020

The meditation was awesome. It helped me a lot eliberate myself from the past and heal my relationship with my parents. Thank you so much Alex! Love you! ?

Andrada25 April 2020

This course deeply proves that healing can truly happen within an instant. This is quantum healing experienced in a most light hearted, beautiful way. I'm deeply grateful to Alex for sharing his inner Wisdom and creating such a magical experience with this course. Tears of love and forgiveness running down my face.

Robert25 April 2020

Thank you so much for this wonderful meditation. I got goosebumps while doing it. It really touched me and even helped me to remember some trapped emotions that had to do with my grandfather.

Angie25 April 2020

Hi Alex! I wanted to tell you that I enrolled in both Courses and I am amazed by the Power of your teachings. I went through all the lessons of both Courses this weekend and I will now give it time to intergrate. Later on I will repeat them as I Am sure that they contain more messages and wisdom to intergrate. The meditations surprised me even more. Yesterday I did the one of the shadow work course and tonight I did the Inner Child one. It was so beautiful and I could even remember certain clothes I wore when I was around 11 years old. Even how the fabric felt and the braids in my hair. Before entering the house I felt not so animated to play in the water. It felt very serieus. When my parents told me they were sorry I started to cry. At first I didn’t believe them but all of a sudden something clicked and I could feel they were genuine about it. Also it felt really good to tell them that I Am sorry to. The moment I got out of the house I felt Like a child again. This time I started running. Chasing butterflies. En laying down in the grass with a big smile on my face. Wow what a powerful was that! So excited ? I want to Thank You and tell You that what You Share is very powerful and healing! Thank You so much for sharing this.


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